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Lannon History Index

Incorporation Census

    The following is a listing of individuals living within the area to be incorporated as the Village of Lannon; for some reason, many of the Lots platted in 1914 weren't included in the census, plus other Lots were business/church/non-residential locations only. "Nicknames" for some residents were added by Editor 10/31/00 with many of them provided by Donald Miller and Shirley Arnold (nee Miller). If a resident wasn't listed during the official census below, their "nicknames" follow at the end.

N.W. Sec. 20    (This area started in the southeast corner of Menomonee Ave. (Lannon Rd.) and Vail Ave. (Good Hope Rd.)

Nick Wildt (HOF), Mae Wildt, Elizabeth Wildt

Albert Baier Sr. (HOF), Clara Baier, George Baier, Robert Baier, Berneda Baier, Gilbert Baier, Albert Baier. Jr., Herman Gruetzmacher

Amelia Harmon (HOF), Adila Harmon

Edward Vanderboom, Sr. (HOF), Catherine Vanderboom, Katherine Vanderboom, Edward Vanderboom, Jr.

Ellen Collins (HOF)

Arnold "Dootsie-Baby" Lemke (HOF), Edna Lemke, Vernon Lemke

Dominico Ansanio (HOF), Vincenza Ansanio, Justino Ansanio, Marcellino "Chink" Ansanio, Rubina Ansanio, Nunzio Depersio

Charles Zimdars, Sr. (HOF), Anna Zimdars, Elmer Zimdars, Charles Zimdars, Jr., Fred Zimdars, Viola Zimdars, Alice Zimdars, Esther Zimdars, Pearl Zimdars, Harvey "Hops" Zimdars, Irene Zimdars, Wilmer "Punkin" Zimdars, Francis Zimdars, Ethel Zimdars

Philip Felsing (HOF), Margaret Felsing, Isabele Felsing, Keneth Felsing

Paul Dennis (HOF), Cathryn Dennis, Cathleen Dennis, Charles Dennis, Rose Mary Dennis

Percy Schultz (HOF), Margaret Schultz, Jeanette Schultz

Michael Cawley (HOF)

N.E. Sec. 19   (This area started in the southwest corner of Menomonee Ave. (Lannon Rd.) and Vail Ave. (Good Hope Rd.)

Mary Butina (HOF), Nick Butina, George Butina, John "Huns" Butina, Vincent Rudolph, Thea Medich, Joe Roebach, Robert Senno, Joe Stamo, William Brockenbauer

Henry Nugent (HOF), Agnes Nugent, John Love, Mary Love, Mary Pierce, Franklin Pierce, William Pierce, John Pierce, Patricia Pierce

Fred Wilson (HOF), James Gavnaugh, Fred Stacey, Robert Manzke, Louis Morgan, Carl Linderman, Herman Linderman, John Rokoe

Chas. H. Delaney (HOF), Esther Delaney, Myron "Bud" or "Bombo" DeLany

Alfred Strube (HOF), Clara Strube, Virginia Strube, Mildred Strube

Ida L. Hecker (HOF), Harlan Hecker

John P. Boyle (HOF), Theresa Boyle, James Boyle, Francis "Yonce" Boyle

Louis James Gissal (HOF), Mathilda Gissal, Keith Richard Gissal, Sydney Gissal

Joe Marks (HOF), Eva Marks, Florence Marks, Gertrude Blum

Arthur Golner (HOF), , Catherine Golner, Elaine Golner

Fred Gissal (HOF), Rose Gissal, Wilmer Gissal, Kelvin Gissal, Maryland Gissal

S.E. Sec. 18   (This area started in the northwest corner of Menomonee Ave. (Lannon Rd.) and Vail Ave. (Good Hope Rd.)

William Greinert (HOF), Francle Greinert, Mildred Greinert, Marion Greinert

Minnie Joecks (HOF), Bernice Joecks, Adline Joecks

S.W. Sec. 17   (This area started in the northeast corner of Menomonee Ave. (Lannon Rd.) and Vail Ave. (Good Hope Rd.)

John Flanagan (HOF), Esther Flanagan

Mary Kiefer (HOF), Margaret Kiefer

Frank "Pinky" Bershens (HOF), Rose Bershens

Anna Lemke (HOF), La Verne Lemke, Rinhold Gesselle, John Bagnanski, John Kreuger

Anton Wagner (HOF), Magdelein Wagner, Regine Wagner, Joseph Wagner

Alfred Mead (HOF), Susan Mead, Vivian Mead, Wm. P. Lannon, Stanley Kanzlavick, John Sertic, Ole Peterson, Charley Peterson

James Loden (HOF), Miles Loden, Jane Loden, John "Muckle" Loden, Louise Loden, Mary Loden

Mike Grjich (HOF), Helen Grjich, Paul Grjich, Thersa Grjich, Anton Grjich, David Grjich, Helen Grjich, Emil Grjich

Joe Dequardo (HOF), Sittimina Dequardo, Joe Dequardo, Sam Dequardo, Peter Dequardo, Benney Dequardo, Rose Dequardo, Mary Dequardo, John Dequardo, Jane Dequardo, Anthoney Dequardo

William Schmoller (HOF), Minna Schmoller

Walter Gallwitz (HOF), Francis Gallwitz, Betty Jane Gallwitz, Dolors Gallwitz

The following are lots in "Lannon, Platted as Hadfield" (for all lots)

Lot 1    Ernest Pohl (HOF), Ella Pohl, Bernice Pohl, Dorothy Pohl

Lot 2    A. S. Wilson (HOF), Helen Wilson, Gertrude Thayer (teacher)

Lot 3    Anton Raebel (HOF), Leroy Raebel, Elnora Raebel, George Raebel, Janet Raebel, Anthony Raebel

            Ray Athorp (HOF), Grace Athorp

Lot 4    Wm. Prag, Jr. (HOF), Elsie Prag

Lot 5    Gust Gerbenske (HOF), Clara Gerbenske

Lot 6    Sarah Pollard (HOF), Seth Pollard

Lot 7    Otto Joecks (HOF), Rose Joecks, Francis Joecks, Leonard "Whitey" Joecks, Archy Joecks, Gertrude Joecks, Elaine Joecks

Lot 8    John  "Yanko" C. Walter (HOF), Marion Walter, Joan Walter

Lot 9    J. J. "J.J." Flanagan (HOF), Mary Flanagan, Margaret Flanagan, Marion Flanagan, Kathryn Flanagan

Lot 10    Carl Mathiak (HOF), Wilimina Mathiak

Lot 11    Herman Gruetzmacher, Jr. (HOF, Bertha Gruetzmacher, Arthur Gruetzmacher, Helen Gruetzmacher

Lot 12    John J. Reilly (HOF), Laura Reilly, June Reilly

Lot 13    Joe Allony Sr. (HOF), Anna Allony, Sam Alloy, Joe Alloy, Jr.

Lot 14    Crocia Tolli (HOF), Sam Deantis, Frank Cocco, Joe Tassaro

Lot 15    George Brushaber (HOF), Lillian Brushaber, Ruth Emma Brushaber

Lot 16    Walter Schmoller (HOF), Hildegarth Schmoller, Audrey Jane Schmoller, Arlene Lola Schmoller

Lot 17    Charles Tontanozza (HOF), Elizabeth Tontanozza, Frank Tontanazza, Sam Tontanazza, Dorothy Tontanazza, Joe Tontanazza,    Charles Rizzo

Lot 18    Otto Schmoller, Sr. (HOF), Augusta Schmoller (Editor's Note: Sometime after the 1914 Plat Map was made, Lot 18 was divided into 18 and 19, or 19 was missed in 1914?)

Lot 19    Otto Rossman (HOF), Anna Rossman, Harvey "Sneken" Rossman, Carl Rossman

Lot 20    LaVern Raebel (HOF), Evelyn Raebel, Virginia Raebel

Lot 21    Herman Prott, Dora Prott

Lot 22    Walter Joecks,  Anna Joecks, Earl Joecks, Betty Joecks

Lot 23    Wm. Weyer (HOF), Mary Weyer, Carl Weyer, Walter Weyer, Adolph "Alfred" or "Lefty" Weyer, Mary Weyer, Olga Weyer, William Weyer, Jr., Esther Weyer, Elmer Weyer, Arthur Weyer, Erma Weyer

Lot 24    Herman Glitz, Anna Glitz

Lot 25    Emil Seiwert, Nellie Seiwert, Elisia Seiwert, Ruth Seiwert

Lot 26    Otto Schnoller, Jr. (HOF), Louise Schmoller, Martha Schmoller, Father Schmoller

Lot 27    Carl Mathiak, Jr. (HOF), Rose Mathiak, Norman Mathiak, Earl Mathiak, Elmer Mathiak 

Lot 28    ?

Lot 29    ?

Lot 30    Frank Struck, Sr. (HOF), Mary Struck, Gerhart Struck, Walter Struck, Francis Struck, Esther Struck, Violet Struck, Margaret Struck, Kurt Struck, Dorothy Struck, Dolors Struck, Frank Struck, Jr.

Lot 31    Rocco Denardo (HOF), Sophia Denardo, Philomena Denardo, Anna Denardo, Francis Denardo, Basile Mangano, Jack Jordan

Lot 32    Jack Alloy (HOF), Doris Alloy, Lawrence Alloy

Lot 33    Harry 0' Connor (HOF), Augusta 0' Connor

Lot 34    Fred Schultz (HOF), Anna Schultz

Lot 35    Fred Castro, Sr. (HOF), Minna Gastro, Emil Gastro, Fred Gastro, Jr., Rose Gastro, Otto Gastro, Arthur Gastro, Harvey Gastro (Editor's Note: The name Gastro here may have been Gastrau.)

Lot 36    Julius Blankenhagen (HOF)

Lot 37    Ray Jones (HOF), Marie Jones, Phyllis Jones, Gordon Jones, Harold Jones

Lot 38    ?

Lot 39    Richard Gruetzmacher (HOF), Gertrude Gruetzmacher, Marjorie Gruetzmacher, Betty Jane Gruetzmacher, Dona Gruetzmacher

Lot 40    Math Burg (HOF), Margaret Burg

Lot 41    Math Katzfey (HOF), Nick Katzfey, Lawrence Katzfey, Willima Katzfey

Lot 42    Henry Meyer (HOF), Emma Meyer

Lot 43    ?    

Lot 44    ?

Lot 45    ?    

Lot 46    ?    

Lot 47    ?

Lot 48    ?

Lot 49    ?

Lot 50    ?

Lot 51    ?

Lot 52    ?

Lot 53    ?

Lot 54    ?

Lot 55    ?

Lot 56    Cuono "Peanuts" Quartaro (HOF), Mary Quartaro, Madelein Quartaro

Lot 57    ?

Lot 58    ?

Lot 59    ?

Lot 60    ?

Lot 61    ?

Lot 62    ?

Lot 63    ?

Lot 64    ?

Lot 65    ?

Lot 66    ?

Lot 67    St. John's Church?

Lot 68    Rev. P. W. Kneiske (HOF), Adela Kneiske, Kurt Kneiske

Lot 69    ?

Lot 70    Lawrence Acerman

Lot 71    Old church - to become new Village Hall after incorporation

Lot 72    William "Salty" J. Miller, Sr. (HOF), Margaret M. Miller, Erwin "Greenie"  Miller, William J. Miller., John J. Miller., Margaret Miller, Marie Miller

Lot 73    Parking Lot?

Lot 74    John Wessner (HOF), Bertha Wessner, John Sheridan, John Gravem, Harry Thomas, Tom Hanson, Eric Peterson, Oscar Peterson, Peter Kessnick, Edward Collins

Lot 75    Alvin "A.P." P. Walter (HOF), Margaret Walter, Margaret M. Walter, Robert Walter, Joseph Walter, Jerome "Jerry" or "Squirt" Walter

Lot 76    Ray Semrow

Lot 77    Albert Feltes (HOF), Marie Feltes, Cathrine Feltes, Dolors Feltes

Lot 78    

Lot 79    Anna Eder (HOF)

Lot 80    Theo Golner, Sr. (HOF), Lizzie Golner, Lester Golner, Melvin Golner, Audrey Golner

Lot 81    Math Schneider (HOF), Pearl Schneider, Loretta Schneider

Torsten Johnson (HOF), Dorothy Johnson, Linette Johnson

Lot 82    August Schultz (HOF), Grace Schultz, Mary Clair Schultz

More Residents with "Nicknames", some may not have been born when the above census was taken

Anton "Skinny" Schneider

Robert "Skinny" Schneider (son of Anton)

? "Red" Schlutz

Gerald "Wimpy" Delany

Lois "Stromboni" Strube

Godrey "Schupe" DeCristafaro

Lyle "Frosty" Polzin

? "Snappy" Gastrau

Eugene "Mutzie" Greismer 

Walter "Duke" Joecks

Frank "Snivee" Burg

Marvin "Hunsey" Burg

Mario "Mibbs" Monacelli

Leo "Little Importance" Monacelli

Norman "Bud" or "Beaver" Wildt

Norman "Pete" Gastrau

Robert "Bob" or "Major" Blum

Laverne "Cocky" Schultz Sr.

Laverne "Buccka" or "Spooky" Schultz Jr.

Earl "Weiner" Schultz

Herman "Baldy" Schultz

? "Nuggie" Rott

Wilbert "Red" Hackbarth

Roger "Red" Olson

Stanley "Stosh" Dubnicka

Orville "Duffy" Ische

Gary "Butch" Joecks

Eugene "Mike" Jakubic

John "Jack" or "Hoppy" Sheridan

Francis "Porky" Fleishman

Ralph "Bud" Reimer

Lester "Buck" Reimer


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