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Local History Index: Trivia

    Do you have a good trivia question you'd like to see listed here? Send your question and answer (has to be about our local area) by email to the webmaster (see below).

Q2. Where is the geographic center of the Town of Lisbon?

Q3. What is the straightest road that crosses the Town of Lisbon from one side to the other?

Q4. What's the next straightest road that does the same?

Q5. How many "Lisbon"  communities can you name?

Q6. The Post Office moved for a shoe department?

Q7. The shortest road/street in the Town of Lisbon or Village of Sussex?

"Have you been listening to the Sussex hour over radio station WTMK, Hartford? Two new sponsors have been added to the list as given two weeks ago. They are Ken's Snack Bar and Evert Farm Store. Mr. West of the WTMK station wishes to announce that he invites members or leaders of Boys and Girl Scout clubs and 4-H groups to make personal appearances on the station, and anyone wishing to do so should get in touch with Oliver West, radio station WTMK, Hartford." (Source: Waukesha Daily Freeman, Tuesday, Sept 7, 1954, "Sussex Notes", col. 2.)

    A Montana paper states that western sportsmen are about to import a number of Australian kangaroos, which they hope will breed with such rapidity as in time to take the place of the late lamented buffalo. The practical extinction of the buffaloes, the paper says, has left the plains without any big game of importance, and experienced sportsmen declare that hunting the kangaroo is second in excitement and interest only to killing the buffalo. When these experienced sportsmen investigate the kangaroo a little more fully than they have yet done, avers the Chicago Herald, they will give up this enterprise. To replace the buffaloes with kangaroos would be like replacing them with sheep. The largest kangaroos are about the size of the average sheep, and many of them are not much larger than rabbits. Instead of possessing any of the gamey qualities that excite the sportsman, they are inoffensive and docile. Dr. Humholtz, the Australian traveler, has seen the natives walk in among a drove and kill them with their clubs by the score. To think of supplying the buffalo with the kangaroo is really an insult to the memory of that noble animal. Waukesha Freeman, October 18, 1890, page 7.




A2 The intersection of Good Hope and Hillside Rds.

A3. Plainview Road (It may not be very flat in places but it runs from Town Line Rd all the way to Center Oak Rd.)

A4. Town Line Road (It takes a slight twist near Willow Springs School)

A5. Lisbon,  Portugal; Lisbon, O.H.; Lisbon, N.Y.; Lisbon, I.A.; New Lisbon, N.J.; New Lisbon, W.I.; Lisbon, N.D.; Lisbon, M.O.; Lisbon, F.L.; Lisbon, P.A.; Lisbon, M.N.; Lisbon, V.T.; Lisbon, M.E.; and Lisbon, I.L.

A6. Aug 10, 1911 - Frank Schroeder is changing is changing the arrangements of his store. Hereafter the post office will be in front, just inside the door and the corner where it formerly stood will be arranged for the shoe department. Source: The Waukesha Freeman Aug 10, 1911

A7. Is it Meider Dr. (Blue Heron subdivision) or Short St. (Colgate) or ?


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