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Pages from the Past

by Fred H. Keller

Posted: Living Sussex Sun, April 4, 2012

Pages From the Past
Five years ago
Week of April 4, 2007
Hamilton planned to put up a memorial for two fallen Hamilton soldiers, U.S. Army Airborne Corps. Spc. Michael Jankowski (1987) and U.S. Marine PFC Mike Wilson (1966).

A bank, gas station and dry cleaner was proposed for the former Lisbon Carousel corner near Richmond School.

10 years ago
Week of April 4, 2002
Thefts from parked cars were frequent in Sussex, and deputies thought they were related.

Hank Carlson challenged Lisbon farmer and incumbent Dan Meissner for the local Waukesha County supervisor post.

Jerry Wetherall was coach of the Hamilton girls track team.

Jim Knoblauch bowled his 11th career 300 game at Sussex Bowl.

25 years ago
Week of April 4, 1987
John Tews and Paul Fleischmann of Hamilton got to the final 4 at the WIAA boys basketball state championship and lost, 52-48, to Fond du Lac.

50 years ago
Week of April 4, 1962
In a monumental vote in Lannon, a last-minute write-in candidate, Nick Quartaro, beat incumbent Village President Richard Torstenson. In the second big vote the community killed the proposed sewer system 208-76. Lannon trustees voted in were Richard Alsh and Ralph "Bud" Reimer.

In Sussex Paul Fleischmann, Eugene Kersten and Carol Stolper were elected as trustees.

100 years ago
Week of April 4, 1912
Workers from Milwaukee were in Lannon at Gumz Quarries to repair boilers in the plant.

George Held of Lannon purchased a new REO vehicle. He was waiting for spring to come to enjoy his "handsome and reliable" car.

Pages From the Past April 11, 2012

100 years ago - Week of April 11, 1912
The talk in Lisbon is about the late last month basketball game in North Lake between Menomonee Falls and Hartland with the Falls wining 18-8. At about the three minute point in the game, a Hartland player slugged the referee John Hanson. The crowed surged onto the floor and if it hadn't been for a Waukesha Sheriff being present, a riot might have ensued. Hanson suffered a broken nose.

50 years ago - Week of April 11, 1962
There will be a new rural postal route in south Sussex and Lisbon known as route 2. Formerly this was served by Pewaukee.

TB tests for the Sussex schools will be administered.

The Sussex 4H has Ed McLaughlin as vice president.

Eleven youth at Lisbon Presbyterian Church will be confirmed.

25 years ago - Week of April 11, 1987
There is no competition for Hamilton board positions. Carolyn Limjoco and Nancy Mansavage are running along with recently appointed Butler resident Will Galbraith.

Ron Quint is the plant manager of the Sussex Friday Canning Company.

Coach Ken Krause has an outstanding Hamilton track team that will go far this year.

10 years ago - Week of April 11, 2002
Former Sussex youth football coach Dennis Hohol was waived of his right to a jury in the alleged assault of boys.

Gabe Wollenberg is the new Sussex Sun editor.

A Lisbon-owned car driven by a woman has been marred by paint balls fired at her while she was driving on Good Hope Road.

Lannon has three incumbents and three challengers for village board: Terry Gissal, Carol Bergstrom and Ronald Hendrickson will face Ron Dutcher, Mike Grim and Susan Welsh.

Five years ago - Week of April 11, 2007
Police are investigating the possible theft by a wife of $160,000 worth of coins from her husband.

The winners of the recently local election are Tony Lapcinski as the new Sussex village president and Mike Reed Lisbon Board chairman.

Lisbon asks a developer to revise the plans for the proposed redevelopment of the Carousel triangle by Richmond School.

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