Good day, Mr. Keller,
I happened to stumble upon your web article about the birth of Hamilton High School and the two short cameo paragraphs about Francis Beaudry and your remembering him in regards to the Wisconsin State Fair operations.  The article link is below:
I think you may be confusing Francis Beaudry with his brother Robert Beaudry?  Both of them were about the same 6 ft height and barrel-chested.  In fact they both look much alike.  Robert is an attorney as well so your mention of a spellbinding baritone voice makes perfect sense when I remember Robert.
While growing up in Francis's family in Menomonee Falls (I am his son), we often heard of the carnie booths set up by our Uncle Robert but I never heard any stories that my father Francis participated in the State Fair booths.  In my recollection the booths were  games of chance and skill.  I personally never heard anyone talk about selling vitamin supplements but I could easily be wrong on that topic as I was only 14-16 yrs old when I learned about the State Fair booths and I think there were different kinds over the years.  Also the time period you mention (1946-52) is before my time.  I was born in 1950.   As I recall Robert's family managed the State Fair booths and his eleven children worked them during State Fair to make summer cash.  My two younger brothers (Joe and Scott) confirmed they did in fact work the booths on a few occasions.  My brother Scott agrees you have Francis and Robert confused regarding the events at the Wisconsin State Fair.
The information about Hamilton and Francis being the School District President for three years is accurate in my families memory.  Francis was a registered mechanical engineer and did posses the skills necessary to manage the building of a new high school facility which I would guess is the reason he was chosen for president at the time in the school's development.
I'd be curious to know if you have any additional information on this subject so I might update my own personal family history.  Please feel free to correspond with any thoughts you may have.
Mark Beaudry
Currently in Phoenix AZ