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by Fred H. Keller

Posted: Living Sussex Sun, December 3, 2013


1963 50 years ago

Glenn Davis who is running for 9th District U.S. Representative to the House addressed the Lisbon GOP to get their endorsement.

The Wis. State Supreme Court is listening to the counter claims of the Hamilton School District and the Village of Butler. Butler is trying to get attached to Brookfield rather than Hamilton, but Brookfield is turning them down.

All flags are flying at half mast for the assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Local churches are running special services.

1988 25 years ago

Hamilton's administrator Ralph Lenz, at age 63 and after 23 years as part of the administration, is planning to retire. The Hamilton School Board President is Carolyn Limjoco.

In 1982-83, the WIAA made it legal to dunk the ball in basketball. Greg Taubner accomplished the first dunk in 1983, and now in 1988, the second one was made by a Hamilton player, Brian Hudson.

In a recent Sussex burglary, four Sussex youth stole 90 bottles of booze from the Speakeasy Bar.

2003 10 years ago

Sussex Trustee Ralph Benka is unhappy with the shared services between Sussex and Lisbon.

The new speed limit goes from 45 to 35 mph on Woodside Road.

The Lisbon Fire Department will sell its old fire truck.

Archery hunting has been banned near Lisbon roads for a 150-foot depth on either side.

2008 Five years ago

Lisbon Supervisor Matt Gehrke will challenge first term Michael Reed for the chairmanship in the coming April election.

There are meetings as the break up of Lieds Nursery is very possible. MLG is seriously looking at the Highway 74-Townline Road 45-acre piece of land. It's in Lisbon, but Sussex has "hold" situation on it.

In the first days of December, 7 1/2 inches of snow fell.

1913 100 years ago

Recently the very first ever ship sailed through the new Panama Canal. It was the Tug Gatun.

In the Lannon area, M.J. DeLaney has sold his 80-acre farm to the Schley Brothers of Granville for $11, 250. Meanwhile, Frank Schroeder in Templeton has sold his Meat Market to Charles Busse, who would have it operating for the next 51 years. Schroeder took the current Waukesha Avenue Busse home as a partial payment for the butcher shop and nearby home and out buildings.

1963 50 years ago

In county political fighting County Supervisor Mervin Brant is accusing Waukesha Sheriff Harold Wolf of making $22,400 on meals served last year to prisoners. Wolfe's annual salary is $8,040.

The famed Harlem Diplomats with "Goose Jr." will be playing in the Hamilton gym Dec. 16. The game is sponsored by the Hamilton Athletic Department. Prices are 50 cents and $1 for tickets.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Radtke, local Sussex farmers, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Radtke is a former Sussex firefighter.

1988 25 years ago

Roger Racer is the President of the Friends of the Pauline Haas Library.

Ray and Evie Semrow have been married for 50 years now. Both served as presidents, he of the Sussex Lions Club and she of the Sussex Lioness Club. Clover Drive is now a through street from Waukesha Avenue to Maple Avenue.

2003 10 years ago

Sussex boyscout Troop 39 had a member, Tyler Howard, earn his Eagles Scout rank as he did a deed to remove local invasive weed, purple loosestrife, which is damaging Wisconsin wetlands.

Down 9-1 in the early going, Hamilton boys basketball team had a 16-1 run to beat Kettle Moraine 48-36. The Hamilton boys also beat Hartford, 54-40. In the Kettle Moraine game, Joe Dundon had 22 points.

2008 Five years ago

William "Bill" Kallio, a star member of the first Hamilton football teams at halfback, and a Susses Baseball Hall of Fame member, died Nov. 30 from cancer at age 57. He was a longtime member of the Sussex Park Board. Just five months ago, he was inducted into the Land O' Lakes Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hamilton has now reversed the policy so that military recruiters can see possible recruits at the cafeteria lunch break.

1913 100 years ago

The small Sussex Lutheran Cemetery (aka Zion Evangelical Cemetery) was the burial site for Pauline (Brandt) Hein in 1913. She was the wife of George Hein. She was 45. Carl Schultz, age 82, was also interred in this Maple Avenue Cemetery north of the Four Corners.

In 1913, Winifred Zoe Cambell, daughter of the Sussex blacksmith, Donald Campbell and wife Ellen, has died at age 28 just before Christmas, Dec. 24 and has been buried at St. Alban's Cemetery.

1963 50 years ago

The new Lannon fire truck cost $18,510. Meanwhile, Lannon President Nick Quartaro eliminated the $50 allocated for Civil Defense, as he said the Lannon civil defense director resigned last year and then everyone ignored civil defense and should continue to do so.

The Menomonee Falls Community Memorial Hospital will open to patients on May 1964.

1988 25 years ago

The new Clover Downs Apartments had a grand opening. This Clover Drive/Maple Avenue complex eventually will have 128 apartments.

The leader of the Sussex Ashlar Lodge is Richard G. Volland.

Sue Freiheit is the Sussex deputy clerk/treasurer. She started with Sussex 11 years ago.

The Hamilton School District has sold a 21-acre plat of land near Grogan Drive that they purchased over 20 years ago to developers, as the school district no longer has plans to use it as a school site.

2003 10 years ago

The Maple Avenue School choir was the vocal entertainment at the annual Sussex Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Sussex Fire Department.

Thieves have targeted Sussex home Christmas decorations on Maple, Ivy and Main Streets.

The recently purchased Sussex Lions Area Historical Society Museum (former Sussex North Western RR Depot) is rounding into shape for a grand opening.

Michael Reed of Lisbon installed a massive display alcove for the former Mammoth Spring Canning Co. Display.

2008 Five years ago

A Hartland car driver recently fell asleep at the wheel and smashed down an electrical light and power pole on Main Street.

The weekend Sussex Lions food/money drive for the Sussex Food Pantry netted $3,000

Bob Simon is a community firefighter against graffiti. A recent graffiti job on the Lisbon Presbyterian Church (Hillside Road) is his latest cause of fury.

1914 100 years ago

According to cemetery records, there was only one burial at Union Cemetery in 1913. This cemetery is on Town Line Road, with the northern border being Schlei Road. It was a public burial grounds for Colgate, and northeast Lisbon. The only burial was Hattie Woods, with little information on when she was born, died or who her family was.

David Tempero, age 55, a Lisbon farmer, died in 1913 and is buried at Lisbon Central Cemetery. His wife was Agnus Davidson, a Templeton girl.

1964 50 years ago

The Wis. State Supreme Court will not have the final answer ready on the Butler vs. Hamilton School District for some time.

The deer count this past hunting season was 65,000 killed. 125 were taken in Waukesha County. It is projected that 70,000 deer should be killed annually to keep the herd stable and growing.

1989 25 years ago

The remains of Clifford Machan, 34, have been found in a shallow grave in Waukesha County. Ten years ago, Lisbon resident Machan was being sought for a John Does investigation of a car chop shop on Town Line Road. Machan disappeared a short time later and did not testify.

M&I bank seeks a site in the Sussex area.

Mark Spranger is the president of the Lannon Lions Club.

Sarah Droese, the Sussex representative on the Hamilton School Board for nine years, has chosen to not run this year.

2004 10 years ago

Mae Wildt of Sussex and Lannon is celebrating her 100th birthday. Born on a Town of Lisbon farm as Mae Beier, she married Nick Wildt of Lannon, who served as a Lannon trustee.

A Dec. 28 fire destroyed a Lisbon home in Lynndale Farms West (residents Theresa and Arthur Jocchman).

2009 Five years ago

The Hamilton basketball team will retire the number (32) of Steve Hicklin, who started at Stevens Point and was a key player in winning two division III national titles.

The new all-time scorer for Hamilton in boys basketball is junior Kameron Cerroni, as he went over the former record (1004 by Terry Youngbauer in 1979). Cerroni had 38 points in a 79-68 win over Menomonee Falls.


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