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Lannon History  

(in chronological order)

1960 - 1989

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 03/03/2005

Village of Lannon History Pre-Incorporation > After Incorporation 1930-1959 > Lannon History 1960-1989 > The 1990's to the Present  this issue updated 03/03/2005

1960: October or November -  a big addition went up, and Erv Miller's Suburban Market opens with groceries and a self-serve meat department. Two more additions were added to the "warehouse" (?), more walk-in coolers, a walk-in freezer, and another door for deliveries. For the Meat Dept and room to park the store truck, the compressors were taken out of the meat dept and installed on the roof. This is the time period that the store actually functioned as a true grocery store.

1961 - a new church addition is built in the basement of the St. James Catholic School.

1962 - Vincent Galbavy II, working at the Wislanco quarry, decides to buy a small 6-acre quarry located north of the Bugline Railroad and just south of the Lannon Farmers & Merchants Bank (Associated Bank) by about two blocks from brothers Brian and Patrick Cull. Today (Oct, 2000) known as the United Stone Corporation run by 1st son, Vincent Galbavy III.

        - Nick Quartaro, then a Village Trustee, talks against installing sewers. 

1962/June - 30 more acres were ceded from Menomonee Falls to Lannon "for a future sewer plant", as a result of a harmonious political "back scratching" decision.

1963 - tragedy struck Lannon baseball when long-timer score/grounds-keeper Barney Joecks died in a car accident. In his honor, the baseball field was renamed Joeck's Memorial Park

        - Nick Quartaro is elected Village president by a two-vote margin on a platform of no sewers in Lannon (possibly no municipal water as well).

1964 - new Village Hall is built on the southeast corner of Main St. (Hwy 74) and Lannon Rd.

1965 - the Lannon Lions Club is formed.

1960's: late - the Lannon Lions Club start the grade school flag football program.

1966 - at some earlier time, the Lannon Fire Dept bought the building, where the present Post Office is today, but they couldn't make the mortgage payments, so Postmaster Keith Gissal and his wife stepped in and purchased the building and moved the post office into it. For a while, the post office was even located next door to The Dugout non Lannon Rd (now a small apartment building).

1968 - Lannon gets an Farmers & Merchants Bank; temporary rental quarters are in the old J.J. Flanagan/Miller Food Store and Butcher Shop on the corners of northwest Main St. and Lannon Rd.

        /3/29 - Robert Kirchnik, age 52, a volunteer on the Lannon Fire Department died of a coronary heart attack while fighting a grass fire.

        /Apr - Ward Kunz won election to Village Board as a write-in candidate.

1969/12 - the Hwy 41 freeway from the Milwaukee County line to Hwy 45 is finally opened.

1970/Jan. - Lannon Fire Chief is Keith Gissal, Assistant Chiefs Syd Gissal, and Godfrey (Shupe) DeCristofaro, Captains Walter Becker and Harvey Rossman, Lieutenants Robert Monacelli and LaVern Ehly.

        /Feb - The Lannon and Sussex Lions Clubs have scheduled a money raising grudge basketball game between themselves to raise money for the Hamilton prom party. Tickets cost 50 cents.

        /Mar. - A new grid system of house numbering was installed to replace the old willy nilly system (how much was done in Lannon?).

                   - The Lannon Lionettes were beaten by the Sussex Lionettes, 17-10, in a benefit basketball game.

       /Apr. - a new law required that studded car tires be removed from cars by April 15th.

                - The U.S. Postal Service was seeking a new post office in Lannon. They will be asking for proposals.

        /June - Hwy 74 (Main St.) was torn up from Town Line Rd. to Menomonee Falls for reconstruction. Lannon's Main Street was totally closed for some time and Silver Spring served as a major by-pass.

                - Lannon's Lt. David Joecks was decorated by both South Vietnam and the U.S. for heroism in Vietnam this past year.

        /July 11 - Lannon's Fire Dept was on mutual aid to put out a huge swamp fire in the Tamarack Swamp off Mill Rd.

        /Aug. - Lannon and Waukesha tie at 14-4 for LOL Eastern Division Championship, forcing a playoff. Lannon lost 3 games in 3 weeks to lose. The last game was attended by over 2,500 people.

        /Sept. - The Lannon Lions Club sponsored a street opening Oct 3rd to mark the reopening of Main St. after a long reconstruction; a ribbon cutting, parade, and dancing in the streets were planned.

        /Oct.  - Monacelli Sports Center in Lannon sold Eskimo snowmobiles.

1971 - Father John Knotek (1968-72) leads the St. James' congregation into restoring the deteriorating old church; work completed in August.

1972/July, week of 1st - Lannon held a "Lonny Day Festival" at the Village Park and ball field.

        /July, week of 8th - Lannon won 11 straight LOL baseball games.

        /July, week of 15th - Lannon firefighters turned over their 1929 Seagraves fire engine to 

        /July, week of 29th - The Lannon Easy Riders Snowmobile Club planned a grass race for Sept. 30-Oct.1st.

        /Aug., week of 12th - with Rick Clee going the route, Lannon won 17th game w/o defeat in the LOL, clinching the Eastern Division title.

        /Dec.21st -  - Erwin "Erv" "Greenie" Miller, the "Father of Lannon Land O' Lakes Baseball" dies.  Lannon grocer, sports sponsor and civic leader, Erwin E. Miller, 65,  died Thursday December 21, 1972 at Community Memorial Hospital where he had been hospitalized for the past three weeks with Leukemia, heart trouble, and a bleeding ulcer.

1973 - On Friday, August 3, the first annual Erv. Miller Baseball Tournament was held. It was Lannon upsetting Menomonee Falls Lakers, 7-6.

1975 - a season finale was added to the Lannon-Sussex flag football program - a "Flag Football Super Bowl", using the main Hamilton High School sports field.

1975/Sept - The Lannon supermarket had new owners, Harry Langermann and his two sons.

        /Oct., week of 3rd - Dick Gruetzmacher won his fourth batting title for the Lannon Eastern Division LOL's team, hitting .450.

1976/Jan., week of 16th - Randall Lenz, age 20, the youngest trustee ever to serve on the Lannon Village Board, resigned because he was working, and a student in Madison.

1979 - the Sussex Sun becomes the official newspaper for Lannon information

1980 - Golden Jubilee

1984/Dec. - a 9 foot snowman was built with the 1st snowfall of the season.

1985/Jan. - Robert Ische of Lannon took over "Zimmermann's Corner" in Sussex, renaming it "Dilly's".

        /Feb. - After 37 years on the job, Harvey Rossman will retire as Lannon's Treasurer.

        /Apr. - Lannon planned retirement parties for Harold DeLany and Harvey Rossman. The party was called the "90 Plus".

        /May - Bill Galbraith of Lannon got his second wild turkey, one last season and now one this hunting season.

                 - Village President Terry Gissal leads referendum push against borrowing $1.5 million for construction of major addition to Hamilton High School; he has gotten required signatures - 2,200 - referendum set for June 6th.

                 - Pam Gall took over as the replacement clerk-treasurer of Lannon at a salary of $6,000 per year.

                 - Village requests State approval to allow Lannon School to use an existing holding tank until sewer can be established. The 5,000 gal. tank has to be pumped nearly every day.

                 - St. John's celebrated 90th anniversary with a fellowship dinner for 410.

         /June/6 - St. James and Rose Hill (Sussex) cemeteries merge with St. James owning both.

        /Aug./15 - tornado touchdown at Arthur and Fawn Drs.

                        - Good Hope Rd is rebuilt and widened in Lannon.

        /Sept/12 - "Mrs. B" Bea Mattila, retired at Lannon's Safeline bus fleet.

        /Sept. - Lannon Board announced it would allow bow hunting in certain village areas.

1986/late - Nick Quartaro resigns as village president, the longest-serving of the nine village presidents that Lannon had.

1987/July, week of 15th - the Lannon Park quarry swimming beach had a drowning. (When did Lannon Park become part of the Waukesha Co. park system and be renamed Menomonee Park?)

        /Aug., week of 19th - Lannon planned to get tough on the cleanup of properties. (In Aug., 1992, the Trustees toured the Village looking for junk; the Board wanted to rid the village of stored junk. Question - Did it take this long before any action was taken?)

        /Aug., week of 26th - a rash of thefts hit Lannon.

1989/Dec. - Jim Gantner of the Milwaukee Brewers was a special guest at Lannon Elementary School.

                - Fred Keller begins his column "Pages From Our Past" in the Sussex Sun in issue 12/13/94.

Village of Lannon History Pre-Incorporation > After Incorporation 1930-1959 > Lannon History 1960-1989 > The 1990's to the Present


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