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by Fred H. Keller

Posted: Living Sussex Sun, January 7, 2014

1914 — 100 years ago

Edgar Rice Burroughs starts his "Tarzan of the Apes" book series.

Ed Flanagan has been enjoying the good weather with his new Cadillac, as he takes a spin around Lannon.

Also in Lannon, J.P. Flanagan has completed his new warehouse.

Meanwhile, George Loos is improving his homes in Lannon.

1964 — 50 years ago

Charlotte Voelz, the Hamilton Butler representative, made a motion at the Joint No. 16 Hamilton School Board meeting that the Marcy and Butler school calendar become the calendar for the district. Approved.

1989 — 25 years ago

The Town of Lisbon will have incumbent Town Chairman Don Holt running against Joe Marchese. Lisbon Supervisor Gus Sandroni will face Teryl Williamson.

Meanwhile, in the Hamilton school district race, Gabe Kolisari, Marie Van Aaken and Salvatore Maglio are running for the school board district seats.

2004 — 10 years ago

A mother and son, 46 and 22, have been charged with maintaining a drug trafficking place in the Town of Lisbon.

Hamilton has seven advanced placement scholars that will be getting college credits. They are Heather Olson, Laura Barnard, Nathan Hoeppner, Adric Bulkes, Kelly Giese, Evan Woodington and Kimberly Giese.

Former longtime Vice Principal Walt Wegner and wife Donna have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

2009 —Five years ago

At Hamilton High, Kameron Cerroni became the all-time high scorer in boys basketball, surpassing the former record of 1979 graduate Terry Youngbauer.

The recession saw Quad/Graphics lay off 550 employees.

Mike Knapp, former Sussex Village President, wants a rematch with current Village President Tony Lapcinski.

Lifelong 92-year-old Keryl M. (Busse) Cooling of Sussex passed away Jan. 5, 2009.

1914 — 100 years ago

For Town of Lisbon board meetings, the Lisbon Town Hall, built in 1866, is the meeting place. Today, this cream brick building is in Sussex and used by the Sussex Wheaton Family Practice reception room.

In Colgate news, the large barn of August Holz has burned to the ground.

1964 — 50 years ago

According to the principal of Hamilton High, evening ball room dancing will be offered if enough people sign up. The principal is Lowell Paffenroth, the former principal of Marcy and a WWII vet.

Hamilton lost a boys basketball game to Nicolet 84-87 with the Chargers only making 15 of 35 free throws. Dan Greulich scored 13 points for the Chargers while future Hamilton teacher and track and basketball coach Jeff Swanson had 18 for Nicolet.

1989 —25 years ago

A unique piece of local history is unfolding as Madelen Lembke, a Lisbon senior resident, about 12 years ago, found the diary of her grandfather, Alfred Weaver's Civil War hip pocket diary. There is a process going on now that a Hamilton National Honor student, Julie Metzer, with the help of her mother Marge, is transcribing the diary of this 1864-65, so that a limited edition of hard cover copies can be made. Weaver was born behind present day Halquist Quarry, and then when he returned from Texas, he had a farm where H&H Auto is today.

2004 — 10 years ago

Peter Abbott is the editor of the Sussex Sun newspaper.

Halquist Stone was presented with a Patrick Henry plaque by the Sussex National Guard Unit, in appreciation for the assistance to the Guard since they moved to Sussex. Tom Halquist accepted the honor for Halquist Stone.

2009 — Five years ago

The president of the Sussex Lisbon Youth Baseball Association is Craig Barbian.

Hamilton is now 5-0 in conference play for the boys basketball team.

The big winner for the first Sussex baby of the year is for the Jan. 9 born Conner Blaschko; Kelly and Chad are the parents.

1914 —100 years ago

Woodrow Wilson is the president of the United States.

The recent barn fire at the Colgate August Holz farm had an estimated damage of $2,000. Baer & Greengo are the big grocery store in Menomonee Falls. The telephone number is 544.

With the cold spell, Colgate farmers are into butchering of cows and pigs.

1964 — 50 years ago

The John Birch Society is a strong local ultra-right political movement.

Lannon is planning a new subdivisions law. William Riely is the Lannon attorney.

The Sussex Area Youth Band will give a concert at the new Maple Avenue School gym with a cost of 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for children. There will also be a candy sale to get money to buy uniforms.

The estimated cost to run the Town of Lisbon was put at between $3,000 and $5,000 per month.

1989 — 25 years ago

A former Hamilton student from Lisbon, Sharon Korbeck, is the current editor of the Sussex Sun.

The Lisbon Fire Department on Jan. 8 had a $35,000 fire at the Willow Springs Mobile trailer court. The chief of the Lisbon Fire Department is Joe Farley.

Gus Sandroni, a 12-year veteran Lisbon supervisor, is withdrawing his name for re-election.

2004 — 10 years ago

In a look back to 2003 to the top Sussex Sun story for the year is the retirement of Pete Chycinski from the Lisbon Town Board. A Waukesha Sheriff's Deputy, he formerly lived in Sussex and moved to Lisbon where he became politically active.

All Star football lineman for Hamilton, and now for Northern Illinois, Jake Ebenhoch is the Sussex Sun Athlete of the Year.

2009 — Five years ago

Richard Wnuk of Lannon baseball All Star and former Lisbon resident is in a photo of a current health ad for his recovery from a heart attack. Wnuk is a Land O' Lakes Baseball Hall of Fame member. Incidentally his three sons, Dave, Dan and Dale last year were actors in the "Major League" movie, partly filed in Milwaukee.

1914 — 100 years ago

In the recent will of Mrs. Ellen Brogan, she left Rose's Orphanage in Milwaukee $200. Also, St. Amelian's Orphanage was left $200. St. Francis Orphanage will receive $100. The rest of about $6,000 will be distributed to family members. The Brogan family donated land back in the 1840s for St. James Catholic Church on Town Line Road.

1964 — 50 years ago

Ken Ohrmundt, a coach of everything at Hamilton (future athletic director) is starting for the championship Menomonee Badgers LOL Basketball team.

The Hamilton wresting team is a power in the Braveland.

Mike Wilson, Mike Reimer and Ray Bauman are all at 6-1 for the season, while Ray Buerst is at 5-1-1. Bill Conner is the coach. Connor is also on the Sussex Parks Committee and ran the Sussex Quarry swimming program this past year.

1989 — 25 years ago

The new Hardee's will be offering part-time positions at $4 per hour.

Tom Schuldt is coaching the TMS seventh grade boys basketball team. Both the seventh and eighth grades had winning seasons.

At Maple Avenue School, they have a Wise man. Joe Wise is the Maple Avenue School student counselor.

The Sussex Main Street School is being gutted, as it will be remodeled into the new Sussex Village Hall.

2004 — 10 years ago

A Lisbon man, afraid for his chickens after being bit by a dog, killed his neighbor's Labrador retreiver and was acquitted. He faced 3 1/2 years jail time.

Meanwhile, Lannon has retained its ordinance that limits each village residence to have no more than two dogs. A thief broke into the Shooter pub on Highway 74 (McLaughlin's Barn) sand stole $70, but police found the $70 in the snow outside, apparently lost by the thief.

2009 — Five years ago

Henry Nagy, who founded Spancrete, and is an owner of the gravel pit lands in Lisbon, died at age 100 on Jan. 13, 2009. His daughter, Elain Kraut, part of the commission to build the new Miller Park, is also an owner of Lisbon gravel pit businesses.

Jim L. Heck, proprietor of the Sussex downtown Citgo filling and service station died suddenly at age 55 on Jan. 14, 2009.




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