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Pages From The Past

by Fred H. Keller, as published in the Sussex Sun newspaper

Transcribed by SLAHS volunteer Sarah Pichler, August 2011

Month of January

January 4, 2006

100 years ago- 1906

The train fare from Sussex to Los Angeles or San Francisco was $63.50

Waukesha County was astonished to receive a $100,00 check from Ralph Voorhees of New Jersey to give Carroll College to build three stone college buildings. Any remaining funds were to be deposited into the collegeís endowment fund.

50 years ago- 1956

Sussex Village President Roy Stier appointed Jerome Mudlitz to fill the Village Board seat vacated by the death of Herb Beier.

Al Zillmer faced some legal problems because of his unregistered airplane.

25 years ago- 1981

Frustrated in its attempts to get Sussex to rezone the old Metzer property so it could build a plant there, the American Concrete Pipe Co. sold it.

Bob Klisch made the all-Christmas basketball tournament team for Hamilton.

Beth Schoedl, the holder of five Braveland track records, earned the title of Sussex Sun athlete of the year.

10 years ago- 1996

After many years of service to the Sussex Food Pantry, Betty Mindemann, Esther Sutherland and Gladys Adamaitis retired.

Archie Johnson, the founder of Sussexís Tiddlywinks tournaments, died at age 77.

5 years ago- 2001

Sussex and Lisbon held a joint board meeting to make a pact to share services.

Ruth Wileden died just shy of her 99th birthday.

January 11, 2006

100 years ago- 1906

Richard Weaver of Sussex was the vice president of Waukesha National Bank, a leading Waukesha County Bank with $150,00 in capital, plus a surplus of $75,000.

The Oconomowoc district of the Knights Templar was re-organizing its Merton lodge, with Lisbonite Roderich Ainsworth elected a trustee of the lodge.

50 years ago- 1956

The Lannon PTA held a menís night with guest speaker Walter Kruise, a football scout for the Green Bay Packers and Marquette University.

Katherine Stier was named worthy matron of the Sussex Eastern Star.

Jeanne Youngbauer returned to her studies at Marquette University.

25 years ago- 1981

Sussex Poll workers Isabelle Wendt, Dorothy Ries, Lorraine Hart, Sharron Anderson, Joy Donald, Kathleen Kneiske, Henry DeBoer, Betty Marx, Margaret Bierman and Ray Semroy were joined by new appointees Helen Nelson, Nancy Kolesari, Marjorie Schlei, Lorraine Schroeder and Grace Jones.

10 years ago-1996

The Hamilton class of 1987-88 won the biannual holiday boys alumni basketball tournament. The class of 1987 was the last to qualify for a state tournament.

A 110-foot-high water tower was erected near Richmond Road and Highway J (Highway 164 today).

The threshold for reporting a car accident went from $500 in damages to $1000.

5 years ago-2001

Pat Bartlett, the only woman ever to hold the position of Sussex Village President, left the community and resigned from her post.

Frequent snowstorms exhausted Sussexís road salt budget.

Lisbon Park Director Bob Schiellack relocated his winter work area from the parks to the highway department.

January 18, 2006

100 years ago-1906

The students and staff of Merton School had the chance to hear The Mocking Birds singing group from Colgate.

Former Wisconsin stat Rep. Richard Weaver was gravely ill and getting weaker.

50 years ago-1956

A three-bedroom home on Vine street in Lannon was advertised for $9,700.

Delos Barrett was re-elected senior warden at St. Albanís Church in Sussex.

A 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air car sold for $1,888.

Tiemannís Bakery in Menomonee Falls sold cream puffs for 10 cents each.

25 years ago-1981

John Tews ran against incumbent Paul Fleischmann for the village presidency Salvatore Maglio, John Bauer, Roger Racer, Jack Nefstead and Norman Waldhauser competed for the three trustee positions.

Drs. James Davis and Terrence Hughes started a medical practice in Sussex.

10 years ago-1996

The formerly all-volunteer Lisbon Fire Department hired on paid full-time firefighter-emergency medical technician. The department budget for the final nine months of the year was $27,000.

Sussex was negotiating the purchase of the Van Valin home, to tear it down and expand the library grounds and Sussex Civic Center.

5 years ago-2001

A 21 year-old Lisbon man was accused of hacking into business and otherís emails. He was arrested in New Mexico.

Michael Knapp was named interim Sussex village president.

Coach Dan Degnerís Hamilton boys basketballs team beat Brookfield East, 49-40, Kyle Bacon was one of the Chargersí key players.

January 25, 2006

100 years ago-1906

Mrs. Edgar Leeís friends were happy to hear that she could get out of her bed for short periods of time each day.

Fred C. Redford was confined to his bedroom and feared surgery would become necessary.

50 years ago-1956

Ted Tetzlaff of Sussex was on the Menomonee Falls junior varsity team.

Matt Schneider was re-elected chief of the Lannon Fired Department. First assistant was Louis Gissal and second was Harvey Rossman. Syd Gissal was secretary and Melvin Golner treasurer.

Harriet Schmidt was the leader of the Sussex Past Matrons Club.

25 years ago-1981

Texaco pulled its gasoline supplies to Wisconsin dealers, affecting the local Cainís Service Station.

Hoopsters Gary Jahn and Mike Knoebel scored 15 points each as Hamilton beat Menomonee Falls North 68-53.

10 years ago-1996

The fundraising committee at Pauline Haass Public Library raised more than $238,000, exceeding by far its goal of $88,000. Len Anhalt of the Town of Lisbon was a prime donor to the fund.

Betty Reimer retired from Halquist after more than 29 years.

Hamilton wrestling coach Bobby Longdin won a medal from the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association for coaching 100 wins.

5 years ago-2001

Sussex chose not to oppose the Highway 164 expansion.

Joy Botts, a director at the Sussex and Pauline Haass libraries, left after 13 years of service.

After 100 years, the colored leaded windows at St. Albanís were redone.

Lisbon incorporated itself as a town.

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