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Pages from the Past

by Fred H. Keller

Posted: Living Sussex Sun, July 2, 2014

Pages from the Past, July 2, 2014

100 years ago 1914

F.E. Gissal, the new executive at the former Gumm Quarry, is giving personal direction to the large Lannon quarry operation. Another Lannon quarry transfer has occurred as the Froeming Quarry is now owned by A.J. Hewitt of Milwaukee with the Cream City Equipment Co.

Fred Thomas is selling local lightning rod protection.

50 years ago 1964

Pick your own strawberry farms offer to sell the berries at 25 cents a quart.

A 1964 Buick Special sells for $2,343.

The Lisbon Presbyterian Church is staging a church picnic at the Sussex Village Park.

The Menomonee Falls Community Memorial Hospital holds a dedication. It now has 61 beds and is scheduled to open July 1.

Butler has been served papers to pay $307,805 toward the Hamilton School District.

25 years ago 1989

Christ Our Savior welcomes a pastor, Thomas Kent.

Templeton Middle School graduated 186 students.

Robin White, 24, and a 1983 Hamilton graduate was recently killed in a tragic auto accident. Friends and family have dedicated a $325 Adam Crabapple memorial tree for the Sussex Village Park.

Ralph Lenz, longtime business manager and then Hamilton administrator, is retiring.

10 years ago 2004

"Arturo's Kantina" is the fourth incarnation of the former Sussex on Main restaurant.

Antique dealer and appraiser Betty Mindeman will retire after 44 years in the business.

Lisbon is backing off a possible development of a town center near Highway 164 and Howards Lane.

Lannon will send a $30,000 tax refund to a local logging company.

5 years ago 2009

Halquist will build a shared well for the Maple Avenue area adjacent to Lisbon Road after a blast disrupted the water table.

Three men are busted for a bar-room brawl in Lannon.

The Lannon Land O' Lakes baseball team has eight consecutive victories and a 9-2 league record. Zack Kozlowski is hitting .480 and Dean Haase is at .473.

100 years ago 1914

An average of 40 cars of stone are shipped east by Lannon stone quarries. They are being shipped on the Bug Line Railroad each day during the summer season.

The question of lighting Lannon streets is under consideration, but the town of Menomonee is against it.

The sugar factory (beets) is starting its summer-fall work of making sugar. Lannonites are complaining of smoke on east to west winds.

50 years ago 1964

The superintendent of the Hamilton School District is Norman Friess. Meanwhile, it is only a matter of a question of legality before the Hamilton School Board orders the filling of the hole for the proposed and started Butler School pool.

Bill Dolphin struck out 13 batters as the Lannon Raindrop team went 3-0 in youth baseball.

25 years ago 1989

The annual Sussex July Fourth Kiddie Parade will have 61 trophies and each participant will be given a US flag and a participation ribbon. More than 400 marchers are expected.

10 years ago 2004

The Sussex area YMCA is a done deal if the community can come together, according to YMCA Executive Director Chris Becker.

The Hamilton fine arts wing is in the completion mode.

Gordy's Concrete Pumping is getting its new permit to operate after some glitches.

Lisbon Police Chief Patrick Clarey has suddenly resigned.

5 years ago 2009

A trucking company with 40 full-time employees and a group of part-timers in a land-use dispute with Lisbon is moving to the Germantown Industrial Park.

A special float in the Sussex Lion Daze parade, furnished by ex-Marine Dr. Ken Helman, will honor two area soldiers who were killed in the Vietnam War, Bruce Nettesheim from Lisbon and Mike Wilson from Sussex.

The new Sussex Law Enforcement Center will open in July.

Pages from the Past 07/16/14

100 years ago 1914

World War I (called the Great War) started on July 28, 1914, with an Austro-Hungarian declaration of war against Serbia.

A big event in the area is the George Stein farm got a telephone.

Dr. Harland was over to Lannon this week for business.

The Lannon baseball team will have a fund-raising dance event at the Lannon Miller Tavern/Hotel.

50 years ago 1964

The town of Lisbon has signed a contract with the Edward Lutz gravel pit for construction of a new dump site on the Lutz property, off Plainview Road.

The clerk of the Lisbon board is Harold Matteson.

Sussex will not be included in this new dump site for Lisbon.

There is a petition to open local polling places for Hamilton School District voting. Currently, the future district has one voting place, the Sussex Village Hall.

25 years ago 1989

Thomas Martin has been hired as the village of Sussex building inspector under Gerald Driscoll until his retirement in 1990.

Dr. Michael Kremer is the new Hamilton School District Superintendent.

The reconstruction of the gutted Sussex Main Street School is now starting; it will become the Sussex Village Hall.

At age 97, former Sussex barber Charlie Roginski was the parade marshal at the recent Sussex July 4th kiddie parade.

10 years ago 2004

Dennis Harris of Lisbon is getting an eye transplant as part of a charity project by the Sussex Lions Club.

Lannon Village President Don Martin is complaining that the Lannon sewer bill is too high because of water infiltration from the recent rains. Remedies are being looked into.

5 years ago 2009

Mrs. "B," Beatrice E. Mattila, age 80, died July 2. She is the widow of Wes Mattila, a former Sussex trustee and longtime Sussex firefighter.

A lot of real estate has changed hands in the Sussex-Lisbon area recently, as Lisbon had 11 transactions and Sussex had 13. Twenty-one sales were in excess of $210,000, with a high of $427,000.

Pages from the Past 07/23/14

100 years ago 1914

Workmen are working full-time in Sussex, Lisbon and Lannon to fill all the order for limestone forms, be it curb stone or crushed stone.

Thirty acres of sugar beets were planted recently near the Schlitz Stock Farm on Tower Hill (Mill Road). The planting was in the McMonigel tract.

50 years ago 1964

In the future, the Hamilton School District will use five different polling locations.

Sussex is running a six-week playground program at the Orchard School grounds (behind Sussex Main Street School). Jack Crook is heading up the program with Elaine Podolske and Jack Curtis assisting. Randy Howard is one of the advanced tennis players in this program while Jill Headly leads the girls in the sport.

25 years ago 1989

The new president of the Sussex Lioness Club is Pat Stoffel. The Lioness Club will soon be celebrating its silver anniversary.

Entries are being accepted for the ninth annual Lions Daze 5K run through the village.

An old Hamilton wrestler, Greg Robb, is now playing pitcher for the PPBS softball team in the Sussex Over-35 softball league.

10 years ago 2004

Sussex wants a new well in Lisbon.

Lisbon is losing its police chief and the powers that be are requesting that Chief Patrick Clarey stay on, but he wants to leave by mid-August.

Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow was in Sussex at the Berger's Olde Templeton Inn.

A Buckeye chestnut-type tree was plated in the Sussex Village Park as a memorial tree for William Metzger.

5 years ago 2009

Gypsy moths are a menace in the Sussex and Lisbon areas.

WOW will hire 25 people and expand its Sussex facility.

The best float at the Sussex Lions Daze was Leid's Nursery.

Both the Lannon and Sussex LOL teams are headed to the playoffs as Seth Kroenke of Sussex homered in a 14-5 victory over West Bend.

Lisbon is seeking furlough all full-time employees for four days by the end of the year to make up for a $43,000 revenue shortfall.

Pages from the Past: July 30, 2014

100 years ago 1914

In Templeton (east Sussex), the four corners of Waukesha Avenue and Main Street are owned by Frank Schroeder, Al Stewman, the Mammoth Spring Hotel and P. Kayser.

The Sault St. Marie Railroad crossing through Templeton (Wis. Central) is a double set of tracks, plus a spur line to the Caldwell and Gates Lumber Yard.

The Bug Line is owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad.

50 years ago 1964

A 10-pound bag of sugar cost $1.05.

The Sussex community swimming quarry has 203 swimming learners for the first session and 151 are registered for the second session. The swimming lessons start with "face wetters" and advance to life-saving certificates. The guards say that on any given day, up to 250 swimmers, learners to recreation, take part in the quarry swimming. The quarry flooded over in 1916 and has been used since then for Sussex swimming programs.

25 years ago 1989

At the recent Lions Daze parade, Sussex Tombstone Pizza plant won the "Top Commercial Float" trophy. Sussex Lion Don Curtis led the Lions Club in picking up food and money donations at the recent Lions Daze parade (for the Sussex Food Pantry).

The town of Lisbon is looking to hire and administrator, with an offered $40,000 wage. Marie DeVillers is on the committee.

10 years ago 2004

Terry Heinemeyer pitches for Affordable Signs at the Sussex Village Park lighted diamond in the Thursday evening men's open league.

Sussex and Lisbon are clashing over the water well that Sussex wants to install on the Frantl farm on North Maple Avenue.

Lisbon named Thomas Alioto as its new police chief.

Jerry Weber, former long-time public works employee of Lisbon, died at the age of 73 on July 20, 2004. He is a former member of the Sussex Fire Department and, in his youth, played for the Sussex River-Lakes baseball and basketball teams.

5 years ago 2009

Energy from the earth to both cool and heat a dwelling is the preferred cooling-heating for newly constructed homes.

Irean Kersten, age 89, died. She worked at Sussex Mills as a clerk for many years, while raising a family on Maple Avenue adjacent to the mill.

Lisbon will stage a Heritage Day at the Lisbon Community Park with "Mary Todd Lincoln" as the special guest of honor.





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