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by Fred H. Keller

posted Living Sussex Sun, November, 2012

100 years ago - Week of Nov. 7, 1912

Paul Heling, a Lisbon farmer that lived on what is today Highway 164, is recuperating after being struck by lightening. He was working his land when a rain storm came up. He took his horses and went under a tree for protection. Lightening struck the tree, knocking down the horses and Heling. The horses recovered and fled back to the homestead, leaving the unconscious Heling. Help came after a search. He suffered multiple burns and had a hard time walking but is recovering.

50 years ago - Week of Nov. 7, 1962

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Motz of Colgate went to Las Vegas for the 44th annual convention of the American Legion. Noted speaker at the convention was FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Otis Motz marched in the 13,000-member parade. The ranks of WWI veterans are thinning but WWII and Korean War were well represented.

The Women's Association of Lisbon Presbyterian Church served an ham dinner for $1.50.

Bill Galbraith of Lannon was part of a six man hunting group to Wyoming that collected 12 deer. The six bucks and six doe were hung on display at Wegner's Dugout.

25 years ago - Week of Nov. 7, 1987

Silver Spring Country Club will expand as they are constructing a 12,000-square-foot addition.

One-hundred-forty-seven attended the Hamilton class of 1967 reunion.

Adelaide Weaver, considered the "last of the Weavers" died at age 87 on Oct. 30. The Weavers were the dominating first large family to settle in Lisbon. She was a great-great-granddaughter of James Weaver considered the "Father of Lisbon-Sussex."

10 years ago - Week of Nov. 7, 2002

Kevin Behm of Sussex Boy Scout Troop 39 has received the Eagle Scout rank.

Kellyn Johnson is one of the premier cross country runners in the state as she leads the Hamilton girls team.

Mike Stadler again goes all out with his Halloween decorations at his Maple Avenue home. Each year he adds something new to his outdoor display.

Five years ago - Week of Nov. 7, 2007

The recent Hamilton homecoming had Stephanie Babits and Nick Shaefer as the queen and king.

The Lisbon Police Department goes back 24 years to a first when it appointed Dave Gettelman as constable/chief. The prior 140 years there were elected constables. The department will go out of business Jan. 1, 2008.

Hamilton had a great girls volleyball season, 24-8 under new coach Alison Miller.

100 years ago -

Week of Nov. 14, 1912

Woodrow Wilson is elected President of the United States.

In a side story over the recent lightening strike that injured Lisbon farmer Paul Heling, the story is told that under the very same tree some years ago, Fred Stier of Sussex took refuge from a marauding bull. For a period of time he dodged back and forth behind the tree to avoid the enraged bull. Eventually the bull gave up and left Stier to escape with no injuries.

50 years ago -

Week of Nov. 14, 1962

The Hamilton Chargers very first JV football team (only freshman and sophomores) going to Hamilton this year won its first game of the season in upsetting Port Washington, 20-14. Scoring a key touchdown for the Chargers was Jack Curtis with two spectacular catches that let Hamilton regain the lead.

At a dinner dance at the Sussex Community Hall Dr. E. C. Van Valin was inducted as an honorary fireman of the now 40-year-old fire department. One-hundred-thirteen people attended the event and the assembled group was told of progress to build a new fire house in west Sussex by Village Park.

25 years ago -

Week of Nov. 14, 1987

A new water tower is going up on Woodside Road. It will be 109 feet tall and cost $330,000.

Traffic signals are planned for Lisbon Road and Highway J (today Highway 164).

A blue spruce planted in 1966 will be cut down on the Henry DeBoer's property for the county Christmas tree.

10 years ago -

Week of Nov. 14, 2002

The Carousel Drive Inn, a 40-year landmark in Lisbon is closed and for sale. Joe Dunne has been the owner for the past 30 years before recently selling it.

Dennis Hohol, a former Sussex flag football coach and league leader has been convicted of sexual assault of boys.

Four-thousand gallons of milk were spilled after a truck accident on Highway Q and Lake Five.

Five years ago -

Week of Nov. 14, 2007

In October, a large group of Templeton Middle School teachers were part of a visiting assemblage in Washington D.C.

Two men are caught and charged with robbery of the Sussex Pick 'n Save.

Brent Aaron, Hamilton football player, was selected as the Defensive and Offensive Lineman of the Year for the Greater Metro Conference.

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