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Dean Joecks

From Mike Truttschel: Dean came over to my studio to record this Tennessee Ernie Ford classic.



A performance by Dean Joecks

  • Mark Kenney Dean Joecks, is a master at what he does in theater and in the Legendaires.
    Mike Truttschel, is such a talented classy professional that it is contagious to be around him. He sets the bar high and pulls others along with him. The Britain's Beatles tribute band, is the finest Beatles show in all of the Midwest.
    We don't get together to make music very often anymore, but when it happens, it is always a beautiful thing!
      Dean Joecks Reading all these comments Mark Kenney and Mike Reilly is very interesting and wonderful to think back on, I am extremely flattered to be mentioned in the same sentences with many of you! Let's just be clear, the many people mentioned, Mark Kenney, Mike Truttschel, Dave Kearns, Dean Nolde, and in my opinion, the most accomplished, " musicians " and "professionals" are Jeffrey, Keith, and Steve Pulvermacher. Not taking ANYTHING away from my old band mates, you are ALL great to me and I admire you more than you can imagine. I am envious of your talent and am so proud of what you've done. I.E. Marks solo work and Mike in the best Britins band ever! I, on the other hand, played a decent trumpet and sang a little. While it's true that I can do a few things vocally that not many can, I am not in the "musician" category of the people who I just mentioned. Thanks for allowing me to ramble, but this is the truth as I see it. Hope no one was offended, if you were, I apologize. Remember, I was never known for being tactful.

May 15, 2015: Mike Reilly - Dean, "How did you get interested in music?" "How did you learn?" "Were you involved in school music, band, church, etc?" "Were there local bands, musicians, singers, about when you were young that inspired/taught you?"

Dean Joecks Thanks for your interest in all of us locals Mike Reilly! 7th grade at St. John's Lannon was where I was introduced to musical instruments. An outside Music company came in to see who might be interested in music lessons. I began Trumpet lessons every Saturday in Sussex. From the Sussex area Youth Band on into High School where I received my 1st "A" in anything school related. I was shocked to say the least ! Mr. Michaels (Band Director) and I became fast friends. His guidance and encouragement turned me into a pretty decent player. Coming from a family of 10 kids, I finally found my identity. No one else in my family had a musical background so it became my "Thing". Was encouraged to sing a little Senior year because the Choir director heard how low my voice was. Didn't seem special to me but other people thought so. After High school I was asked by Dave Dubnicka to see what my horn could add to their band. Met Tom Leipzig, Gary Steven Fuller, Mark Kenney , etc. got more and more excited about performing. You know most of the rest. These afore mentioned musicians were my heroes and became friends. Because of their inspiration I now sing with the "Legendaires" out of Chicago and do live theater as well.

Dean Joecks Also Mike Reilly , I have been honored to sing in very prestigious venues in Paris with Pianist Jean-Claude Orfali and am in the process of putting together shows to be performed in Paris and Here in Milwaukee and West Bend. Kind of a cultural exchange type of thing. Shooting for next summer. Hope everyone will come out to hear. Your interest in me and all of the local talent is very flattering. Thanks Mike!

Tom Leipzig I am flattered to be in the same sentence with many of the same people that are still committed to the musical talents. Kudos to all of you. Dean mentioned to me that he was always jealous of us playing in bands back in the days.... How the tides turn when the paths of individuals turn 180 degrees. My biggest pleasure was two fold, entertaining and being a part of talented and friendly individuals.

Dean Joecks Tom Leipzig, you are bringing back a lot of great memories! Remember how hard we worked on the harmonies for "Celebrate"? I think it sounded pretty good, but I'm getting old. The older I get, the better I remember I was! I can hardly wait until tomorrow!

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