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Posted: Living Sussex Sun, April 7, 2010

100 years ago - April 14, 1910

The installation of wood stave silos is popular in Lisbon.

Michael Pendergast, a Lisbon pioneer, has died at his Milwaukee retirement home on April 28 at age 86. He is survived by his wife and eight children.

50 years ago - April 14, 1960

The Waukesha County Park and Planning Department is considering a 315-acre purchase of the old Lake Shore Sand and Stone Company which contains a 16.5-acre spring lake (the old quarry). Elmer Schultz and Art Prag are the current land owners of the future Menomonee Park.

25 years ago - April 14, 1985

The Easter egg hunt in Lannon is cancelled because of too much ice and snow. Meanwhile, the Sussex Easter egg hunt saw 250 pounds of candy found by little hunters.

10 years ago - April 14, 2000

The Sussex Sled Bugs Snowmobile Club held a food drive for the Sussex pantry led by Delores Scharmer and Steve Haasch.

After record-setting warm spells in February and March, the April 7-8 Hamilton girls soccer tournament is snowed out.

Five years ago - April 14, 2005

The Sussex Eggerts Furniture store is selling out. Sussex is pondering whether the newly vacant building should become the new police headquarters.

Cat lovers and hunter/outdoorsmen square off over a proposed feral cat hunt in the future in Wisconsin.

100 years ago - April 21, 1910

Under a new state law Lisbon farmers can no longer sell grass or hay seed to each other unless it is inspected by the state.

It is not appropriate to wear a straw hat until June 1.

This summer a gasoline station will be built in Menomonee Falls.

50 years ago - April 21, 1960

The Waukesha County Historical Society held its annual meeting using the St. Alban's Guild hall with 70 people attending. Allen Weeks gave a history of St. Alban's going back to Oct. 5, 1842.

A historical marker is erected in the village.

25 years ago - April 21, 1985

Sussex residents Amond Langlois was part of the atomic bomb project 40 years ago and holds an award from 1945 from the U.S. War Department for his contributions. He is now a volunteer at the Sussex library.

10 years ago - April 21, 2000

Gladys Adomatis is named Volunteer of the Year for the Pauline Haass Library.

After 36 years at Hamilton, Alex Dittich has resigned.

Kristina Duwe is the catcher on the Hamilton girls fast pitch softball team.

Sussex studies the possible move of the Sussex Teen Club to the Club Avalon (Sussex Inn today).

Five years ago - April 21, 2005

A car with an elderly woman at the wheel drove into the Sussex Liquor Mart on the Main strip mall.

The Lisbon Fire Department has moved David Mason to assistant fire chief while Dan Gabel is now captain.

Marjorie Schlei has donated a memorial table and benches for the handicapped to the Sussex Village Square Park in memory of her husband, Ken Schlei.

100 years ago - 1910

50 years ago - 1960

25 years ago - 1985

10 years ago - 2000

Five years ago - 2005


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