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Written by Fred H. Keller,

Month of April 1995

Transcribed from Sussex Sun by Hanna Mahuta, March 4, 2010

Tuesday, April 4, 1995 pg 33

100 years ago this week

            Scott Emulsion was labled as a cure for consumption. The “wasting can be eliminated and the lungs healed,” the ad read.

            The Sussex Methodist Ladies Aid Society’s supper raised $38, a fine sum.

            Waukesha County Sheriff James Templeton returned to Sussex for a visit to his home and friends.

50 years ago this week

            Mrs. Fred Stier and Mrs. Herman Krause of Sussex visited the St. John’s Home for the Aged in Milwaukee and donated 99 dozen eggs from their church, St. Alban’s.

            Pvt. Robert Dorn, who had been stationed at San Francisco, came home for a furlough to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Dorn.

            Cedar fence posts were advertized at 14 cents each at Nettesheim and Otto’s (Sussex Mills).           

25 years ago this week

            Four people ran for the three village trustee positions, incumbent Paul Fleischmann and newcomers John Holland, Ralph Speigle and Walter Pugh.

            Longtime village president Charles Busse died March 25, at age 87. He served as village president for 25 years.

            The police chief of Sussex was William Erlach.

            Lobster dinners were being advertized for $3.95 at a Germantown restaurant.

10 years ago this week

            A U.S. Supreme Court decision upholds Sussex’s decision to have sewer for village residents, requiring annexation before sewers could be installed.

            “Sound of Music” was the ambitious Hamilton Drama Club performance.

            The six Sussex Cooperating Churches set up the Sussex Emergency Food Pantry for local distribution to the needy. The two people primarily responsible for its start were Betty Mindemann and Marge Kramer.

            5 years ago this week

            The Pauline Haass Library had a 71 percent increase in usage.

            John Rolefson, tree expert, did a study of Maple Avenue trees for a street widening project.

            Hamilton – five time Braveland softball champs – went after a sixth straight championship.

            Former Sussex player Doug Tetzlaff was inducted into Land O’ Lakes Baseball Hall of Fame.


Tuesday, April 11, 1995 pg 25

100 years ago this week

            The president of the United States, Grover Cleveland, was mad at a Washington clergyman for accusing him, from the pulpit, of drunkenness.

            Leland’s German Tea, available in Waukesha, was recommended for constipation, indigestion, headache and liver complaints.

50 years ago this week

            Elizabeth Flanagan, wife of the Lannon postmaster and grocery store owner, died after a couple days of illness.

            William Zillmer, winning 131 votes out of 145 votes cast, was retained as Lisbon Town Chairman. Supervisors were Harry Bartlett and Earl Vick. Frank Tetzlaff was voted in as constable with 72 votes.

            Pvt. William Greengo, wounded in Germany eight weeks before, arrived home to recuperate.

            Walter Price, Mrs. Anthony Schumann and Joyce Bundy taught at Sussex Main Street School.

25 years ago this week

            A new law required that studded car tires be removed from cars by April 15.

            A complete set of trustees were voted in, defeating all the incumbents. Walter Pugh, John Holland and Ralph Spiegl were elected.

            St. James Catholic Church grade school has announced that it would close in June. It has been operating since 1956.

10 years ago this week

            Jem Photo gets it start in Sussex.

            Three inches of snow fell on Easter evening.

            John Tews edged Paul Fleischmann to earn his third two-year term.

            Chuck Schuldt, Lisbon incumbent supervisor, was beaten by Michael Ertl.

            Lannon planned retirement parties for Harold DeLany and Harvey Rossman. The party was called “90 Plus.”

            The old “Beier home” on Waukesha Avenue and Main Street was torn down to widen the corner.

5 years ago this week

            Dan Meissner narrowly defeated Robert Zimmerman, 583 to 575, for area county supervisor position.

            Sussex-Lisbon Optimist Club was chartered with Mary Jo Starzman as president.

            Pat Bartlett, Robert Terrell and David Granlund were elected as trustees. Incumbent Carl Senger ran fourth and lost.

            Dawn Van Aaken won a contested election to Hamilton School Board.


Tuesday, April 18, 1995 pg 37

100 years ago this week

            Mamie Tempero and David Melville resumed their studies at Carrol College.

            A new well pump windmill 8-feel tall cost $15 in a kit form.

            The Sussex Methodist Ladies Aid Society gave a supper and free musical entertainment on Saturday, April 13.

50 years ago this week

            Henry Yuds of Sussex received word his second nephew has been killed in Europe.

            Lt. Elmer Mantz, after 35 bomber missions in Europe, received a furlough and visited Sussex on a 21-day leave.

            Darwin Meissner and Alice Lees were married at the Lisbon Presbyterian Church, April 7.

            The KKK (Kemper Koir Klub) hosted a lunch and novelty sale at St. Alban’s Church to raise funds for their singing group.

            Michigan Elliott, at a great age, was taken ill while attending church at St. Alban’s.

25 years ago this week

            Lyle Zimmermann was appointed as the replacement assessor in the Town of Lisbon.

            John Plese won two hurdle events at the Hamilton track meet.

            Al Schroeder and A.J. Weber were the two supervisors on the Town of Lisbon board with Marv Burg the chairman.

            Mammoth Spring Canning Co. vice president Carl Stolper resigned after 24 years to start his own company.

10 years ago this week

            The old Schroeder two-gabled home was torn down at the corner of Main Street and Waukesha Avenue to widen the corner.

            The Weber farm in Lisbon was eyed as a future county landfill site. Opposition was stiff locally.

            Nancy Granlund was the last president of the Sussex-Lisbon Jaycettes. The chapter folded after 20 years of existence.

            There was a proposal to build a mini-shopping strip on the north side of Hwy. 74, east of Sussex.           

5 years ago this week

            Gary Amoroso, Oshkosh, was chosen as new Templeton Middle School principal.

            Richard Hess was named Hamilton’s director of education services/human resources.

            Sussex Mills area was considered for commercial development for shopping mall.


Tuesday, April 25, 1995 pg 19

100 years ago this week

            Edward Boots, 87, died on April 26, 1895. He lived in Sussex 42 years and was buried at St. Alban’s Episcopal Cemetery. Two daughters and a son survived him. Henry Boots, a son, was killed about a year ago at a Templeton elevator accident.

            Lisbon Plank Road School (No. 1) has Mrs. L. Smith as a teacher.

            Richmond School (Lisbon No. 2 School) has Miss Dora Weber as the teacher.

50 years ago this week

            The Red Cross Drive was very successful locally. The amounts raised and quota sought were: Lisbon, $708.50 ($475) and Sussex $576 ($550).

            The Lisbon Telephone Co. was sold by the local owners, Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Fobes, to a Minnesota interest. The new owners planned to convert from a Magneto System to an automatic system. The Fobeses remained as operators until the changeover. Fobes was satisfied, as he leaves a very modern telephone system for Sussex-Lisbon.

25 years ago this week

            The U.S. Postal Service was seeking a new post office in Lannon. They were asking for proposals.

            Hamilton High School held the junior prom party dance in the school cafeteria with a post-prom dinner at the Fox and Hounds at Freiss Lake. Kathy Magenheim and Mike Truttschel were the prom royalty.

10 years ago this week

            Hector Sanchez, already convicted of murder, was tried for killing former Sussex resident and Hamilton student Sharon Egerer on May 31, 1975.

            Troy McBee led the Hamilton track team to a first in the eight-team Hamilton Charger Relays. McBee was on four winning relay teams.

5 years ago this week

            A referendum was pushed to stop the Hamilton School Board from going ahead with the $1,500,000 construction of a Hamilton expansion

            The National Guard gave Sussex its first look at proposed Armory construction on the old Piel farm on Maple Avenue.

            Lisbon Community Park was scheduled to open.

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