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Occupations of Early Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex Residents: 1870 - 1880

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Updated 06/11/2005

    The first Federal Census that listed residents occupations was the 1850. For the town of Lisbon the primary work performed was that of farming, if you weren't a farmer, you were a farm laborer, or you were a "Laborer" of something else. 

    Below are listed the occupations of those jobs, other than those listed above, and the town's people who performed them,  beginning with the year 1870. Note: name spellings haven't all been checked yet.

1870  - Census taken approx July 10 thru July 28, 1870

Charles Heinm, 27, blacksmith, Hanover, Germany
William McDonald,  40, Grocer, Scotland
John Melrose, 43, sailor, Scotland
Theodore Hecker, 25, cooper, Prussia
Henry Reinford, 18, cooper, Wisconsin (apprentice)
James Wilkins, 59, blacksmith, England
James Gayner, 22, stone cutter, Wisconsin
Ephraim Boots, 39, Brewer, England
Edward Boots, 66, carpenter, England
Henry S. Boots, 37, Carpenter, England
George Buck, 22, wagon maker, England
James Brown, 30, carpenter, England
John Hickmot, 55, butcher, England
George Hickmot, 26, butcher, Wisconsin
William Medhurst, 57, carpenter, England
W. B. Medhurst, 32, agriculture Implement agency, England
Jacob Miller, 48, Shoemaker, France
Jane Jeffrey, 20, teacher, Wisconsin
Joseph Wildish, 21, teacher, Wisconsin
Catharine Carberry, 20, Teacher, Wisconsin
Julia Hannafin, 28, teacher, New York
Andrew Lewis, 67, Mail carrier, England
Lawrence Rupeu, 47, stone cutter, New York
C. Williamson, 54, saloon keeper, England
John A. Gaynor, 25, teacher, Ireland
Nickalous W. Gaynor, 22, carpenter, Ireland
Thomas Campbell, 40, Blacksmith, Scotland
Alexander Turner, 22, blacksmith, Scotland
David Harrington, 21, blacksmith, Wisconsin
Richard Weaver, 42, hop merchant, England
William Read, 22, teamster, Ohio
Alfred Wilden, 32, stone mason, England
Edward Johnson, 43, stone mason, Sweden
Alfred Johnson, 24, stone mason, Sweden
Charles Cooling, 51, blacksmith, England
Warren Horess, 21, blacksmith, New York
Hannah Roberts, 23, Teacher, England
Franklin Mills, 25, harness maker, New York
Mary Coleman, 18, seamstress, New York
Edward Champeny, 52, Dry Goods Merchant, England
John Russell, 62, shoemaker, England
John Russell, Jr., 25, shoemaker, England
John Bennett, 33, clergyman, Canada
James Davidson, 26, stone mason, Scotland
Anjo Carberry, 55, stone mason, Ireland
James D. Alben, 65, Carpenter, New York
William Weaver, 45, Hop Merchant, England
August Henschel, 47, potter, Prussia
Richard Henschel, 24, Clerk in Store, Prussia
C. W. Molster, 39, lumberman, Pennsylvania
John Wildish, 23, surveyor, England
John Longbollons, 26, carpenter, England
Humphrey C. Rankin, 30, teacher, Mass.
K. H. Palmer, 59, tailor, New York
Roswell Palmer, 27, teamster, Wisconsin
Adolph Sperendiano, 34, blacksmith, Prussia
Elisha Finch, 48, carpenter, Indiana
Real Finch, carpenter, 17, Wisconsin
Jacob Zavin, 39, shoemaker, Prussia
Richard Cooling, 56, Grocer and Dry goods Merchants, England
John A. Vance, 47, clergyman, Penn.
Mary Jane Small, 24, teacher, Wisconsin
Samuel Daugherty, 55, painter, Mass.
Edward H. Daugherty, 27, painter, Mass.
Note: For the first time about 1/2 dozen residents were considered "Retired Farmer"


Thomas J. Dunn, 26, Teacher, Wisconsin
Rose A. Dunn, 22, Dressmaker, Wisconsin
First time listing for term "Boarder"
Emelia Fisher, 19, Teacher, Wisconsin
Schlicher, John, Sr., Mason, Prussia
Jacob Clumb, 22, tinsmith, Baden, Germany
Alfred Wileden, 42, Stone Mason, England
Alma E. Flanders, 34, teacher, New Hampshire?
Thomas E. Turner, 36, clergyman, Indiana
Edward Daugherty, 37, Painter, Mass.
DeHbar Horst, 26, painter, bds w/Edward Daugherty, Penn.
Samuel Daugherty, 65, painter, Mass.
Anthony J. Pierce (wife Cora A. dau of Sam Daugherty), 24, Clerk in Store, Mass.
Emma S. Bloor, 24, Teacher, Wisconsin
Henry Rhineford, 29, Cooper, Prussia
Charles P. H or Kanschan, 23, Teacher, Wisconsin
Jennie H or Kanschan, 22, Dressmaker, Wisconsin
August Henshel, 56, Mechanic, Prussia
Note: first usage of this term)

Herman Henshel, 16, Mechanic, Wisconsin
Clara Garver, 21, Teacher, Illinois
James Davidson, 35, Stone Mason, Scotland
Andrew Prendergast/Pendergast, 39, Blacksmith, Ireland
John McCaram ?, 28, Stone Mason, Wisconsin
Peter Roets, 48, Carpenter, Belgium
John Carbery, 29, Teacher, Wisconsin
Sarah A. Rodgers, 19, Teacher, Wisconsin
Maggie Tempero, 19, Teacher, Wisconsin
Frank House, 26, Cooper, New York
William Wilkins (boards with Robert Leadley family, his wife ? Elizabeth, age 36,  is their house keeper, and she suffers from some disease), 27, Blacksmith, England
William McDonald, 50, Store Keeper, Scotland
William McDonald, Jr., 11, Clerk in Store, Wisconsin
Edward Weaver, 42, Stone Mason, England
Bernard Bagg, 24, Butcher, Wisconsin
Jacob Anderson, 59, Sailor, Norway (Step father to above) This entry also has line drawn through it?
Julia Hanafin, 35, Teacher, New York
Margaret Champeny, 44, Teacher, (daughter of Eliza Hanafin, mother, age 73), New York. No husband listed for Margaret nor mother.
Lilly Champeny, 18, Dressmaker, Wisconsin, granddaughter of Eliza Hanafin
Ida J. Elliott, 19, Teacher, Wisconsin
Charles Buck, Jr., 26, Carpenter, Wisconsin
William Weaver, 55, Hop Merchant, England

Note: All of the following are living/conducting business on Main Street, Sussex
Thomas Dry, 34, Minister, England
Thomas Campbell, 50, Blacksmith, Scotland
Donald Campbell, 21, Blacksmith, Wisconsin
Walter Davison, 23, Blacksmith (works for Campbells), Wisconsin
Richard Weaver, 52, Hop Merchant, England
David P. Topping, Retailer in Groceries & Dry Goods, New York
Edward Champeny, 63, Retailer in Groceries & Dry Goods, England
Mattie Parks, 21, Teacher, bds w/ Ed Champeny, Wisconsin
Charles Cooling, 62, Blacksmith, England
Willie S. Cooling, 22, Blacksmith, Wisconsin
James Templeton, 37, Retailer in Groceries & Dry Goods, New York
Henry Boots, 48, Saloon Keeper, England
William H. Boots, 23, Carpenter, Wisconsin
Fredrick G. Boots, 16, Bar tender, Wisconsin
(First use of "Bar tender")
William Elliott, 34, Boot & Shoemaker, England
Richard Cooling, 66, Retired Merchant, England
Hannah C. Russell, 38, Doctor, England (first woman doctor in area)
Andrew Davison, 31, Boot & Shoemaker, Scotland

Note: all of the following are living/conducting business on South Street, Sussex
George A. Whitney, 41, Clergyman, Wisconsin
Henry Turner, 36, Carpenter, England
James A. Elliott, 49, Stone Mason, New York
Adrian J. Elliott, 17, clerk in Store, Wisconsin
William Medhurst, 68, Carpenter, England
Edward Boots, 73, Works in Brewery, England
Ephraim Boots, 49, Brewer, England
Ishia Hardiman, 33, Butcher, England

Note: Main and South (now Maple Ave.) are the only two streets listed in the 1880 Census for the village of Sussex.


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