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Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 03/03/2005


Name Title Date Appointed
William Odell Postmaster 09/13/1847
Henry Shears Postmaster 03/22/1849
Addison J. Dibell Postmaster 12/04/1849
Edward Hackett Postmaster 05/11/1853
James M. Gavett Postmaster 10/10/1857
Thomas Mayhew Postmaster 03/29/1861
Francis Vaughan Postmaster 09/28/1866
Eli Eastman Postmaster 07/01/1867
Thompson Richmond Postmaster 10/06/1884
David Weil Postmaster 08/11/1885
William W. Brown Postmaster 08/01/1887
Albert Schraudenbach Postmaster 08/15/1888
William Mayhew Postmaster 08/28/1889
Albert Schraudenbach Postmaster 09/04/1893
John F. Pritzlaff Postmaster 09/14/1897
August E. Schraudenbach Postmaster 10/30/1901
Herman E. Beckman Postmaster 12/18/1906
Lewis J. Mahoney Postmaster 09/03/1918
Herman E. Beckman Acting Postmaster 10/01/1921
Herman E. Beckman Postmaster 01/25/1922
Martin C. Weber Jr. (see below) Acting Postmaster 12/31/1947
Martin C. Weber Jr. Postmaster 08/01/1949
Gretchen A. Weber (see below) Officer-In-Charge 12/31/1972
Gretchen A. Weber Postmaster 04/28/1973
Judith R. Reimer Officer-In-Charge 12/29/1989
Lloyd C. Bloedorn Officer-In-Charge 09/07/1990
Jan Michael Held Officer-In-Charge 07/12/1991
Jacquelyn G. (Cotter) Badalik Postmaster 12/14/1991
John P. Eldridge Postmaster 10/16/1993
Gail L. Becker Officer-In-Charge 06/08/1994
Gail L. Becker Postmaster 07/22/1995

Weber, Martin C. Jr. "Marty", died at his home Friday evening, January 9, 2003. He was 80 years old. A lifelong resident of the Village of Merton, Marty served as the Postmaster of Merton for over 25 years. The son of the late Martin C Weber Sr., founder of the Land O' Lakes organization, Marty played both LOL basketball and baseball and served on the LOL Board of Directors and was the Secretary /Treasurer for the LOL Old Timer's Association for over 30 years. Marty is survived by his children, John (Mary Jo) Weber, Ellen (Thomas) Sizer and Sue Weber and his grandchildren Stephanie (John) Carlson and Carolyn Sizer. Further survived by his brothers, Andy, Jim and Tom, his sister Grete Weber and many, many other relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Mary, his devoted son, Michael, and his parents, Martin and Gretchen Weber. Funeral at St. Charles Catholic Church, 313 Circle Drive in Hartland. Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, January 12, 2004.


Name Title Date Appointed
Yolanda D. Jeanes Postmaster 01/19/1985
Brian M. Moran Officer-In-Charge 06/02/1988
Judy A. Brinson Postmaster 10/08/1988
Nancy Borst Officer-In-Charge 04/29/1994
Paul J. Birkel Postmaster 06/25/1994


Name Title Date Appointed
Mrs. Geraldine E. Duehring Postmaster 06/10/1972
Yolanda D. Jeanes Officer-In-Charge 01/08/1981
Karen M. Berthold Postmaster 10/17/1981
John M. Briggs Officer-In-Charge 01/10/1986
Darwin P. Peterson Postmaster 08/30/1986
Tony L. Adams Officer-In-Charge 10/05/1988
Janice R. Ratkowski Postmaster 06/17/1989
Linda M. Sanfilippo Officer-In-Charge 06/23/1992
Maureen K. Dragich Officer-In-Charge 10/08/1992
William D. Levy Postmaster 02/06/1993
Richard S. Smentek Officer-In-Charge 01/10/1997
Joanne M. Aldrich Postmaster 04/26/1997


Name Title Date Appointed
William L. Bialk Postmaster
Joey J. Fassbender Officer-In-Charge 09/29/1992
James A. Rozewicz Postmaster 02/20/1993


Name Title Date Appointed
Richard K. Weber Postmaster 08/17/1985
Sally Davy Officer-In-Charge 04/03/1996
Mark A. Massen Postmaster 04/27/1996
Frank Arteaga Officer-In-Charge 05/16/2000
Penny Swayze Officer-In-Charge 12/01/2000
Vergie Henderson Officer-In-Charge 12/22/2000
James P. Donahue Postmaster 07/28/2001

 Information courtesy of the United States Postal Service

New Postmaster at Brookfield

    George Brown has resigned his office of postmaster at Brookfield, which he has held most of the time for the past forty years or more. It is thought that T. H. Tucker will be his successor.

            The Daily Freeman. AND REPUBLICAN, Tuesday, July 1, 1890, page 1, col. 2.


Note:  Certain Material on this web page is the copyrighted property of the United States Postal Service® (Postal Service™). All rights reserved.


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