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Sussex-Lisbon Area Music History

edited by Michael R. Reilly, President of SLAHS

Last updated - 11/22/2016

    In early 2015 this editor discovered that SLAHS had virtually no history on the musicians, bands and orchestras of the local area. This was soon rectified by posting questions on Facebook and asking Friends to provide whatever information they could. This evolved into a very fascinating discovery of the immense amount of area talent that developed, especially from students attending Hamilton High School.

    As of June 2016, early bands from both Germantown and Menomonee Falls High Schools are being added.

    The first part of this page deals with music history gleaned from online newspapers and continues with an index of local musicians, bands, orchestras and recording studios. The index is divided by high school graduation decade then musician or band name is listed alphabetically. Some entries have minimal information provided, others none but a name, some have hyperlinks to web pages providing more detailed history and pictures.

    If you have information or pictures to share, please contact me at , by email at [email protected] or phone 414-530-3121.   Mike

The very first music played in what was to become the Town of Lisbon happened on that 4th of July 1837. Melinda Weaver stated in her 1876 story:

"We had no cannon but only a common shot-gun to fire the salute, and no silver cornet band to enliven the scene and sheer the hearts - and indeed we expected no music but simply and purely vocal music, and that came from the hilarious mirth of the children at their sports and merry-makings, and possibly more or less crying of babies, as there was to be a general muster on that day of old and young, youth and middle-aged. After we came together we learned that three of our young men had each of them brought an instrument of music, just to please the children, they said. One had a violin, another a clarinet and another a flute. The children were pleased, of course, for it was not often that they had an opportunity to listen to any music, except the sweet sounds of their mothers' voices singing to them children's hymns or the soft, soothing lullaby."

1860s - Meanwhile a William Spink is listed as a tavern keeper in Lisbon in 1860. He had his tavern at the northwest corer of present day Highway 164 and Lisbon Road. He is also famous as having a "Spinks Band" that entertained at various Lisbon happenings of that area and beyond.

Why is it called the Bug Line? On April 29, 1890, there was a grand opening party for the new mini railroad line from Granville/Menomonee Falls to Maple Avenue, Sussex. Several hundred people from Sussex, Templeton, Lisbon, Merton, Hartland and Pewaukee joined the festivities; a band from Pewaukee provided the music.

Week of Jan 17, 1895 - Barker’s Band furnished the music at the second monthly Sussex Dance Club meeting at the Lisbon Town Hall.

Crossman-Redford - A conspicuous social event of Miss Nellie Redford, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Henry Redford of Templeton to Dr. C. L. Crossman of this city (Waukesha). The ceremony took place at 8:30 at the home of the bride's parents, Rev. Mr. Wood performing the ceremony. The house was prettily decorated with flowers and the young couple stood under a wedding bell of chrysanthemums and roses. The bride made a lovely appearance in a white silk gown trimmed with lace and pearl trimming. She carried white roses. Her bridesmaid was Miss Allie Crossman, who wore white mall with pink ribbons and carried pink roses. George Redford was best man. Thompson's orchestra furnished music. Nearly a hundred guests were present, including many Waukesha people. The presents were unusually numerous and handsome. Dr. and Mrs. Crossman came at once to Waukesha and began housekeeping in the Pratt house on Barney street. Dr. Crossman is the well known dentist of this city and his bride is an extremely pretty and popular girl. She formerly attended Carroll College. Waukesha Freeman, November 19, 1896

June 2, 1900 Waukesha Democrat - "The annual carnival of the Sussex Amusement Association is being held in the village Friday. There will be a shooting tournament and a series of athletic contests in the afternoon. The state industrial school band will furnish music during the day. In the evening there will be a grand ball at Marsden's hall for which Ray Ward's orchestra of Waukesha will furnish the music."

Merton Band 1906

Week of July 20, 1911: The Lannon Brass Band furnished the music at a recent local picnic and then went to Menomonee Falls for the St. Paul's Church picnic.

1917 – Birth Year of the Merton Fire Department by Fred Staus: Music was provided by the Merton Golden Valley Band.

1927 "Sussex of old stages a play in 1927", photo, Lila Busse Graser, play, Order of the Eastern Star, Marsden Building, Sussex General Store, music "Sussex Gloom Chasers", Ray Morgan, Pearl Boots, Claude Kaderabek, Adella Evert, Percy Hardiman, Hilda Schroeder, Paul Schroeder, Art Meyer, George Podolske, John Stier, Nettie White, Lila Kaderabek, "The Path Across the Hill"; Sussex Sun, August ?, 1999.

1928 "The Womenless Wedding", photo, play production of the Hartland American Legion Band, Marion Haerle Cullen, , Phil Haerle; Lake country Reporter, Thursday, August 31, 1995, page 8.

July 4, 1929 - The Lannon Fire Co. held a Fourth of July picnic and dance at Maas Grove. A big open-air pavilion was erected for refreshments, the Nettesheim Play Boys band and dancers. The funds raised will pay for a new 500-gallon Presch pumper firetruck.

April 1, 1937 - According to Keller , more than 400 people -- most of the community of 496 residents -- went through the Sussex Village and Community Hall during its grand opening, six months after construction had started. The Menomonee Falls Legion Band provided music for the event.


    The Return of School Spirit

    Source: Courier, September 28, 1937 [Sussex Graded School Student Newspaper]

    "Although music has always played an important part in the lower grades, there has been, in recent years, a lack of interest in this art in the upper grades. There has not been any group singing in the upper grades for many years.

    This year, however, there will be "music in the air" once more in the Seventh to the Tenth Grades. Music assemblies will be a regular part of the school program. "Our Hit Parade" has already proved to be very popular with the students.

    Both of the new teachers have had musical training. Miss Julianne Klatt, from Waukesha, is teaching English and History. Miss Marie Kisner, from Elm, Wisconsin, is the Intermediate Teacher."

    "Our Hit Parade" - The 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grades have an assembly on Friday afternoons. We all have good times singing songs. Some Fridays instead of singing we will have plays and games. Mr. Brown is the director of the assembly, and Miss Klatt does the playing on the piano."

    November 28, 1937 - Girls Glee Club holds rehearsals every Thursday after school, and will soon make initial appearance singing some songs.

    The basement Art Room is transformed into "Our Little Theatre" by erecting a permanent stage for one-act plays and assemblies. Room holds about 70. [Note: the students and teachers are very proud of the Little Theatre, but in May 1938 the stage is torn down and rebuilt in the upper level to accommodate the Sophomore school play. Read the following article to learn why.]

    Courier, May 28, 1938

    The Hall and the School [Hall being the Sussex Community Hall, School is Sussex Main St. School.]

    "This is why the play was in the school instead of the hall:

    We planned from the first to give our play on May 20 [see the last Courier]; but about two weeks from this date we learned from the hall committee that May 20 was taken.

    Now we could not learn our play any sooner, for we learned it in record time as it was. We could not give the play later because of Final Examinations. And we "absolutely" could not have the hall on the 20th! So there was but one thing to do: give the play in the school.

    Of course, from the start there were some of the sophomores that thought the hall rent was too high. The village rate to the school has been $8 for the Lyceum numbers and one-half the gate receipts for basketball. Thus, the school children used the hall 9 times and paid the village $46.44.

    We went in the hole in basketball; but the play and the puppet show [in the school] have helped us balance our budget.

    As for next year, the picture looks dark. There is a question as to whether we will be able to afford to use the hall at all."

Note: Mike Reilly I was looking for some early music history and found this right off the bat in our Couriers from 1937-38. Apparently Sussex Main St. School suffered severely from a lack of music, esp. in the upper grades. In 1937 school spirit returned by the reintroduction of a music program. The above post also shows the inter-play of the school and the new Sussex Community Hall.

The Courier student school newspaper goes thru 1945, but I think we have some sporadic coverage from then until Hamilton was opened in 1962. from then on it's the yearbooks and Troubadour news to review. Want to see if we can find anything before Mr. John Sutte began working there.


1939 - new Lannon Elementary School is built and dedicated on September 1st,  and classes began on Monday September 11th. Grade 1 had 8 enrolled; grade 2 - 10; grade 3 - 14; grade 4 - 19; grade 5 - 14; grade 6 - 23; grade 7 - 17; grade 8 - 14; grade 9 - 16; and grade 10 - 9. The teachers were Mr. Philip Pejza, principal; Mr. Gumm; Misses Lees, Knoebel, and Roche assistants. Mr. Hayes, music, and Mr. Phillips, band.

The "Blue Shadows" orchestra played "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" at Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hardiman's 40th Anniversary at St. Alban's Guild Hall on Sept. 26, 1940 at 8:30p.m.

The teachers of the students at Lannon School in 1941-42 were Principal Philip Pejza (9-10), Earle Powell (7-8), Miss Myrtle Burke (5-6), Miss Alice Knoebel (3-4) and Miss Pauline Medicke (1-2), plus music supervisor Mrs. Letetia Hase and band director Arthur Raccoli.

Fred Keller - Next, Mrs. Kraetsch had a promotion for a local benefit dance that would be held at the Brookfield North Avenue and Calhoun Road Log Cabin on June 15, 1949 with Don Mierow's band providing the music. I was 17 at that time and occasionally sneaked away to the log cabin for fun and games, as they didn't question a young man who was already 6-foot-5.

Annual Lannon Indian Festival, July 1955: There will be public participation and competition for prizes in the parade, too – among the various floats and ancient jalopies. Music will be provided by famous bands like the 60 piece S. C. Johnson Wax Co. band from Racine; the 35-piece Milwaukee Road Hiawatha band; the 85-piece South Milwaukee Municipal band, and the Walter Miller Post 5 Amvet Drum and Bugle corp. As an added treat, the 1953-4 national drill team from the VFW Gross_Yaksh post 6498 will perform in the Mammoth parade and at the park.

1959 - Following its Friday night fish fries, the Lake Five Resort run by Ash and Lucille Weigan offered live music by Pete and Mary Rademacher on Saturday nights.

June 8, 1961 - The Sussex Fire Department held a ladies night banquet with dancing at Sussex Community Hall. Ken Miller's orchestra provided the music.

1964 - The Sussex Youth Band will present a concert at the Maple Avenue School.

1964 - The Sussex Area Youth Band received second place at the Lannon VFW Parade on July 26.

Late 1960s - Rock n' Roll music, musicians and bands take off in Sussex-Lisbon area.

Week of Feb 7, 1970  - Norbert Steffen was the first director of the Templeton Middle School music department and band.

Read more history here - Peace Valley Connection

July 14, 1985 - Lake Five is hosting the Lake Five Country Music Jamboree with special, made-for-the-event boot beer mugs.

Feb 4, 1999 - In a Sussex Sun article discussing preparations for the upcoming Village of Sussex75th Anniversary, one of the events in the planning stages is to have a downtown street dance. Village President Pat Bartlett said, "Years ago, Sussex closed off Main Street and got a band and had dancing on the street."

Week of June 1, 2002 - The new Hamilton Band Director is Jon Waite.

Week of June 15, 2011  - p2. Sounds of Sussex offers three free concerts and family fun; photo Step-in-Out band




Groupie - This is a special page dedicated to all the fans that loved and supported musicians and bands.

Polka/Waltz - musicians and bands

Recording Studios - local

        Wisconsin Locations with Recording Studios, Also Wisconsin Record Labels

Rock n' Roll - musicians and bands [Please note: unless notified, all non-Polka/Waltz musicians or bands will be located under this category]

        Local Sussex, Lisbon, Lannon and Butler Bands listed Chronologically This isn't all bands, but early ones supplied by Mike Truttschel.

Germantown High School - Rock & Roll Bands

Menomonee Falls High Schools  -  Rock & Roll Bands

School Bands - Starting to add pictures and some historical information that was found elsewhere on this website. PICs of HHS Wind and Jazz Ensemble band LP recordings.

Keller History Museum Record Collection - Vinyl record collection held in archives.

That 70s Wisconsin Beat: A Continuation of Gary E. Myers' Research into Wisconsin Pop/Rock/Soul/Country, Part One

That 70s Wisconsin Beat: A Continuation of Gary E. Myers' Research into Wisconsin Pop/Rock/Soul/Country, Part Two

Mystery Band---> Dan Burg - "Maybe someone on this site can help identify this band or a band member. The only thing I know is that it was a "local band" and the picture was taken near Lannon Park probably in the 1960's. Recognize anybody or the house in the background?" Dan Burg: "I have a little more info about the band pix. Purchased from Dan Carlson (living on Carlson Lane) in Sussex in 2006, Listed as "Rock Band Menomonee Falls 1950's, 60's Thin Ties" Maybe the photo was taken on Carlson Lane?" Does anyone know Dan Carlson, who could ask him about these photos?


Over All Index

1960s-1970s [Note: When found, the graduation year, if from HHS, is indicated]

Abbey Road - Beatles Tribute Band

Bill Adams - a 1966 HHS graduate played in the Waukesha band, "Johnny and the Thundermen".

Dave Anhalt - member of Dawn of Creation band

Stephen Steve W. Bardele - 1972 HHS Graduate

Rick Bartelt - member of band Dark Star

Blue Eagle Record (aka Blue Eagle Music) (aka LB Records)

Charline Bolin - 1977 HHS Graduate - guitar and vocalist on 1975 class album; "Your Song".

Bill Brown

The Blue Angels - an early band formed by Mike Truttschel, Jeff Jonas, and Rich Piontek

The Cavaliers - band from mid-60s, later called the Common Kind

Common Kind - band from mid-60s formerly called The Cavaliers

Duane Coshenet

Paul Francis Cotey - 1968 HHS Graduate;: member of The Cavaliers later called Common Kind

Dark Star - Band

Ken Davis - member of The Cavaliers later called Common Kind

Dawn of Creation band

John Denzin - drummer, that played in the Kenny Hottenroth Orchestra; also taught area musicians; a a Lannon police officer/sheriff

Steve Dorst - 1975 HHS Graduate - rhythm guitar and backup vocalist on 1975  class album

Dave "Doobie" Dubnicka

Rick Dzik - Germantown High? Bass player in Abbey Road band

Dan Evert or Everett

Robert "Bob" J. Fourness -1976 HHS Graduate;:

Gary Steven Fuller - member of Peace Valley Connection in 1973

Norm "Schnorman" or Norman G. Gauthier: 1947-2008;1965 HHS Graduate;:

Bob Griele - member of The Cavaliers later called Common Kind.

The Grindstone band

GT's (Great Tones) - band prior to The Reason Why

Suzy Hart and the Heartbeats aka "Hart Beats"

Patricia Pat Hernandez - 1975 HHS Graduate - piano  instrumentals on 1975 class album; "The Breakers". Patricia was a AFS student from Costa Rica

Kenny Hottenroth Orchestra

Bob Inda - "I always loved the sound of a trombone, had a couple of talented T-bone players in my old band. We were a 70s horn band, played a lot of Chicago etc. Peace Valley Connection was our bands name." April 4, 2013 FB

Brent Joecks

Dean Joecks

Del Johnson -1974 HHS Graduate;:

Jeff Jonas - Reason Why and Willow Creek [Minocqua - Tomahawk area]

Dawn Jones - singer

Mike Jurczyk - member of We Return band

Bryan Kanieski - 1976 HHS Graduate - flat pick lead guitar and lead vocalist on 1975 class album

David Dave S. Kearns - Dark Star band; 1974 HHS Graduate;:

John A. Keller - member of The Cavaliers later called Common Kind; 1966 HHS Graduate;:

Dave C. Kenney - brother of Mark Kenney, member of Peace Valley Connection and Dark Star bands, 1976 HHS Graduate;:

Mark Kenney - 1973 HHS Graduate;:

KL Recording Service

Wayne Knight

Sally Koch - 1976 HHS Graduate - piano instrumentals on 1975 class album

Landowski, William "Bill" G. and the Village Brass

Jay Lauterbach - member of Peace Valley Connection in 1973

Thomas Tom H. Leipzig - 1971 HHS Graduate;:

William Bill A. Lonski - member of Thee Radicals band? 1969 HHS Graduate;:

Manhattan - band started about 1998 with Mark Kenney, Rich Piontek, Mike Truttschel

Kevin McQuestion  - rhythm guitar in Thee Radicals band, cousin of Mike

Mike McQuestion - bass guitar in Thee Radicals band

Jimmy Monsen - "Solo Classics" - Easy Listening from Sussex, Wisconsin...Once again Jim shows his versatility, this time recording a selection of classic songs all intended for your easy listening. Included are a variety of old polka favorites, including a song that Jim recorded as a "45" in 1983, "As Long As I Can Wake Up In Your Arms". Also see son Dave Monson a 2005 HHS Graduate.

Chris Mooney - 1976 HHS Graduate, see Jym Mooney

Jym Mooney - 1975 HHS Graduate

"Bad Brad" Nettekoven - drummer in Thee Radicals band, from Menomonee Falls.

Dean Nolde - sax player

Joe Olkowski - member of band Dark Star; - 1975 HHS Graduate - guitar and harmony on 1975 class album

Peace Valley Connection band

Rich Piontek - guitar

George Andrew Pjevach - singer, guitar player; 1978 HHS Graduate

Jeffrey Pulvermacher

Keith Pulvermacher - Love Monkeys band

Steve Pulvermacher - drummer

Michael Pyle - 1974 HHS Graduate; was a member of The Shivvers, a fabulous band based in Milwaukee who were active 1979-1982. This is the cover of a compilation CD of their work that came out in 2006. Mike has been based in Boston MA in the years since, still making music. source: Jym Mooney via FB, June 14, 2015.

Gregg Greggo Alfred Randall - member of The Cavaliers later called Common Kind ; 1970 HHS Graduate;:

The Reason Why band

Craig Reese - drummer in Abbey Road band

Paul "Butch" Reicher aka "Tall Paul" - member of We Return band, played keyboards, formerly of Thee Radicals

"Tall Paul" Reicher - member of Thee Radicals band

John Reuter - member of Peace Valley Connection band

Revolutionary Kind

Greg Rewe - member of "Dawn of Creation" band

John F. Rickinger - Peace Valley Band, Sensation, Room To Move; 1971 HHS Graduate;:

Room To Move - band

Steve Schumann - member of The Cavaliers later called Common Kind

Harold Schroeder - Accordion maestro will be missed

Dave Segebarth - member of We Return band

Sensation band - John F. Rickinger

Sentry Custom Recording, Lannon, Wisconsin -

Jim Stevens - 1975 HHS Graduate - guitar on 1975 class album

Ken Stone - 1975 HHS Graduate - rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocalist on 1975 class album

Tom Sugars - member of "Dawn of Creation" band

John Sutte - Humanities and "Music Lab" teacher at Hamilton High School

Thee Radicals band - Bill Lonski and Paul Reicher (and maybe a Mathison or Bill Longdin?) Wayne Knight and Joe "The Politician" Beaudry managers

Michael Mike A. Truttshel - member of The Blue Angels band, The GTs (The Great Tones), The Reason Why, and We Return. Peace Valley Connection in 1973. Then Dark Star and Manhattan. Left Manhattan for The Britins in 1999. 1971 HHS Graduate;:

Jeff Turnbull - member of Peace Valley Connection in 1973

Varitones, The - Page ( Gigmasters) [Active: 19??-], Polka,  [Sussex] (Lee G. Boudreau, Scott Lorenz, Roger A. Pulver, John Wudtke)

We Return band - also see Reason Why band:



Richard Rich T. Bagin - member of band Temperance; 1982 HHS Graduate

Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs - band

Mike Colby

Mark J. Dreckmann; 1983 HHS Graduate

Dennis Dubnicka

Bryn Fish

Christopher M. Goralski - 1980/1 HHS Graduate; music productions, radio station sound/audio engineer.
Christopher M Goralski - May 3, 2014 · Tomorrow is my first live broadcast at 96.1 WTCX. Owned by Radio Plus. Who also own Sunny 97.7 WFDL. And The Great 98 WMDC in Mayville ..... It's ironic because I did a lot of advertising for my productions at the Great 98 and last but not least AM 1170 WFDL I was out tonight at the Backstage Bar And Grill in Fondy. Every thurs fri and Saturday night live bands no cover charge ever ! Huge place good people And great music. ... Give you one guess who I sold advertising to tonight? Thanks John! I been old school cramming to learn all the new automated broadcast systems and the live remote broadcast systems. 181 page tech manual. I read all of it last night. RIGHT. And on that RIGHT note I'm signing off G-MAN over and out

Grand Temple - early 80s band

William "Bill" Johnson - member of Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs band; 1983 HHS Graduate

Legosy - late 80s band

Marc Micheli - Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs band

Mario A. Micheli - Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs band; 1983 HHS Graduate

Rich Nuss -band Silver Graphic

Gwenn Colleen Pjevach nee Kinnee - singer; 1982 HHS Graduate; also see George Andrew Pjevach - singer, guitar player; 1978 HHS Graduate

Mike Pyle - another Sussex musician. played in the Shivvers in the 80s or 90s, very popular around Milwaukee and got some attention in a wider audience (their works were released a few years ago on a CD from a Norwegian - I think - fan). source: Jym Mooney

Jim Rude - Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs band

David Dave J. Schmidt - member of Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs band; 1983 HHS Graduate

Mike Senger - played in Silver Graphic band

Silver Graphic - band, members: Rich Nuss, Mike Colby, Dennis Dubnicka, Mike Senger

Dave Strande - member of Add Cabbage band

Temperance - band, members: Mike Senger, drums, and Rich Bagin on guitar. Note: June 13, 2015 - Jym Mooney via Fb message: "Rich Bagin mentions the album his band Temperance appeared on with Silver Graphic. This is the 1981 album from the Humanities classes that I mentioned to you. It is called Soundstage '81."

Dave Turner - member of Temperance band

Curt Wieden - member of Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs band



Brian Broomell - 1993 HHS Graduate. Demoniac - Sussex band. Was also in HHS 1993 play

Add Cabbage - see Bradley Larson

Audio Veil - see Mike Stadler.

Sean Degayner - member of Mr. Nice Guy band

Demoniac - Sussex band from 1989/90 until 1995. Tim Schwantes, Brian Broomell, Kevin Singer and Mark Hoth.

Double Crossed - see Mike Stadler.

Fire Proof - Joshua Umhoefer [sophomore in Sept 1999], vocalist; Mike Daum, guitar; Tim Zierke, guitar; Adam Czerwonka, bass; Scott Halquist, drums.

Randy Lee Gantner - member of Mr. Nice Guy band

Gruesome Inches - Sussex band from approx 2000 thru about 2008 with Tim Schwantes, Kevin Singer and Mark Hoth. See Demoniac

Mark Hoth - 1993 HHS Graduate. Member of Add Cabbage band and  Demoniac and Gruesome Inches Sussex bands.

Rick Kapp - member of Mr. Nice Guy band

Kevin Kanieski - member of Mr. Nice Guy band

Lake Effect - see Mike Stadler.

Bradley Larson who's in a local band called "Add Cabbage" contacted me about a music documentary they started in 2000, see

Liquorish - also see Mike Stadler.

Scott Scotty David Meissner  - 1991 HHS Graduate

Mr. Nice Guy - band. Mr. Nice Guy is Rick Kapp, Kevin Kanieski (Bryan's brother), Sean Degayner, and Randy Lee Gantner. They cut a self-titled 1994 CD by a band called Mr. Nice Guy. Source: Jym Mooney.

Kelli Murphy Gonzalez - 1993 HHS Graduate, see Kelli and the Soul Mates - band. Kelli has been singing and writing songs as long as she can remember. She has been in various Milwaukee bands over the past 20+ years including, Big Nick & the Cydecos, Hallucidance, Lake Effect and Torn Soul. She enjoys singing all types of music, but early R & B and Soul is really where her heart is.     Source:

Kelli and the Soul Mates - band; formerly named Torn Soul : Members: Kelli Gonzalez - Lead vocals Pete Saia - Guitar, vocals Ben Stuessi - Keyboards, vocals Jeff Tews - Bass, vocals Rick Hagopian - Drums Lauren Sperry - Saxophone Eric Sperry - Trumpet. Genre: 1960s Soul, R&B, Funk, Stax/Volt Records

Tommy Riewe - 1991 HHS Graduate.  Double Crossed, 2Daze Tomorrow, Liquorish [until 2008] bands, and 76 Juliet since 1999.

Dan Roembke - 1994 HHS Graduate. Double Crossed

Dave Ruffing - 1995 HHS Graduate. Double Crossed

Craig Schumann - 1994 HHS Graduate. Double Crossed

Kevin Singer - 1993 HHS Graduate. Demoniac and Gruesome Inches Sussex bands.

Mike Stadler - 1995 HHS Graduate, member of Double Crossed, 2 Daze Tomorrow, Lake Effect, Audio Veil, and Liquorish bands. Owner of Vocal-Pro Voice Talent.

Strange Behavior  - band played throughout 90s.

Torn Soul - band - Members: Original members included: Kelli Gonzales: Lead vocals and percussion John Graham: Lead and rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals Rick Hagopian: Drums and percussion Tom Tiedjens: Bass, lead and backing vocals Ben Stuessi: Keys and backing vocals Robin Graham: Alto sax, backing vocals Caitlin McKown: Trumpet Cass Struvé: Tenor sax. Genre: Sixties Soul | R&B | Ska | Reggae-Beat

Tim Schwantes - 1993 HHS Graduate. Demoniac and Gruesome Inches Sussex bands.

76 Juliet - see Tommy Riewe

2 Daze Tomorrow - see Mike Stadler.

Charlie Wiggins - member of Add Cabbage band

Don M. Wiggins; 1993 HHS Graduate; member of Hoi Pollo band

Dale Zyla - musician with band Shapes of Race Cars in California



Amorphous -  band; performed in Sussex Battle of the Bands August 8, 2003, Joshua Bailey, 2003 HHS grad, vocalist; Andrew Gesch bass, 2005 HHS Grad; Brad Kramer drums, Arrowhead HS; Garrett Mitchell guitar, MPS Languages Schools.

Amy Sue Kenney - singer & guitar, daughter of Mark Kenney; 2001 HHS Graduate;

Audio Illusion -  band; performed in Sussex Battle of the Bands August 8, 2003

Given the Chance -  band; performed in Sussex Battle of the Bands August 8, 2003

Hazy Day -  band; performed in Sussex Battle of the Bands August 8, 2003. Jason Perry, 2006 HHS Grad, drums; Nicholas "Nick" Amoroso, 2006 HHS Grad, guitar and vocalist; James Neustaedter, bass; and John Ryan Carley, guitar and vocalist; were in Hazy Day. They won the 2003 battle of the bands.

Wayne Hoag  - 2007 HHS Graduate

Jay Matthes - vocalist/guitarist; 2002 HHS Graduate;

Brecken Miles - "Growing up in the sticks of Colgate, Wisconsin, music was bred into my genes. My dad, being a lifelong musician, wanted at least one of his three children to pick up the guitar and play. Listening to him play and sing, The Eagles and James Taylor for many years it wasn’t long before I was inspired to pick up the ole six-string. I was Handed my first guitar at age 10, my dad showed me the basic chords and strumming patterns. The first song I ever learned was James Taylor –Country Roads. Being eager to play, I would come home from school every day and play ​the same song for hours until one day my dad came in and said "

“Learn a new F*%^ing song or stop playing guitar”. From that point on I had plenty of nights falling asleep with a guitar in hand, bloody fingers, and broken strings. I was turned onto country music after attending my first Kenny Chesney concert and have been hooked ever since. Some of my influences are Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, James Taylor, and many more. My passion for music and support of my family and friends continually helps me strive to be the best!" source:!about-me/cjg9

Thomas Tom Modl - 2004 HHS Graduate:

Phillip Phil A. Norby; 2002 HHS Graduate;

One Autumn Night -  band; performed in Sussex Battle of the Bands August 8, 2003

Paint it Black -  band; performed in Sussex Battle of the Bands August 8, 2003

T.A.N.C. -  band; performed in Sussex Battle of the Bands August 8, 2003

Christopher Wanner - 2004 HHS Graduate

Wyld Stallyns - band; performed in Sussex Battle of the Bands August 8, 2003

Eric Zyla - musician; 2003 HHS Graduate; First Live Performance - Eric Zyla: July 22, 2011 · Saturday will be a great night. I'm so excited and thankful for everyone who will be coming out to see Jay Matthes and I play at Shooters bar in Sussex. For those who are unaware; if your interested in an epic evening where there will be live music and people getting straight WEIRD you might as well find your way to the spot.



Steve Adams - see The Underground Secret Fortress

Rick Bertoni - from Sussex, part of band "The Britins"

Jesse Cortez - member of "Lonely Hearts" band

Mark Cortez - member of "Lonely Hearts" band

Blake Kenney - member of "Lonely Hearts" band, nephew of Mark Kenney

Luke Kenney - member of "Lonely Hearts" band, nephew of Mark Kenney

Sam Llanas

Lonely Hearts

Majestic Mudd - see Scotty Meissner

Sammy Ray Marshall


Alex Rocker

Slowburn - band with Luke Vitkus

The Underground Secret Fortress

Luke Vitkus - rhythm guitar in band Slowburn


FolkLib Index - Wisconsin Record Labels by City
      and other Labels which recorded Wisconsin Musicians

Copyright © 2003-2015 Douglas H. Henkle, All Rights Reserved.

The links below are courtesy of Douglas H. Henkle. They are recording studios near the Sussex-Lisbon area, though some local musician artist may have recorded elsewhere.

Other Local Recording Studios

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