Tuesday, Feb 7, 1995 pg 12

100 years ago this week

            Lisbon resident Mr. Ninmitz has been to Milwaukee to sell a quantity of homemade wine.

            Many Lisbon residents used the Wisconsin Central Railroad line to go to Waukesha to attend the Jenny Lind concert on Feb. 12.

            Thompson Richmond, one of the early settlers has a wife who is ailing. She has been doing very poorly of late and is not expected to live.

            Miss Daisy Redford will not return to Whitewater Normal teacher school to resume her studies as she is having trouble with her eyes.

50 years ago this week

            Funeral serviced were held for area farmer William Lembcke, 80.

            Miss Marion Harris was inducted into the WACS.

            Wilmer Marx is in an Army training camp in Mississippi.

            Lisbon Plank School reported that they had sole $32.60 worth of Waukesha County Christmas Seals during the past holidays. The money raised is used for the Waukesha County Council on Child Welfare.

            Nine students at Waukesha High School, including six from Sussex, were inducted into the National Honor Society, including Shirley and Maureen Fagan, Lois Kramers, Lois Ann Mantz, Jean Otto and Elsie Mae Wileden.

25 years ago this week

            Norbert Steffen was the first director of the Templeton Middle School music department and band.

            “Deadwood Dick” melodrama was presented at the Hamilton Little Theater.

            John Karner was president of the Village of Sussex while Marv Burg was the chairman of the Town of Lisbon.

10 years ago this week

            Joe Marchese, 59, in a Sun feature, revealed that when he was a youngster in New York he won a jitterbug dance contest at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

            The new 22-cent first class postage stamp went on sale.

            The Randall Koller Memorial Award in honor of the former Templeton Middle School athletic director and coach was set up. Koller died at age 46, March 20, 1984.

            5 years ago this week

            Chris Swartz was hired as the administrator for the Village of Sussex, ending a long, drawn-out selection process.

            Benjamin Davidson, Templeton Middle School eighth grader, was killed in a snowmobile accident.

            Christa Goetz was the all-time girls high scorer for the Hamilton girls basketball program.


Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1995 pg 11

100 years ago this week

            Emma E. Redford died at age 33 of consumption at her parents’ home. Services were held at the Sussex Methodist Church.

            Mary O. Weaver, daughter of Sussex patriarch William Weaver, has died in Elkhorn. Her body was brought back to Sussex for burial.

            Mrs. Bowes of Sussex went to Cambria to visit her grandson who has pneumonia and is not expected to live.

50 years ago this week

            Pvt. John Kuehn landed in England.

            Robert Fryda accompanied his father, Ernest, to Fond Du Lac for a Jersey Breeders annual meeting. Robert was honored as an outstanding member of the 4-H.

            The Menomonee Falls theater featured “Buffalo Bill” with Joel McCrea and Linda Darnell.

            Iwo Jima was stormed on Feb. 19, 1945.

25 years ago this week

            Lisbon assessor Fred Lindsteadt Sr. resigned, citing age and health, after 14 years at the post.

            Hamilton finished second in the 10-team Braveland wrestling tournament with Port Washington the team winner. Individual winners for Hamilton were Mike Siewert at 137 and Kevin Gleason at 187.

            Sussex Mills sold 100-pound bags of Morton salt pellets for $2.25 each.

10 years ago this week

            Hamilton was part of 22 high schools in outer Milwaukee Metro area which were fighting a proposed 220 integration suit.

            Hamilton varsity wrestler Brian Weinandt was matched against a girl wrestler in the WIAA regionals. Weinandt for a 19-second pin on his way to a regional championship.

            Tony “Bubbles” Schumann, after 44 years in business, sold his Sussex Sentry store. He turned it over March 1.

5 years ago this week

            Second Asst. Sussex Fire Chief Art Elsesser resigned the department in a dispute over his demotion to captain.

            Colgate’s 23-year postmaster, Lynn Burton, resigned.

            Harold Meissner died at age 88. He was a lifetime Town of Lisbon farmer.

            Hamilton cheerleaders placed first at the state competition.


Tuesday, Feb. 21, 1995 pg 34

100 years ago this week

            Internal Revenue Taxes have been voted in. Taxes demanded are 2 percent of all income over $4,000, thus affecting only the very wealthy.

            Waukesha Beach resort on Pewaukee Lake is expected to be built this season. It will be at the terminal of the Waukesha Beach Electrical Railroad. It is expected to attract many by the time it is completed in the Spring.

            The revival meetings at the Sussex Methodist Church will progress this week with Rev. C. F. McGaha of Brandon and Rev. A. R. R. Grant presiding.

50 years ago this week

            Capt. Robert Cannon, Sussex raised and an outstanding local athlete, was killed Jan 17 in action near Strasbourg, France.

            Mrs. John Magnusson of Sussex has received her first letter from her son, Swen, who was captured by the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a POW in Germany.

            T/Sgt. Homer Stone has left Lisbon to report to his station in Alaska.

            Harvey Metzger has rented the Charles Rademan farm (Spring Green subdivision).

            PFC Donald Schlei has arrived safely in France.

25 years ago this date

            Jacque Greene was the buildings superintendent for the Hamilton School District.

            Lisbon re-elected Art Manke to the Waukesha County Board and he was elected president of the state county highway committee at then57th Wisconsin Highway Conference in Milwaukee.

            Hamilton defeated archrival Menomonee Falls North, 75-71, in Braveland basketball in a major upset. Ron Carlson scored 28 points with Jim Gasper scoring three important baskets late in the third quarter.

10 years ago this week

            The king and queen of the Hamilton Turnabout Dance were Dean Balister and Chris Hansen.

            George Kaestner is re-elected chief of the Sussex Fire Department in a heated multi-ballot election.

5 years ago this week

            Hamilton reinstates its summer school courses after a lapse of several years.

            The 14th annual Tiddly Winks Tournament was held with 46 five-person teams at Sussex VFW.

            CSC Corp., a waste hauling firm in Lannon, closed after 22 years in the business.


Tuesday, Feb. 28, 1995 pg 21

100 years ago this week

            F. Redford and C. Mindemann are on the sick list.

            It was minus 22 degrees this past week.

            August Mindemann’s well has reached a level of 91-1/2 feet.

            Willie McKerrow is suffering from an ulcer by his right eye. He goes to Milwaukee weekly for treatment.

            Mrs. James (Esther) Templeton came back from Waukesha to attend the funeral of Emma Redford. The Templeton family is living at the Waukesha jail now that James Templeton is sheriff of the county.

50 years ago this week

            Mrs. George (Lillian) Butler has sold her farm on Hwy. 74 west of the village to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Horne and will give up possession April 1.

25 years ago this week

            The Lannon and Sussex Lions Clubs have scheduled a money-raising grudge basketball game between themselves to raise money for the Hamilton prom party. Tickets will cost 50 cents each.

            Ron Carlson of Hamilton is first team all-Braveland in basketball.

10 years ago this week

            The winners of the eighth annual Sussex VFW Tiddly Winks tournament were Rick Ries, Brad Wenger, Dave Schuldt, Jeff Wegner, Tim Schuldt and team sponsor Chuck Schuldt.

            After 37 years at the job, Harvey Rossman will retire as Lannon treasurer.

            Douglas and Marilyn Findlay received a liquor license for their restaurant, Findlay’s on Main.

            Hamilton has a new mascot, “Charley the Charger.”

5 years ago this week

            Hamilton eyes administrative offices north of present high school.

            Plans move ahead for the widening of Maple Avenue from Main Street to Donna Drive. The old German cemetery poses a problem to the widening.

            The village wanted to put in sidewalks but the residents on Maple Avenue are fighting against sidewalks. (No sidewalks were put in.)