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Pages from the Past

Posted: Living Sussex Sun, August 5, 2009

Pages from the Past August 12, 2009

Nellie Gill of Lannon was sick with typhoid fever, but improved.

A big deal in Lannon was the night showing of a movie picture.

For entertainment, Lannon scheduled a wrestling match between a Milwaukee wrestler and a local Lannon boy.

50 years ago - 1959

Sussex (10-6) and Lannon (11-5) were in the thick of the Land O' Lakes baseball division chase.

The annual children's parade was scheduled to wind up the summer program for the Sussex playground.

The Sussex Methodist Church staged its annual picnic at Harry Devine's property on Lake Five.

25 years ago - 1984

Lannon discussed changing the clerk-treasurer position from elective to appointed, as it contemplated the imminent resignation of Charles DeLany, who held the clerk position for 34 years.

Tombstone Pizza completed construction of its 65,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the Sussex Industrial Park.

10 years ago - 1999

Vi Pfennig was the president of the Sussex Village Senior Citizens Advisory Committee.

Tommy Tradewell of Sussex was elected as VFW state commander.

Lannon and the Lannon Lions Club dedicated a Joecks Field playground in honor of the late Fritz Miller.

The new Woodside School was dedicated on Aug. 17.

5 years ago - 2004

The Sussex Fire Department had a unique member, Sussex resident and FBI intelligence agent Leslie Larson.

The Sussex Lisbon Area Historical Society had a sneak preview of its museum opening in the former 1910-built North Western Railroad Depot in downtown Sussex.

July records showed that only 0.75 inches of rain fell during the month.

Pages from the Past August 19, 2009

100 years ago - 1909

The North Western Railroad looked into making spur lines into the local quarries of Lannon.

Sugar beet raisers had a huge picnic at Lake Five's hotel picnic grounds, and later a blacksmith's picnic was held there.

Bakelite was introduced as a new plastic by Belgian-born U.S. citizen Leo H. Baekeland.

50 years ago - 1959

In an effort to prepare for anticipated growth, Sussex adopted zoning and subdivision laws.

In Land O' Lakes baseball, third-place Sussex (11-6) buried Brown Deer (16-0) when Arnie Lemke and Jerry Tetzlaff got three hits each. Tetzlaff also got the pitching shutout and Doug Tetzlaff scored four times without getting a hit.

25 years ago - 1984

Vincent Alioto, 19, was arrested at the Lisbon Alioto Restaurant when he tried to sell cocaine to an undercover Milwaukee police officer.

Former Sussex trustee Bob O'Laughlin, 51, pleaded no contest and was convicted of stealing $171,000 from a West Allis couple.

10 years ago - 1999

Patty Konkol resigned from the presidency of the Lisbon Police and Fire Commission, claiming that the commission did not receive the proper respect it deserved.

The estimated 1999 population of Sussex is 7,870, up 2,831 from the 1990 census.

5 years ago - 2004

Jan and Ken Gutbrod took over the leadership of the annual local library summer ice cream social. A record 1,400 dishes of ice cream were served.

Lannon asked Menomonee Falls to cede the developing Schneider Field to Lannon

Pages from the Past August 26, 2009

100 years ago - 1909

A young girl, Evelyn Pearl Riessing, daughter of Herbert and Charlotte Riessing, died Aug. 27. She had been born 58 days earlier on June 30. Burial was in Rose Hill Cemetery.

A Lannon citizen was swindled by a gypsy woman, who relieved him of nearly $6. Sheriff Deputy Turner was called and the money was returned, and he warned local people to be careful in dealing with gypsies.

50 years ago - 1959

The Sussex Fire Department asked the village to help them buy a used panel truck for an emergency ambulance (their first one). Cost was estimated at $1,500.

The village, which owned the former 1866-built Lisbon Town Hall, rejected putting money into repairing it. Trustee Roy Evert said, "It has no foundation, no footings, it's cracked in the four corners and the roof leaks."

25 years ago - 1984

Scott Weinandt obtained his Eagle Scout ranking in Boy Scouts.

Former Sussex fireman Glen Wildish died at age 60. His family went back in Sussex-Lisbon history for more than 100 years.

Delays set back the formal opening of the Bug Line nature trail on the old local Milwaukee railroad spur line through Lannon, Lisbon and Sussex.

10 years ago - 1999

Pam Nettesheim was the Dozer Day co-chairman.

Local residents planned a rally to oppose the railroad yard that was planned for Duplainville Road and Highway K. The Lisbon Town Board had previously voted 4-1 against it.

5 years ago - 2004

The Town of Lisbon discussed if the chief of police should be required to be a resident or live within 20 miles of the town.

Sussex looked into cost-effective blending of water to get in compliance for radium in the municipal water system.


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