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Occupations of Early Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex Residents: 1900 - 1910

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Updated 08/19/2005

    The first Federal Census that listed residents occupations was the 1850. For the town of Lisbon the primary work performed was that of farming, if you weren't a farmer, you were a farm laborer, or you were a "Laborer" of something else. 

    Below are listed the occupations of those jobs, other than those listed above, and the town's people who performed them,  beginning with the year 1870. Note: name spellings haven't all been checked yet. 1900 isn't complete yet, and 1910 in the making.

1900 - the month and year are birth month/year along with age at time of census. 1900 was the first Census to have this done.

Emma Oemcke, Feb 1871, 29, Wisconsin. Dressmaker
Elizabeth Rigney, Mar 1874, 26, Wisconsin, Dressmaker
Georgina Butler, June 1858, 41, Wisconsin, Dressmaker
Edward ?, July 1880, 19, Butter maker, Wisconsin
Adelbert Gibbins, Nov 1872, 27, Michigan, Station Agent (RA)
Gilbert Gilberison, Apr 1872, 28, Wisconsin, Section hand (RR)
M. W. Sullivan, Sept 1848, 51, Michigan, Blacksmith
August B. Henschel ?, Aug 1823, 76, Germany, Bartender (saloon)
William R. Henschel, Sept 1869, 30, Wisconsin, Saloon Keeper
Cora M. Connell, Feb 1879, 21, Wisconsin, Dressmaker
Max ? Manthey, June 1863, 36, Germany, Merchant (Gen)
Albert Wandrey, Feb 1882, 18, Germany, Sailsman (Grocery)
James Melville, Apr 1873, 27, Wisconsin, Carpenter (Day Laborer)
Thomas Melville, Mar 1875, 25, Wisconsin, Clergyman
Lydia H. Busse, July 1875, 24, Wisconsin, Dressmaker
Andrew Zimmermann, May 1875, 25, Wisconsin, Carpenter
Margaret Reilly, Jan 1860, 40, Wisconsin, Teacher
John Crean ?, Oct 1864, 35, Wisconsin, Teacher
Caroline M. Smith, Feb 1862, 38, Wisconsin, Dressmaking
Thomas O. Smith, June 1876, 26, Wisconsin, Telegraph Operator (RR)
Mary E. Jeffery, Nov 1853, 46, Wisconsin, Dressmaker
John J. Schlicher, Mar 1869, 31, Wisconsin, Teacher
Gertrude R. Pope, Oct 1879, 20, Wisconsin, Teacher
Albert Phillips, Aug 1878, 21, Wisconsin, Dentist
(First Entry for Dentist)
Vernon F. Harris, Jan 1877, 23, Wisconsin, Teacher
Alfred Wilden, July 1836, 63, England, e 1854, Stone Cutter
Harry Carnes, May 1870, 30, ?, Clergyman
Margaret Salmon, Mar 1869, 31, Wisconsin, Teacher
Lucy A. Tague, Jan 1877, 23, Wisconsin, Dressmaker
Thomas Tague, July 1881, 18, Wisconsin, Engineer (Station)
James Templeton, Oct 1842, 57, New York, Grain Dealer
Edward ?, Sept 1845, 54, Wisconsin, Saloon (Keeper)
Herman ?, Dec 1867, 32, Germany, Section (Laborer)
Reinhard ?, Nov 1852, 47, Germany, e 1885, Section (Master RR)
Emma J. Jones, Feb 1878, 22, Wisconsin, Teacher
Aaron Rosier, Apr 1847, 53, Wisconsin, Engineer (Station?)
Walter A. Rosier, Jan 1871, 29, Wisconsin, Engineer
Charley Gurr/Gumm ?, Dec 1879, 20, Wisconsin, Section (Laborer RR)
Cora B. Children, July 1881, 18, Wisconsin, Music Teacher
Carrie E. Stone, Oct 1879, 22, Wisconsin, Teacher
Catherine Pendergast, Aug 1871, 28, Wisconsin, Dressmaker
William Pendergast, July 1873, 26, Wisconsin, Student (Dentist)
Note: "Farm Rent" or "From Rent" ? listed Income or Occupation for several residents
Charles Weaver, Nov 1864, 35, Wisconsin, Lumber (Dealer)
NIls Gungdorf ?, Apr 1860, 40, Sweden, e. 1892, Teamster (Stone)
Nils A. Gungdorf, Jan 1886, 14, Sweden, e 1894, Stone Cutter (Note: Nils Sr. must have returned to Sweden and married then returned)
James Davidson, July 1843, 56, Scotland, e. 1850, Stone Mason
George A. Davidson, Feb 1874, 26, Wisconsin, Carpenter
Harvey La ?, Sept 1875, 24, Wisconsin, Station (Agent)
Fredrick Schaffet ?, Oct 1868, 32, Germany, e 1890, Tin Smith
Frank Cla ?, Dec 1861, 38, Mass., RR Employee
George Weaver, Mar 1866, 34, Wisconsin, Merchant (Hardware)
William H. Webb, Jan 1830, 70, Massachusetts, Carpenter (House)
Fletcher Roberson, Feb 1853m 47, New Jersey, clergyman
Fredrick A. H ?, July 1859, 40, Wisconsin, Hotel Keeper
Lewis Weaver, Nov 1862, 37, Wisconsin, Teamster
Charles M ?, Dec 1868, 31, Germany, e 1882, Harness Maker
Clarence C. ? July 1862, 32, Wisconsin, Salesman (Grocery)
Sarah Weaver, Feb 1837, 63, Pennsylvania (Note: Parents both from Germany), Nurse
Andrew Davidson, Apr 1845, 55, Scotland, e 1850, Shoemaker
Nellie Davidson, Sept 1880, 19, Wisconsin, Teacher
Sarah Emery, Oct 1840, 59, Maine, Music Teacher
Lloyd Weaver, Feb 1863, 37, Wisconsin, Barber
Herman Kaderabek, Jan 1858, 42, Austria, e 1864, Provisions Dealer
Fredrick B ?, Sept 1863, 36, Wisconsin, Saloon Keeper
Crage J. Foy (female), Apr 1871, 29, New York, Velnery Serguit ?
Owen Smith, Dec 1856, 43, Wisconsin, hardware Merchant
Charles Baes ?, Dec 1875, 24, Wisconsin, Dealer in Horses

Blanche Redloph, June 1876, 23, Minnesota, Millinery
Frank Elliott, Dec 1868, 31, Wisconsin, Grocery Salesman
George Medhurst, Oct 1872, 27, Wisconsin, Grocery Salesman, son-in-law to Esther Boots
Fredrick Stier, Oct 1874, 25, Germany, e 1882, Blacksmith
Frances M. ?, Mar 1870, 30, Wisconsin, Physician
Fredrick J. Redford, Nov 1859, 40, Wisconsin, Machine (Agent)
Ida A. Koll??, June 1883, 16, Indiana, Dressmaking, came to Wisconsin between 1883-89
Rev. Luke Paul Hol??, Dec 1846, 53, England, e 1861, Clergyman
Charles J. Weber?, May 1864, 36, Wisconsin, Carpenter (House)
James Elliott, Aug 1835, 64, New York, Mason (Stone)
William Palin, Aug 1878, 21, Wisconsin, Provision Dealer
Randolph Elliott, Mar 1879, 21, Wisconsin, Provision Dealer
Marlyn Schigal?, Jan 1862, 38, Germany, e 1890, ? helper
James ?, Jan 1851, 49, Wisconsin, Carpenter (House)
Roscoe L?, Mar 1864, 36, Wisconsin, Creamery Employee
Frank J. ?, Oct 1865, 34, Wisconsin, Carpenter
Michigan Elliott, Nov 1864, 35, Michigan, Painter (House)
Pauline Mindemann, Apr 1879, 21, Wisconsin, Teacher
Mary Mindemann, May 1883, 18, Wisconsin, Salesman (?)
Jackson Bent?, Dec 1873, 26, Wisconsin, Butter (Maker)
David Topping, Feb 1842, 58, New York, Merchant (Grocery)
Charles C. Brown, Oct 1876, 23, Wisconsin, Salesman( Grocery)
William Stone, Dec 1841, 58, Ohio, Farm Rent
Donald Campbell, June 1859, 40, Wisconsin, Blacksmith

William Davidson, Apr 1861, 39, Wisconsin, Teamster
George Redford, Jan 1848, 52, Wisconsin, Agent (Farm Supply)
Thomas Peter, Sept 1857, 42, Indiana, Salesman (Oil)
Joseph Marsden, Apr 1870, 30, Wisconsin, Agent (Real Estate), husband of Eva, nee Moyes; living with father -in-law, James Moyes
Rodrick Elliott, July 1875, 24, Wisconsin, Painter (House), living with mother, Susan, b. Nov 1832, 67, England, e 1842.
Thomas S. Redford, July 1818, 81, New York, From Rent (Income from renting land and/or land with house/building)
Christian Schumacher, Apr 1851, 49, Wisconsin, Railroad laborer
Walter Hardiman, Sept 1878, 21, Wisconsin, Molder, Iron
Isaiah Hardiman, June 1848, 51, England, e 1871, Stock Grower
Mary C. Elliott, Oct 1871, 28, Wisconsin, Teacher
Alvin M. Gauthey, Aug 1869, 30, Wisconsin, Machinist
Nora Lemetz, Mar 1875, 25, Wisconsin, Dressmaking
Ada R. Weaver, Jan 1873, 27, Wisconsin, Teacher
William Wilkins, Oct 1854, 45, England, e 1861, Blacksmith
Charley H. Riebe, Feb 1873, 27, Germany, e 1880, Painter (House)
Edward Campbell, Mar 1877, 23, Wisconsin, Insurance Agent
Alexander Will, July 1861, 38, Wisconsin, Insurance Agent.
Angeline Goung, Sept 1863, 36, Wisconsin, Dressmaker

Rev. Luke Paul Holmes
Ida A. Kollmorgen
Charles J. Waller

1910 Census

Adelade Weeks, 23, Wisconsin, music teacher, piano

Milo Brown, 19, Wisconsin, teacher, district school

Martha Sennot, 17, Wisconsin, techer, district school

Eugene Elliott, 30, Wisconsin, laborer, lime kiln

Valentine Merko, 44, Germany, laborer, stone quarry

Albert Dettmann?, 32, Germany, laborer, railroad

Elmer Hawes, 21, Wisconsin, traveling salesman

Theodore Gullenser, 28, Wisconsin, engineer, ?

Charles Gumm, 32, Wisconsin, carpenter, house

Julia Stallman, 28, Wisconsin, teacher, public school

? Rieder, 50, Germany, laborer, stone quarry

Elmer Bowal?, 49, Michigan, foreman, stone quarry

Viola Price?, 50, Michigan, dressmaking, own shop

Nicholas Torenski, 38, Wisconsin, laborer, stone quarry, parents Polish-German

Elmer Hoffman, 22, Missouri, driver, stone quarry

Emory ? Hardy, 24, Wisconsin, carpenter, house

Henry Salmon, 45, Wisconsin, buttermaker, creamery?

William Stone, 28, Wisconsin, engineer, ?

John Stone, 37, Wisconsin, engineer, ?

Frank Harris, 39, Wisconsin, carpenter, house

Thomas Davidson, 57, Wisconsin, salesman, general store

Rudolph Malsch, 37, Germany, merchant, furniture store

Charles, Malsch, 41, Germany, harness maker, own shop

Wesley Wildish, 25, driver, bus line

George W. Lawler, 39, Michigan, doctor, own practice

Charles Wilden, 36, Wisconsin, laborer, stone quarry

Andrew Davidson, 65, Scotland, shoemaker, own shop

Charles Daniels, 39, Wisconsin, merchant, liveries

Ruth S. Rasen, 59, Wisconsin, nurse, professional

Mary Rasen, 25, niece of Ruth, Wisconsin, teacher, public school

Hermann Kaedrabeck, 42, Germany, butcher, own shop

Lillian Kaedrabeck, 21, Wisconsin, teacher, public school

Fredrick Boots, 46, Wisconsin, ?, saloon

Pearl Boots, 22, Wisconsin, teacher, public school

Charles Buck, 46, Wisconsin, telephone operator, ?

Otho c. Noble, 43, Wisconsin, laborer, railroad

Solomon Noble, 70, New York, weaver, own shop

Aaron Rosier, 62, Wisconsin, engineer, grain elevator

Fred S. Cook, 43, Wisconsin, carpenter, house

Walter Rosier, 38, Wisconsin, agent, farm machinery

Frank Walters, 44, Wisconsin, engineer, stationary ?

Clarence C. Baer, 42, Wisconsin, dealer & ?, farm products

Henry Carsters?, 34, Wisconsin, landlord, hotel

Katharine Harris, 27, Wisconsin, salesman, general store

Fredrick Miller, 49, Germany, laborer, stone quarry

Ammelia, 39, wife of Fredrick, Germany, landlady, boarding house

Charles Tempero, 36, Wisconsin, mail carrier, rural route

Edgar Brown, 38, Wisconsin, lumber mill, own mill

James Templeton, 67, New York, grain dealer, own elevator

George Fleischman, 31, Wisconsin, superintendent, cheese factory

John W. Clason, 69, New York, traveling salesman, farm implements

Reinhardt Miller, 50, Germany, foreman, railroad

Elmer Evanson?, 21, Wisconsin, agent, railroad station

Herman Munsey?, 30, Wisconsin, engineer, stone crusher

Charles Busse, 27, Wisconsin, lime burner, lime kilns

John Abegglen, 43, Switzerland, Cheese maker, factory

Charles Dieffenbach, 25, Germany, blacksmith, own shop

Katherine Casper, 36, Wisconsin, milliner, own shop

Gertrude Gasper, 38, dressmaker, own shop

Jacob Miller, 59, Germany, laborer, railroad

Mary Jeffery, 57, Wisconsin, dressmaker

Harvey Brick?, 29, Wisconsin, teacher, public school

Fredrick Wallschleager, 25, Wisconsin, laborer, rail ?

Sandra Holz, 23, Wisconsin, saleslady, produce ? store

John Stier, 26, Wisconsin, teacher, graded school

Frank Clarey, 49, Massachusetts, foreman, railroad

Charles W. Haywood, 32, England, preacher, Methodist

George Weaver, 44, Wisconsin, merchant, hardware

Fullir ? Hurdinger, 32, Germany, e. 1888,  landlady, hotel

Arny Saus?, 28, Wisconsin, superintendent, N. W. railroad

Thomas Irving, 30, Wisconsin, civil engineer, N. W. railroad

Myson Whitehouse, 22, Wisconsin, civil engineer, N. W. railroad

Joseph ? Schickert, 31, Germany, ? work, hotel

Harry E.? Holetz?, 24, Polish-Russia, e. 1892, civil engineer, N. W. railroad

Fredrick E. Davies, 22, Wisconsin, civil engineer, N. W. railroad

Herbert Reising?, 33, Wisconsin, superintendent, ?

many entries for stone burner or ? Page 31 of 32. This must be Templeton area with hotel boarders working for railroad or lime kilns.

Fredrick Schroeder, 40, Wisconsin, butcher, own shop

Gladys A. Crittenden, daughter of Clarence from Illinois, a manager of ?, she is age 17, b. Minnesota, saleslady, general store

William Taylor, 35, Wisconsin, landlord, hotel, his wife, Katherine, is landlady, e. from Germany ?

Henry Golner, 33, Wisconsin, quarryman
George McKerrow, 57, Wisconsin,  farmer - stock farm
John Ivans ?, 17, Wisconsin, Shepard on McKerrow stock farm
Josphine Johnson, age 24, Indiana, boarder, Teacher, District school
Mary G. Matteson, dau. of Charles E., age 22, Wisconsin, Teacher, District school
Mabel Blodgett, age 19, Wisconsin, boards with Matteson family, Teacher, Primary school
Katharine Webber, 31, Wisconsin, stenographer, office work
Casper Tarr, 54?, West Virginia, Preacher, Presbyterian?, wife Edith M.
Alfred Wilden, 71, England, Mason (Stone & House)
Frank C. Young, 38, Germany, carpenter (house)
Frank Brown, 46, Wisconsin, carpenter (house)
Harold Brown, 20, Wisconsin, teamster?
Frederick Kollmorgen, 55, Germany, Odd Jobs
John Small, 51, Wisconsin, coal dealer, own yard
Allen Small, 25, Wisconsin, salesman, automobiles
Theodore C. Klett, 26, Minnesota, teacher, graded school
Frank Asken, 25, Wisconsin, agent, railroad
Fredrick Stier, 34, Germany, blacksmith, own shop
Samuel H. Worthington or Washington, 64, Virginia, merchant, dry goods supplies
Donald Campbell, 50, Wisconsin, blacksmith, foundry or factory
William Solenke?, 42, Germany, driver, canning co.
Charles Keafare?, 19, Wisconsin, driver, canning co.
John Williams, 31, Wisconsin, traveling salesman
James Weaver, 59, Wisconsin, carpenter, contractor builder
Frank Brow, 28, Wisconsin, teamster
Burtell Davidson, 23, Wisconsin, teamster
Mande Kerr, 38, Wisconsin, nurse, professional (had son and daughter to support)
William Roepke, 23, Minnesota, manager, creamery
? Weaver. 48, Wisconsin, teamster, N. W. railroad
Mae Brown, 35, Wisconsin, landlady, boarding house
Isiah Hardiman, 62, England, stock buyer
Alvin Gauthier, 40, Wisconsin, merchant, general store
Preston Rosier, 44, Wisconsin, foreman, stone quarry
Lillian B. Rosier, 24, Wisconsin, dressmaking, own shop
Nina P. Rosier, 22, milliner, own shop
John Smith, 33, Germany, teamster
James A. Elliott, 74, New York, mason, stone
Fredrick C. Roberts, 49, England, preacher, Episcopal

Corrections to 1910

Albert Dettmann, 32, Germany, laborer, railroad - ok
Theodore Gullender, 28, Wisconsin, engineer, ?
Herman Rieder, 50, Germany, e. 1893, laborer, stone quarry
Elmer Bowase, 49, Michigan, foreman, stone quarry
Emory Hardy, 24, Wisconsin, carpenter, house
Henry Carsten, 34, Wisconsin, landlord, hotel
Elmer Evanson, 21, Wisconsin, agent, railroad station
Herman Munz, 30, Wisconsin, engineer, stone crusher
Henry Brick, 29, Wisconsin, teacher, public school
Fillie Hurdinger, 32, Germany, e. 1888,  landlady, hotel
Arny Lers, 28, Wisconsin, superintendent, N. W. railroad
Joseph Schickert, 31, Germany, ? work, hotel
Herbert Reising, 33, Wisconsin, superintendent, ?

Valentine Marks, 44, Germany, e. 1898, laborer, stone quarry
Rudolph Malsch, 37, Germany, e. 1884, merchant, furniture store

Charles, Malsch, 41, Germany, e. 1884, harness maker, own shop

Fredrick Miller, 49, Germany, laborer, stone quarry


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