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Sussex-Lisbon Area Music History Index - Polka/Waltz - Recording Studios


Polkatime aka Polkaland Records

Fredonia, Wisconsin

LP Recording Date Artist(s) Title
PT-501#* orig 1945 & 46 Romy Gosz Band The One and Only Polka King, Vol. I
PT-502# orig 1963 Romy Gosz Band The One and Only Polka King Returns, Vol. II
LP-5*   Romy Gosz and his Recording Orchestra Romy Gosz and his Recording Orchestra
LP-5* This record is in an LP-19 jacket that has a paste-over "Selections" label on the front. Also the Polkaland label is diff, has the US logo vs a rectangular one. Romy Gosz and his Recording Orchestra Romy Gosz in Person
LP-6**   Romy Gosz and his Recording Orchestra Romy Gosz and his Recording Orchestra
LP-8*   Romy Gosz Romy Gosz
LP-19**% orig 1945 Romy Gosz Band The One and Only Polka King
LP-20*   Cousin Fuzzy and His Cousins Cousin Fuzzy and His Cousins
LP-21*   Dick Rodgers Polka Band Stand
LP-22*   Russ Zimmerman Orchestra Let's Polka with Russ Zimmerman
LP-23*% Recorded in Chicago at RCA Recording Studios, December 19, 1961 Romy Gosz Waltz Time, Vol.10
LP-24*   Romy Gosz Golden Polkas
LP-29*# September 26, 1977 at Laackes Hall, Johnsonville The Elroy Beckholtz Orchestra Old Time Memories
LP-30# orig 1933 & 36 Romy Gosz Band Romy Gosz, Vol. I
LP-31**# at Town of Rielbrock Municipal Building in Poniatowski The Greiner Bros. Orchestra Music Sweet For Dancing Feet
LP-33 orig 1933 & 36 Romy Gosz Band Romy Gosz, Vol. II
LP-34*# August 8, 1978 at Cliff and Ceils Ballroom, Green Bay Gordy Reckelberg Orchestra Plays Dancing Sounds
LP-35*# 1979 Roman Gosz with Paul Gosz's Orchestra Romy Gosz, Vol. III
LP-38* January 28, 1980 at Klemmes Wagon Wheel, Howard Grove, Wis.  Arwin Herzog Recording Orchestra Musically Yours
LP-40* Recorded in Chicago, May 15, 1939 and New York August 3, 1938 Romy Gosz as Recorded on Decca records 1938-1939
LP-42* May 28, 1980 at Laackes Hall, Johnsonville The Elroy Beckholtz Orchestra The Polka Festival Special
LP-43*#% September 28, 1981 at Rademann's Lakeview Ballroom, Bolt, Wis Gordy Reckelberg Orchestra 10 Year Tribute from the Gordy Reckelberg Orchestra to Old Time Music
LP-44*   Romy Gosz Dance at Turner Hall, Vol. 12
LP-45* October 4, 1982 at Rademann's Lakeview Ballroom, Bolt, Wis Joe Karman Orchestra 50th Anniversary
LP-48* October 24, 1983 at Held's Ballroom, Cleveland, Wis. Bob Keuther and his Band Polka Varieties
LP-52** July 3, 1984 at Cliff and Ceils Ballroom, Green Bay Musical Brass Musical Brass
LP-53*# November 10, 1984 at Irish-Saxe Studios, Appleton   Sunday Afternoon Polka Party

Note 1: Polka Stars, The Polka Stars, Polka Time, #1163, Cincinnati, Ohio

Note 2: "Happy Times Melodies", The Push-Pull Orchestra, Polka-Time Records, 6081N3, West Bend, Wis.

* Depot Museum collection

** Two copies

# Also was available in 8-Track Tape

%Also was available in Cassette

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Polkaland Collection

Record label begun in post-World War II in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The label is still active today under different ownership. The Archivesí collection numbers close to 200 discs and includes 78s, 45s, LPs, cassettes, and compact discs, as well as roughly 60 master tapes (reel-to-reels), photographs, clippings, posters, contracts, and a history of Polkaland, compiled by the labelís founder Greg Leider.


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