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Pages from the Past

Posted: Living Sussex Sun, August 2, 2011

Pages From the Past August 3, 2011

100 years ago - 1911

Eight-year-old John Brown died and was buried at Lisbon Central Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Rowell, own a farm implement manufacturing firm in Menomonee Falls, and have the family farm out at Lake Five in the northern Town of Lisbon. Rowell claims that the first iron plows made in the state were made on this farm.

An interesting lecture was given at the Sussex Methodist Church by the former pastor, Rev. McKinnis.

50 years ago - 1961

Dutch elm Disease is killing vast number of American Elms in Waukesha County.

Gettelman beer six-packs of 12-ounce bottles (no return) cost 95 cents.

Lannon youth recreation held a parent's day at the Lake Shore Quarry (now Menomonee Park).

S&H Green Stamps are a big sales draw for area businesses - mostly grocery stores.

25 years ago - 1986

The final paperwork is being done to combine the St. James Catholic Church Cemetery and Rose Hill Cemetery. The new board is Rev. Harold Ide, Jim Nettesheim, Wilmer Marx and Dave Bartlett from St. James and Rose Hill holdovers Ray Wendt and William Harland.

Matt Peterson of Boy Scout Troop 95 is Sussex's newest Eagle Scout.

Margie Clinkenbeard is the news Sussex Nutritional Center head.

Howie Mattison, 61, is the oldest player in the Sussex Church softball league and the 35 and older league.

10 years ago - 2001

The State is studying the Lisbon Road, Highway 164 accident rate.

The Lisbon Fire Department has purchased a 2,000 Sterling Tanker truck chassis to replace a 1979 chassis. The total cost will be $98,000.

The Lannon baseball team has secured the LOL championship with two games left to play.

ReMax has a sales office in the old Cullen home in Sussex. The home was built over a century ago by then Sussex millionaire Richard Weaver.

5 years ago - 2006

Bielinski Homes had a concrete crusher arrive at the Sussex Mammoth Spring Canning Company site to finally crush the leftover stone, brick and concrete debris. A mountain of crushed gravel is now on the site.

Former Lannon fire chief, village trustee and postmaster Keith Gissal has died in Lannon at age 86.

The annual Friends of the Pauline Haase Ice Cream Social had a one day rain delay, (it was the unlucky 13th.)

Pages From the Past August 10, 2011

100 years ago - 1911

This month there was a head on accident in downtown Lannon. A horse drawn, heavy wagon driven by JB Whittakers was going east near the culvert where the Fox River Creek crosses Main Street. The teamster thought he had enough speed and time to cross over the narrow culvert bridge to beat an oncoming west bound car driven by Sussex's Dr. George Lawler. Lawler also thought there was enough room to get by, but there wasn't and he hit the horses which caused considerable damage to the car and the horses. The two women passengers in the car were not hurt.

50 years ago - 1961

A parade and talent show will be the final event for the Sussex Summer Recreation for Kids Program at the Mains Street School grounds.

A 42 inch copperhead poisonous snake was killed in downtown Menomonee Falls.

The old farm home on the Hamilton High School grounds was torched by the Sussex Fired Department as part of practice. The House was known as the Putsch-Farrow home.

The Sussex Area Youth Band will have a free concert this coming weekend at the Orchard.

25 years ago - 1986

The Sussex PDQ Grocery Store is advertising ground beef at $1.19 a pound.

Lannon has three Wunk brothers playing on their Land o' Lakes baseball team; Dale (.350), Dave (.375) and Dan (who is batting .414). Their father Dick played for Lannon for 13 years, 1959-72.

A 28-year-old man is held in a shooting in the Village of Sussex.

Ron Quint, manager of the Friday Canning Company (formerly Mammoth Spring), was honored for the plants annual $500 donation to the Sussex Library.

10 years ago - 2001

Schlafer Auto Body of Lannon will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.

Dan Degner, Hamilton boys basketball coach for three years, has resigned and will become a program director at the Epicenter in Waukesha.

Brian Anderson of Sussex is the winner of the annual Lions Daze Raffle ($10,000).

Dick Pankratz and Irvin won the "bobby prizes" of gift certificates at Olde Templeton Inn.

Christopher Louderback of Sussex Boy Scout Troop 39 has earned his Eagle Scout ranking.

5 years ago - 2006

The police chief problem is again on the front burner in Lisbon with closed meetings and inquiry investigations going on.

The 1981 Hamilton state championship baseball team had a 25 year reunion.

Lisbon is trying to enforce the street number code.

Pages From the Past August 17, 2011

100 years ago - 1911

In late July wind and rain did a lot of damage to the local telephone lines in the vicinity of Sussex, Lisbon and Lannon. T

There is a push to put in bigger, heavier telephone poles of the local phone companies.

Barney Cawley of Lannon has a thriving business of delivering ice blocks to local houses and businesses.

Lannon's A.E. Pollard has purchased a horse and buggy rig from E.P. Davis. He thinks his boys can handle the horse and buggy while he recovers from an accident with his Big Winton car and that horses are safer than cars.

50 years ago - 1961

The Lannon School Board elected an at large school board member, Keith Gissal, the Lannon Post Master and Fire Chief.

The Sussex playground program had 1583 children on a field trip to Waukesha to visit the Golden Guernsey Dairy. The field trip was topped off with a carton of chocolate milk for each kid.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Trapp welcomed a new son, Franklin, born July 25.

Orval Cullen pitched a four-hitter as the Sussex Eastern Division Land O' Puddles team is now a league leading 8-0 in Waukesha youth baseball.

25 years ago - 1986

Hamilton cheerleaders, Tracy Schroeder, Jackie Casper and Amy Lorenz have attained all American status superstar cheerleaders at a recent competition.

Family style Friday fish fries cost $4.95 at local Sussex eateries.

When he isn't the local undertaker, Terry Marcou plays softball I the Sussex over 35 softball league for the Marx Masonry team.

Sussex is considering a stop and go light at the intersection of Silver Spring and Mains Street.

10 years ago - 2001

Stop and go signals will be operational in September on Town Line Road and Highway Q.

A deli, bakery and coffee shop, Perks, opened on July 3 and doing good business in the Sussex-On-the-Main Shopping Center.

Waukesha Sheriff Bill Kruziki has been nominated to become a U.S. Marshall, but U.S. Representative James Sensenbrenner Jr. ...(?)

Lannon had a 15-3 season record and tied for the league championship. A playoff is scheduled.

5 years ago - 2006

A Federal Court rejected a suit to stop the widening of Highway 164 project.

A Wisconsin Department of Administration has handed out new 2006 population estimates; Sussex - 9,908, Lisbon - 9,814 and Lannon - 972, down 37.

Pages From the Past August 24, 2011

100 yrs ago - 1911

The seven students who graduated from the Lannon School were John B. Cawley, Glenn Harmon, Loretta Margraves, Seth Pollard, John Sheridan, Ethel Snyder, and Walter Unger.

Harold Brown had a close call on Good Hope Road in Lannon as he fell down the stone bank at Wisconsin Stone Co. He suffered bruises and a broken arm.

50 yrs ago - 1961

A Maytag washer and dryer combination can be bought for $326.

The Lannon Buttina-Zimdars VFW Post 6989 will sponsor a picnic and a parade.

Lannon will ask Menomonee Falls to cede a 30 acre tract of land to Lannon for a possible sewer plant. The tract is on Lannon road, southeast somewhat of the grade school property. It is an old gravel pit site.

25 yrs ago - 1986

Dave Anderson is the administrator of the Village of Sussex.

Mike Delany of the F&M Bank won the Sussex Chamber of commerce Golf Outing with a 44 over nine holes. Hank Carlson got the booby prize for a 94. It was listed as a "High Honors" award.

Anton "Tony" Wegner, the long-time Lannon Land O'Lakes baseball sponsor died in Florida at the age of 81. His promotions in Lannon are legendary.

There is a mini buffalo herd on the property of Ed and Dorothy McLaughlin, at Whiskey corners.

10 yrs ago - 2001

Pam Mehringer of Lisbon recently caught a 415 pound hammerhead shark off the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

Madeline T. Lembke, 89, died Aug 18. She formerly owned the 160 acres where the Sussex Corporate Center Industrial Park is located. She is the granddaughter of the "father" of Sussex-Lisbon, pioneer, James Weaver, 1800-1886.

Hamilton has raised its ACT test grade from 21.5 to 22.3 The national average is 21 and the state average this year is 22.2

5 yrs ago - 2006

Sarah Stout took a pile of Wisconsin State Fair rabbit blue ribbons, including four first place and a host of second and third place ribbons.

Quad/Graphics, headquartered in Sussex, has purchased the Reno, Nevada. Craftsman Press West.

John Vitale, Willow Springs Learning Center principal, is leaving to teach and coach football at Pewaukee High School.

Today August 24, 2011

Pages From the Past August 31, 2011

100 yrs ago - 1911

During 1911 Allison Weaver, 75, died and was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. He was the husband of Jane smith.

In other burials at Rose Hill Cemetery, at the time was little Henry Christman, son of Chester and Elnora Christman, who died a day short of his third birthday, on Feb. 28, 1911.

On Aug. 10, James Souter, son of David and Jane Souter, died at the age of 71, and was also buried at Rose Hill Cemetery.

50 yrs ago - 1961

The Sussex VFW Post is having its annual basket lunch picnic on the grounds of Mary Hill.

A "Gourmet Barbecue dinner" will take place on the grounds of St. Alban's Episcopal Church with chef Marvin Kramer. Roast beef and chicken will be the fare.

Sussex schools will open Sept 6. Doyle Alexander is the principal at Maple Avenue, Main Street, and Orchard Drive Sussex schools. The principal of the Lannon Grade School is Bertha Garland. She is expecting 225 students when school opens.

25 yrs ago - 1986

Repco, billed as "Lannon's largest Toro Dealer" has a summer closeout for an eight horsepower Toro tractor and mower for $1,349.95

The new coach of the Hamilton girls volleyball team is Mark Wallesverd who replaced the legendary coach Joan Remmel. The Hamilton girls are the Braveland defending conference champs.

A big wheel will be Kim Roskopf, the Lannon Raindrops were league champs at 9-1 under coach Jack Donahue.

10 yrs ago - 2001

The Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society became a reality after 46 citizens voted to adopt a charter and elect officers. Hank Carlson is the interim chairman/president. He later became the first elected president.

In Sussex there was a report of 40 pounds of pennies stolen.

Lannon wins a 15 inning playoff game to get the privilege of playing in the Land O'Lakes Grand Championship playoffs.

5 yrs ago - 2006

The Redeemer United Church of Christ has opened its new doors two years after a disastrous old church fire (March 12-13, 2004)

Sussex native, Leslie Osborne is on the U. S. National Women's Soccer team.

The fee to play a sport at Hamilton High School is $30 per sport and is limited to $90 per family.



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