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By Anonymous

Yesterday I bought a huge, oval tin (99 cents) because of the information printed on the inside of the 2 covers, just so I could send it your way for the tin newsletter & web site! The “top” & “bottom” of the tin are each an oval, removable cover measuring 11 5/8 x 14 3/4. The oval “band” which forms the height of the tin is 10 1/2 x 13. I have 2-3 similar ones with European scenes on them, & I know 1 is round. But this one is titled “Sunshine’s American Masters Series because one cover is:

“The Art of James Peale” (1749-1831); Still Life: FRUIT – Now on display in The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., this 1820 oil reflects Peale’s keen eye for structure, surface, texture, color & illumination. Characteristically, Peale chose the familiar fruits of a family garden & then beautifully portrayed them as objects of wonder & delight.

The other cover is by Severin Roesen (1815-1871); Still Life: FLOWERS & FRUIT. Drawing on his Northern European roots, Roesen masterfully integrated late baroque traditions with refined Victorian aesthetics. One of his ;most prominent oils, this magnificent 1848 interpretation of nature’s bounteous beauty, now hangs in New York’s Metropolitan Museum.

Then each cover devoted half of the inside to a biography of each artist. It says that the “Biographical material provided by the Lycoming County Historical Society & Museum, Williamsport, PA 1770l.”

Now, the reason I bought the tin was to copy the story printed on the other half on the inside of each cover, about the Sunshine Biscuit Company. This specific tin was made since 1988, because that date is listed in the following story:

The Art of Baking…The History of Sunshine

Our story began in 1902 with a dream held by two brothers, Jacob Leander Loose and Joseph Schull Loose from Kansas City.

They envisioned a baking company where only quality products would be produced in a bright bakery filled with sunshine. The Loose brothers soon teamed up with a successful industrialist, John A. Wiles, and created the Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company in Kansas City. Here, they adopted “Sunshine Biscuits” as the brand name for their cookies and crackers, thus establishing the name we know today.

Sunshine’s reputation for top quality and flavor grew throughout the 1920’s and 30’s as Krispy Saltine crackers, HI HO crackers, Honey Graham crackers, Vienna Fingers, Cheez-It, and of course, Hydrox, their original creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie, soon became household names. As the decades moved on, so did the Sunshine Bakers — to spacious and innovative plants in California, Georgia, and New Jersey.

On April 18, 1988, Sunshine Biscuits, Inc., was purchased by G. F. Industries, Inc., a privately held diversified corporation located in Oakland, California. Today, Sunshine Biscuits, Inc. is headquartered in Woodbridge, New Jersey and is approaching ninety years of rich heritage.

At Sunshine, baking is more than a business, it is an art. That is why we created these Holiday Tins. Introduced in 1933, the collection has included replicas of great paintings from such renowned artists as Van Gogh, Currier and Ives, and Norman Rockwell. Portrayals have ranged from the White House to Wedgewood. It is Sunshine’s wish that both our tasty cookie collection and the collectible tins continue to bring you much happiness at the holidays and throughout the year.

(stamped) Limited Edition, Sunshine Biscuits, Inc.; Container created and produced by “Guildcraft” Frenchtown, New Jersey.

Every once in awhile I’ve purchased an old, empty tin that has “Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company – Bakers of Sunshine Biscuits – Address: New York, N.Y., Made in U.S.A.” stamped into the tin. In fact, one at hand that I just pulled off a display is a 9 1/2″ octagonal x 3 3/8″ high. There is a handle on the tin, attached to the center of two of the 8, 3 3/8″ x 3 3/4″ side panels. The cover is a painting of the full Statue of Liberty on its base. The 8 side panels (gorgeous colors of mainly tans, golds, browns, & blues) are extremely detailed depictions of our country’s historical events: Signing of the Constitution, Pioneers Moving Westward, The Meeting of the Railroads, Daniel Boone in Kentucky, De Witt Clinton Opening the Erie Canal, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Early Steamboats on the Mississippi, and The Gold Rush of 1849. I paid $25.00 for it about 2 years ago. I’ve seen 2 other designs in this same size & shape with a handle, by this company, again about the $25.00 range. I sure wish, with all the stamping, companies would add a date!

The End

Keebler adds Sunshine business

ELMHURST, ILL. – The merger of Sunshine Biscuits, Inc. into Keebler Company was completed June 4, creating a much larger No. 2 player in the biscuit category. The merged entity will have more than $2 billion in annual sales and a combined market share of about 23% by volume, compared with the 36% held by Nabisco Biscuit Co. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Keebler, already the second-largest U.S. cookie producer, previously had about a 16% market share. Sunshine was the third-largest U.S. cookie maker. According to a statement from Keebler, G.F. Industries, Inc., which was Sunshine’s parent, will become a minority shareholder in Inflo Holdings Corp. Inflo, which acquired Keebler in January for $487 million, is a 50/50 joint venture of Flowers Industries, Inc., Thomasville, Ga., and Invus Group Ltd., the U.S. investment entity of European-based Artal Luxembourg, S.A.

Arthur G. Murray, who had been president of Sunshine since it was acquired by G.F. Industries in 1988 and chief executive officer since 1994, resigned when the merger was completed. Sam K. Reed, Keebler’s president and chief executive officer, said, “Today brings together two of the oldest and proudest names in the biscuit industry. Keebler and Sunshine have the people, the brands and the reputation for quality with which to build a stronger and more competitive company. There is nothing better for the Hollow Tree than some Sunshine. It’s a perfect combination for growth.”

An integration committee has been formed, and decisions will be made over the next few weeks about how to combine the employes and physical facilities of the two companies, according to Dan Kubera, a spokesman for Keebler. Keebler has plants in Denver; Macon, Ga.; Chicago; Des Plaines, Ill.; Florence Ky.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; and Cincinnati. Sunshine has plants in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.; Columbus, Ga.; Kansas City, Kas.; and Sayreville, N.J. “We are very excited about the merger,” Mr. Kubera said. “When you look at the portfolios of both companies, they blend very nicely. Sunshine is very strong on the coasts, and we are very strong in the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest.

“We will look at every channel,” Mr. Kubera said. “Obviously, there will be opportunities to integrate sales, distribution and manufacturing.”

The merger brings together two of the oldest names in the U.S. biscuit industry. Among Keebler’s top-selling cookie brands are Chips Deluxe, Fudge Shoppe and Sandies. Sunshine’s top cookies are its Vienna Fingers and Hydrox sandwich cookies. In crackers, Sunshine has the Cheez-It and Hi-Ho brands, and Keebler has the Zesta, Town House and Club cracker brands.

Keebler had total 1995 sales of about $1.5 billion and Sunshine has sales of about $500 million. Nabisco had 1995 sales of about $3.1 billion. According to Keebler, the combined company will be the leader in supplying biscuits to the food service industry.

In an earlier interview, Mr. Reed said Keebler’s strategy would be to market aggressively at the regional level, going head-to-head less often with market leader Nabisco.

The End


Chronological Listing of Loose-Wiles / Sunshine Biscuit Company tins.

Please notify this editor of any corrections or additions.

Date of Issue Description

10/25/1933 “White House” with presidents, octagon with handles, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4

11/20/1934 Ann Hathaway tin

12/02/1935 “Grand Canyon” and other sites, octagon with handles, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4

1936 (?) “Hiawatha’s Wedding Journey”, octagon with handles, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4 (This tin isn’t listed on official Sunshine Biscuit, Inc’s listing)

10/18/1937 “Battleships”, USS Idaho on lid, octagon with handles, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4

“Robin Hood, octagon with handles, 2 1/2 x 9 1/4

“Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria” on lid, others on sides, octagon with handles, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4 (This tin isn’t listed on official Sunshine Biscuit, Inc’s listing)

1938 None Made

06/16/1939 “1939 World’s Fair”, octagon with handles, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4

11/24/1939 George Washington on lid, octagon with handles, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4

1940’s Martini Butter Crackers, 13 oz. red/blue/white design

10/22/1940 “All American”, octagon with handle, “Statue of Liberty” on lid, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4, (last with Loose-Wiles).

10/14/1948 “Famous Paintings”, octagon with handle, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4, first with Sunshine logo

1949 None Made

09/30/1950 “American Heritage”, octagon with handle, “The Liberty Bell’s First Note” on lid, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4

1951 None Made

04/28/1952 Golden Anniversary, “American the Beautiful”, octagon with handle, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4, song phrases

08/28/1953 “Capitol Building”, rectangular with hinged lid made 3 x 11 x 12 1/2

1954 None Made

07/31/1955 Petit Point Floral Point, looks like needlepoint, snap on lid 3 1/4 x 10 1/4

08/29/1956 Wedgewood design, 3 1/2 x 10, round, appearance of Wedgewood, snap on

08/21/1957 “Mayflower”, in raised metal on lid, round wall plaque design, 3 x 12 snap on lid

09/05/1958 “Red Boy”, 3 x 12 round, snap on lid, 7″ cardboard center

08/14/1959 “Blue Boy”, snap on lid, 3 x 12 round, 7″ cardboard center

08/02/1960 “Age of Innocence”, 3 x 12 round, 2 1/4 lb., 7″ cardboard center

09/15/1961 “Miss Murray”, 3 x 12 round, 2 1/4 lb., 7″ cardboard center

10/1962 “White Rose”, 14 x 11 x 3 oval, 2 1/4 lb., twin tray.

10/1963 “Blue Rose”, 14 x 11 x 3 oval, 2 1/4 lb., twin tray.

10/1964 “Gold Rose”, 14 x 11 x 3 oval, 2 1/4 lb., twin tray.

08/1965 “Grecian”, octagon, 4 x 12, wall plaque design, 2 1/4 lb.

10/1966 “Old Masters”, octagon 4 x 12, wall plaque design, 2 1/4 lb.

08/1967 “Charms of Country Living/The Nest” (Boucher), octagon with snap-on lid, 4 x 12, wall plaque design 2 1/4 lb., twin tray.

08/1968 “Twin Bouquets”, by Redon and Renoir, twin trays, 4 x 13 round

08/1969 VanGogh’s “Bridge Scene”, 4 x 13, twin trays

VanGogh’s “Farm Scene”, 4 x 13, twin trays

08/1970 Utrillo’s “Paris Street Scene”

08/1971 Currier & Ives, “Winter”, 14 x 11, oval, 2 lb. twin tray.

Currier & Ives, “Summer”, snap-on lid, 14 x 11 wall plaque design, 2 lb. twin tray.

08/1972 Currier & Ives, “Spring”, snap-on lid, 14 x 11, wall plaque design, 2 lb. twin tray.

Currier & Ives, “Autumn”, snap-on lid, 14 x 11, wall plaque design, 2 lb. twin tray.

08/1973 “T’ang Dynasty” Series, twin trays, 4 x 13 round, 2 lb.

08/1974 Audubon’s “Birds of America”, twin trays, 4 x 13 round, 2 lb.

08/1975 American Flagships – Bicentrennial, “U.S. Constellation”, 14 x 11 oval

American Flagships – Bicentrennial, “U.S. Constitution”, 14 x 11 oval

08/1976 Currier & Ives, “The Road Winter”, 14 x 11 oval

Currier & Ives, “The Morning Ride”, 14 x 11 oval

09/1977 “Holiday Parade”, American Folk Art, 75th anniversary, 14 x 11 oval

“Shopping on Main Street”, 75th anniversary, 14 x 11 oval

09/1978 “Mississippi Steamboats, in Time of Peace, 14 x 11 oval

“Roundin a Bend “(on the Mississippi), 14 x 11 oval

09/1979 Currier & Ives, America as it was, “The Village Blacksmith”, 14 x 11

Currier & Ives, America as it was, “The Mill Dam at Sleepy Hollow”, 14 x 11

1980 Currier & Ives, America as it was, “Winter Pastimes”, 14 x 11

Currier & Ives, America as it was, “The Season of Blossoms”, 14 x 11

1981 Currier & Ives, “Clipperships and Fabulous Trips”, Clippership Red Jacket, 14 x 11;

Currier & Ives, “Clipperships and Fabulous Trips”, Clippership Flying Cloud, 14 x 11

1982 Currier & Ives, “Across the Continent”, 14 x 11

Currier & Ives, “American Express Train”, 14 x 11

1983 Currier & Ives, “Mount Vernon – The Home of Washington”, 14 x 11

“U.S. Military Academy at West Point”, 14 x 11 oval

1984 “Washington Crossing the Delaware” 14 x 11

“Signing of the Declaration of Independence”, 14 x 11

1985 Commemorations – American Lithographs, “Statue of Liberty”, 14 x 11

Commemorations – American Lithographs, “Liberty Bell”, 14 x 11

1986 The Beauty of America, “Mount Rushmore”, 14 x 11 oval

The Beauty of America,”Niagara Falls”, 14 x 11 oval

1987 Currier & Ives, “Early Winter” 8″ round

“Signing of the Constitution”and “Independence Hall”, 14 x 11

1988 American Masters Series, C.M. Russell’s “The Jerkline”, 14 x 11 oval

American Masters Series, A. Bierstadt’s “Looking up Yosemite Valley”, 14 x 11

1989 American Masters Series, W. Homer’s “Breezing Up”, 14 x 11

American Masters Series, T. Moran’s “Grand Canyon”, 14 x 11

1990 American Masters Series, Severin Roesen’s “Flowers & Fruit”, 14 x 11

1991 American Masters Series, Frank Weston Benson’s “Summer Afternoon”, 14 x 11

American Masters Series, Martin Johnson’s “Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth”, 14 x 11

1992 “Thomas Wilkinson, M.F.H. with The Hurworth Foxhounds by Sir John E. Fernely, Sr.

Miscellaneous tins (no dates known)

If you are aware of the dates of these tins, please notify this editor.

Krispy Crackers, 2 lb., hinged lid, 7 1/2 x 9 x 7 1/2, red, white, blue

Sunshine Toy Cookies, cardboard tin, 11 oz., with handles, 5 x 5 1/2, tin lid

Sunshine Thin Pretzel Stix, 14 oz. 6 x 8, round

Sunshine Whole Wheat Crackers, 11 oz., 5 x 6 round.

Sunshine Krispy Crackers Biscuits, 10 x 10 x 11, lift-off lid

Clover Leaf Sugar Wafers, 8 x 10 x 8, hinged lid, black

Sunshine Martini Crackers, 13 oz., 6 x 6

Sunshine Whole Wheat Wafers, oblong, glass topped, 7 x 5 1/2 x 5 1/2

Fruit cake tin, 2 lbs. 7 1/2 inches round

Fruit cake tin, 4 lbs. 9 1/4 inches round

Spur Biscuits, 9 oz., cylinder, 3 x 8

Fruit cake tin, 1 lb., orange/fruit trim, 3 x 6 oblong

Chocolate wafers, 9 oz., cylinder, 3 x 8

Pilot wafer, 12 oz., cylinder, 5 x 8, round paper label

Cheese wafers, 10 oz., cylinder, 5 x 7

Oxford Fruit Cake, Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co., oblong, 4 x 9 1/2, early 1900s

Art Deco, round with handle, 10 in.

Trumps Cookies, 16 oz., 5 x 6, round

Reference: Listings above adapted from information taken from Dawn E. Reno’s book, “Advertising – Identification and Price Guide”, November, 1993. For prices – readers should review this book or such sources as eBay’s electronic auctions. A Chronological Listing of Sunshine Biscuit, Inc.’s past and present tin offerings, Sunshine Biscuit, Inc. courtesy of Jeannie Tucker’s TIN FAX.