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Written by Fred H. Keller,

Month of March 1995

Transcribed from Sussex Sun by Hanna Mahuta, March 1, 2010

Tuesday, March 7, 1995 pg 14

100 years ago this week

            The new lime kiln at the Templeton Quarry was fired up for the first time.

            The sleighing weather has gone, but few logs were at the sawmill.

            Many suffered from bad coughs and colds.

            Andrew Rosier was the host of the Gage family as Mr. Gage, a son-in-law of Rosier, was in bad health.

            George Smith returned from Chicago and planned to make Sussex his home.

            Waukesha Spring Brewing Co. purchased the Mr. Short store with plans to start someone in business there to sell their beverage.

50 years ago this week

            Pvt. William Greengo had his left arm injured in Germany.

            In the community, it was noted that Mr. and Mrs. Albin Halquist entertained Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Fryda.

            Old Mr. Frank Grogan, Sussex’s first village president from 1924-1933, was very ill.

            A popular outing was to go to the “Milk Jug” on Bluemound Road, owned by the Golden Guernsey Dairy Cooperative.

25 years ago this week

            Robert Stier was the Sussex fire chief.

            A new grid system of house numbering was installed to replace the old willy-nilly system.

            Sussex Lumber was burglarized with $1,200 in machinery and equipment stolen.

10 years ago this week

            Two were injured in a train/car collision on Plainview and the Soo Line tracks.

            March 3 brought eight inches of snow followed by freezing rain.

            Ann Nettesheim finished the girls basketball season with 234 points to average in double figures for the season, a feat seldom reached by a Charger girl basketball player.

            5 years ago this week

            Sussex continued study of the building of a new sewer plant to replace one built in 1980. (It has now been completed.)


Tuesday, March 14, 1995 pg 15

100 years ago this week

            Area schools were closed because of the completion of the winter term.

            Frank Elliot’s Hardware Store in Templeton showed the latest samples of spring wallpaper.

            Miss Lizzie Brown, 24, departed this life March 29, 1895. Services took place in the Lisbon Presbyterian Church, with burial in the U.P. Central Cemetery.

            The Republican Party received the majority vote with the majority party candidates having pluralities of 55 to 130.

50 years ago this week

            Mrs. Tony Schumann returned to Sussex after visiting her husband, “Bubbles,” at a camp in South Carolina.

            The Sussex Lions Club met at the Brook Hotel (today’s Sussex Place). Four new members were taken in: John Emde, Ray Wendt, Elmer Kurtz and Mickie Clarey.

            S/Sgt. Ivan Stephan sent home a large box of German war souvenirs from France.

            Lt. Elmer Mantz, Waukesha Avenue, Sussex, completed 35 missions in his B-24 bomber over enemy territory. He was based in England.

            Pvt. John Kuehn was wounded in action in Europe and had his leg in a cast.

25 years ago this week

            Robert Wood has replaced Fred Lindstedt Sr. as the assessor in the Town of Lisbon.

            Hamilton got to the WIAA regional final in basketball before losing. Ron Carlson had 67 points in the three-game regional. He had 365 points during the 7-14 season.

10 years ago this week

            Sussex Fire Chief George Kaestner resigned as both chief and a member of the department after a controversy. Charles Zimmermann took over as chief.

            Art Manke, Lisbon supervisor, backed a merger with Sussex.

            Mark DeWees took over as the owner-manager of Sussex Sentry store.

            The Butler School was put on the sales block by the Hamilton School District.

            Marvin Fonder celebrated 25 years of cutting hair in Sussex.

5 years ago this week

            Elevator shaft construction was completed on new Sussex Village Hall handicapped entrance.

            Census forms were mailed out.

            Hamilton and Menomonee Falls high schools agreed to have joint swimming team under WIAA cooperative program.


Tuesday, March 21, 1995 pg 16

100 years ago this week

            Mrs. William Tempero will again sell rooted plants, slips, bulbs and divided chrysanthemums until May 10. Prices are 3 cents and up.

            Fifteen students from the state agriculture college at Madison were at George McKerrow’s competition for the coveted Ogilvie gold medal in judging sheep.

            Charles Small purchased a new organ for his daughter.

50 years ago this week

            The Sussex Fire Company was called to the Stanley Rankin farm to put out a roof fire on the house. A spark from the chimney was suspected.

            Ivory soap sold for three large bars for 29 cents while Camay soap bars were three for 20 cents.

25 years ago this week

            Hamilton student and Sussex resident 19-year-old Gary Lanphear’s frozen body was found March 17 on the Bug Line tracks near Mammoth Spring Canning Co.

            The 1970 U.S. census included two forms. Eighty percent of the names had 23 questions that required about 15 minutes to answer while the other 20 percent had a 69-question pack.

            Sussex rejoined the Western Division of the Land O’Lakes baseball league.

            The Sussex Lionettes beat the Lannon Lionettes, 17-10, in a benefit basketball game.

10 years ago this week

            An unspecified number of workers were temporarily laid off at Quad-Graphics.

            Sussex’s impaired special child, Daniel R. Voigt, 12, died. He suffered from a rare disorder (hydrocele).

            The Hamilton School Board sold the 21-acre Manke property on Grogan Drive in Sussex. The land was originally purchased in 1971 as a future school site.

5 years ago this week

            Lannon adopted a new logo as part of its 100th anniversary.

            Driver’s education fees at Hamilton were set at $100 a student.

            The Rakocy home next to the new Sussex Village Hall was torn down to make room for an enlarged entrance drive.


Tuesday, March 28, 1995 pg 22

100 years ago this week

            William Edwards was the principal of the No. 5 School (Sixteen School on Hillside Road).

            Rev. Grant of Sussex Methodist Church assisted at a revival meeting staged in Lannon.

            Moses McIntyre, who left Lisbon in the fall for Ireland, returned safe and sound, but will not stay. He will go to Iowa to settle.

            George Butler and William Greenland have completed their courses at Madison and returned to Lisbon.

50 years ago this week

            Lt. Victor Munz was wounded in Manila.

            The Menomonee Falls Theater had “The National Barn Dance” and later in the week Fibber McGee and Molly in “Heavenly Days.”

            United States troops attacked Okinawa April 1, 1945.

25 years ago this week

            The Sussex Village Board approved two night lights for the Village Park with a cost of $1.60 per month.

            Jim Stracka served as the tennis track coach at Hamilton while Stan Grove coached golf and Peter Bronson tennis.

            Home mortgages were advertised at 7-3/4 percent interest.

            Twenty-nine Hamilton history students signed up for a spring trip to Washington, D.C.

10 years ago this week

            The well at Richmond School was tested and found contaminated.

            Joseph Geszvain, 71, died. He was the longtime Lisbon Public Works superintendent, retiring in 1982.

            H&H Auto Parts neared completion on its new Hwy. 164 site, just south of Sussex.

            Michele Prosek was conference shot put champ in the Braveland indoor track meet.

5 years ago this week

            Lisbon began brush chipping service at curbside for town residents. Still to be addressed is the disposal of leaves.

            The Village of Sussex announced formation of a downtown renewal committee (Community Development Authority – CDA).

            Lisbon was having trouble with road blockage because of sewer construction.


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