By Joe Owen on August 19, 2014
Format: Paperback
When people think of American History, they usually think that American History begins at around 1492 with Christopher Columbus and then think of Jamestown as the beginning of American History. However, American History begins thousands of years before with the native peoples that inhabited the North American continent. Author Michael S. Durham has written a guide to Ancient Native American Sites that are located in the United States. These fascinating historical and ancient sites in this book span 30 states from the east coast of the US to the west coast of the US. From the Anasazi of the American Southwest to the Natchez of the gulf coast of Mississippi and many other sites, Ancient Native Americans built homes, hunting camps, and even towns like Mesa Verde in southwest Colorado. This guide tells the brief history of these sites, how you can visit them, who runs the sites now and what there is to see.
From the National Park Service to private organizations these sites are available to the public to discover and learn about the Ancient Native Americans who though have been gone for thousands of years, but left their mysterious cultures, buildings, and artifacts for us to learn from. Some of these sites are small and not much is left in artifacts, but others left thousands of artifacts and buildings. Some of these sites still remain a mystery of how they were originally intended and all of these sites have still not given up all that is there for us to learn from.
The author has broken down the sites into the following:
-States that have the sites
-Admission Fee:
-For More Information:
-Then the history of the site, how it was discovered, the main sites to see within the parks and sites:
-How to get there:
This is a great book that is highly recommend to have if you plan to see any of these sites. The book was published in 1994, so I am sure that many facts have changed about the sites and what there is to see and do, but still, this is a great book to take if you want to discover these fascinating Ancient Native American Sites. RECOMMENDED!