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Magnum Opus

Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 10, 2016

Updated 06/23/2016

Dan Burg: Here's another 70's local band poster... This is one is "Magnum Opus" circa 1976. Steve Fredrichs (guitar) Peter Alt (Guitar/Flute) Steve L Daigle drums, Dennis Reifsteck Bass. I took guitar lessons from Steve at Falls music, and later, when Ma Brocker closed, in his basement :>) I couldn't find any information on the Taylor Paul Band.

Dan Burg - Steve Daigle was the drummer [in Magnum Opus], ... back then my band was "Triple Threat" with the Carter brothers (Bob and Dan)...

Steve L Daigle -  I don't know about Steve Fredricks but Dennis Reifsteck and Peter Alt have done well playing music. I try to play as much as I can. To play music is to live! (lol!), May 26, 2016 at 9:45am

Dan Burg After Magnum Opus, Steve Fredrichs played in a band called "Big Wheel". May 26, 2016 at 10:16am

Sean McDonald -  Do you remember the bands name? What about a band back then which included Pete Alt .. Syd Jones on drums .. Paul ? on bass and Jim ? on lead guitar. The question mark means I can't remember their last names.

Dan Burg - Pete's more recent bands were Bluehand (with Scott Finch), Rock Codgers, Andy and the Cavemen (with "Flap") and the Pete Alt Band.

Steve L Daigle - Peter is two years younger than me. I didn't start playing with him until 75, so I do`nt know much about that band. I've seen videos of Peter's newer bands on You Tube. His voice is better than ever and the bands he plays in are HOT! Dennis has had a truly professional music career both in Wisconsin Dells and out here in the Ski Towns of Colorado. I'm happy to say I once played with them both! May 26, 2016 at 10:29am

Sean McDonald - As I mentioned before Dennis grew up in the Dells with my wife .. and is my brother in law's friend from high school. Dennis' band is called Swing Crew, which plays in Keystone, Colorado and the Dells.

Rick Hendrickson - Pete was in "the country band" that played mostly at Al Voights on Water St. Dane Petersen, Kenny Checitus also played.

Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald - Here's a a Blue Hand video .. they played at Summerfest a few years ago .. which I attended with Brian Emmer

Sean McDonald - Pete performs at the Sleighriders benefit .. which I've attended with annual attendees John Droese and Brian Emmer May 28, 2016 at 7:54am

Dan Burg - Other Pete Alt bands include: Southbound, The Fantastic Sandwiches (1969), Lumbagogo...

Rick Hendrickson - I remember when Pete ,Steve and the band went to Amsterdam to play. Pete needed another guitar so I gave him my 1962 gibson sg. Problem was , no one checked on a work permit and they weren't allowed to play. Had to sell all their equipment to get back to the states...bummer

Contributed by Tom Hartman  May 27, 2016


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