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Posted: Living Sussex Sun, August 3, 2010


100 years ago - Aug. 11, 1910

Henry Umhoefer took possession of the McCarty Springs Tavern July 1. The changing of location and the obliterating of the old site long known as "Whiskey Corners," with the coming of the Northwestern Railroad 40-foot grade and a passageway underneath has created a new name for the former hostelry.

50 years ago - Aug. 11, 1960

The proposed dissolution of the District 6 Hamilton High Union High School by a rump group has been disallowed by a vote of the electorate as the voters could not attain the 60 percent needed to dissolve it. The vote for dissolving was 1,198 and 1,107 voted to continue the steps forward to form the school district.

25 years ago - Aug. 11, 1985

Peg Kais is the president of the Sussex Lioness Club. Her mother, Kathleen Manke was the first Lioness president 20 years prior in 1965.

A new set of lights for the Sussex Village Park ball diamond will cost $31,700 to replace the set installed nine years prior. The new set will use 45 percent less power.

A Lannon ordinance allows hunting in Lannon with bow and arrow.

10 years ago - 2000

Lisbon will celebrate the millennium on Sept. 23. The release of a 100-page book with 151 pictures and old maps will be given away to each family attending. A time capsule will be buried at the Hillside Road Lisbon Public Works site.

Five years ago - Aug. 11, 2005

More than 50 people showed up at Sussex Village Park for a memorial tree dedication for Samantha M. Dlobik, a Hamilton student, who died at age 15 of cancer on Jan. 11, 2004.

Both the Sussex and Lannon Land O'Lakes baseball teams are 12-4 in the Western Division standings.

100 years ago - Aug. 18, 1910

The annual sugar beet growers and the labor from the Menomonee Falls Sugar Beet Co. had a big picnic at the grove east of Lake Five.

The price of an upright piano is around $150.

In Lannon on the farm of Miss Mary Campbell a fine deposit of quality sand has been discovered and will be used for the construction of the North Western Railroad.

50 years ago - Aug. 18, 1960

The Horning family held a family reunion at Bark Lake. The Horning/Stier families came from Germany in the 1880s to Lisbon; 50 were present.

The Sussex Raindrops won their second straight league championship. Three boys were named to the all league team from Sussex: Danny Gruelich, Bill Kallio and Jack Curtis. Also outstanding on the team was Gary Bennett and manager Richie Goodreau.

25 years ago - Aug. 18, 1985

The Sussex Library will have a substitute librarian, Joan Moroney, as the head librarian. Head librarian Terry Zignego is on maternity leave.

The original graduating class from Hamilton High School held a 20-year reunion.

The Frantl Softball team has taken five softball trophies this year with pitcher Greg Goetz going 60-11 while batting .500.

10 years ago - Aug. 18, 2000

Kelly Erdahl of Lisbon was the big winner at the Lions Daze raffle walking away with $10,000.

There was a tragic accident at Sussex Place when 30-year-old Tony Nash was killed in a wrestling match for entertainment.

Sussex is trying various solutions to reduce radium levels in its municipal water system.

Five years ago - Aug. 18, 2005

Sussex wife killer Todd Van Lare has been found criminally insane. He killed his wife on Hastings Lane Nov. 1, 2004.

An estimated 1,500 free ice cream dishes were served at the annual Friends of the Pauline Haass Library ice cream social according to chair Jan Gutbrod.

100 years ago - Aug. 25, 1910

Mrs. James Gill of Lannon was run down by an automobile, resulting in a broken leg.

Lloyd S. Weaver of Lisbon was running for county coroner.

The Rev. Heywood of Sussex United Methodist Church preached and held services at the Menomonee Falls M. E. Church.

50 years ago - Aug. 25, 1960

Lisbon gentleman farmer Nick Reinhard and his wife had a garden party on their Plainview Road farm front lawn to honor their daughter, Mary Marlen, as she graduated from the Evangelical Deaconess Hospital school of nursing.

A donkey baseball game was set for the Lannon baseball field on Aug. 27. Tickets were 40 cents for children and $1 for adults.

25 years ago - Aug. 25, 1985

A tornado twisted through Lisbon, downing Austin Smith's barn on Harris Hill (Hillside Road).

There was a possible arson fire on Champeny Drive where matches were used to start a wood pile on fire, causing an estimated $1,500 in damages to the adjacent garage.

Stanley Stone had a free food stand by his home on Main Street.

10 years ago - Aug. 25, 2000

Wilbert "Red" Hackbarth died at age 76. "Lefty" Hackbarth was a former Lannon baseball pitcher who is in the Land O'Lakes baseball hall of fame.

In Sussex WolfenDales' slogan was "Great Ribs, Great Steaks, Great Place." It was listed in the Dennis Getto book under "100 Great Wisconsin Restaurants."

Five years ago - Aug. 25, 2005

Lisbon approved the Ironwood East subdivision for 36 lots adjacent to the golf course.

Sidewalks were part of the Sussex drive to be a "walkable community."

Lannon won the Western Division Land O'Lakes baseball championship as Scott Hagen went 5-for-5 against Oconomowoc.



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