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Occupations of Early Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex Residents: 1850 - 1860

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Updated 06/02/2005

    The first Federal Census that listed residents occupations was the 1850. For the town of Lisbon the primary work performed was that of farming, if you weren't a farmer, you were a farm laborer, or you were a "Laborer" of something else. 

    Below are listed the occupations of those jobs, other than those listed above, and the town's people who performed them,  beginning with the year 1850.

1850 - Census taken August 28, 1850

    The professions in 1850, either you were a Farmer or Laborer; the next two greatest number were minister and carpenter. The town even had a newly arrived Lawyer, between February and March 1850. Plus the required Tavern Keeper. Trying to figure out what Cyrus Butler was. Name, age at Census, occupation and where born is given.

George Wilson 56, England, Minister Wesleyan Methodist

Stephen Weston, 41, cooper, Maine

Sam Butler, 57, Massachusetts ?, Tavern Keeper

Cyrus Butler, 31 or 34, Pianoforte (?) Maker, Massachusetts

William Donner (?), 30, New York, Carpenter

S. A. McEwen, 44, Congregationalist Minister, living with Bottsford family; New York

Warren Whitney, 43, Shoemaker, Vermont

Thomas Paine, 28, Blacksmith, son of Thomas, 50, farmer, England

Edward Smith, 25, carpenter, England, son of Edward, 53.

William Smith, 48, wagon maker, England

Charles Cooling, Blacksmith, 31, England

Richard Cooling, 37, Blacksmith, England

John Russell, 43, shoemaker, England

William King, 34, stonecutter, Massachusetts

W. C. Armstrong,  abt 1821, Virginia (male), Minister Episcopal church

R. H. Palmer, 37, tailor, New York

Tehitable Palmer, 43, Baptist Minister, New York 

John A. Hilliard, 37, Physician, England

Rodman Palmer, 29, Surveyor, New York

Abraham Calkins, 30, Carpenter, New York

Henry L. Storm, 65, carpenter, New York

John Shepherd, 32, Lawyer, New York


    Notice that Teachers are first listed in 1860. Servants or Domestics are also included. Two interesting occupations listed below are "Gentleman" and "Horse Jocky". A "Merchant" and a "Music Teacher" are also listed. The list is also much longer.

Ann Ennis, 19, Scotland, School Teacher

Lewis Rowell, 25, Gentleman, New York

Ira Rowell, Jr, 23, Moulder, New York

Elizabeth Osburn, 21, School Teacher, Wisconsin

John Davis, 26, Wales, Plow Maker

Catherine Nevins, 32, Ireland, Servant

Thomas Paine, 37, England, Blacksmith

Abraham Caukins, 41, Master Carpenter, New York

Margaret Rankin, 23, Massachusetts, Servant

John N. or W. Hilliard, 48, Physician

Susan M. Johnson, 28, School Teacher, Vermont

Joseph A. White, 21, carpenter, Canada

Edward Johnson, 34, Sweden, Master Mason

Alexander Rogers, 33, Wagon maker, Scotland

Gilbert Watson, 38, Master Mason, Scotland

Peter Harris, 23, Blacksmith, Scotland

Edward Champney, 40, Merchant, England

William Smith, 57, Wagon Maker, England

Samuel Smith, 45, Master Cooper, New York

Andrew J. Smith, 26, Cooper, New York

Valney Simons, 30, Bootmaker, New York

John Russell, 53, Bootmaker, England

Matilda Russell, 20, School Teacher, England

Richard Cooling, 47, Merchant, England

Charles Cooling, 41, Master Blacksmith, England

May Cooling, 21, Music Teacher, New York

James Meiddleton, 27, Blacksmith, England

John Hicmoot, 45, Butcher, England

Mariah Hicmoot, 23, Dress maker, England

James Surrie (?), School Teacher, Scotland

Richard Weaver, 32, Brewer, England

George W. Caukins, 47, Physician, New York

K. H. Palmer, 47, Tailor

Ann Robinson, Domestic, Scotland

Margaret Muir, 18, Domestic, Scotland

Martha A. Cook, Servant, Ohio

Grace Stanley, 16, Servant, Scotland

Isabel Small, 22, School Teacher, Scotland

Catherine, 17, School Teacher ?, Scotland

Elizabeth Moyes, 56, domestic, Scotland

W. C. Armstrong, 39, Clergyman, Virginia

Stephen Stone, 41, Brewer, England

John Melrose, 25, Marines ?, Scotland

James S. Alben, 55, Carpenter, New York

Emma Luke, 18, Servant, New York

Andrew Davidson, 37, Master mason, Scotland

James Elliott, 34, Harness maker, England

Ephraim Boots, 29, Carpenter, England

Henry Boots, 28, carpenter, England

Edward Boots, 52, carpenter,

Michael Quirk, 27, Horse Jocky, Ireland

Elizabeth Quirk, 19, School Teacher, Ireland

Andrew Macky, 26, merchant, New York

Lawrence Coughlin, 68,  tailor, Ireland

Margaret Hvlair ?, 17, Germany

Andrew Gasbrey, 34, Master Mason, Ireland

Harison Cone, shoemaker, Massachusetts, 45

Harriet Wildish, 16, servant, Wisconsin

Ellen Walsh, 21, School teacher, New York

Mary or Margaret Hanafin, 18, School teacher, New York

Julia Hanafin, 15, school teacher, New York

Charles Buck, 26, wagon maker, England

Andrew Howitt ? 27, School teacher, Scotland

Caroline Chewer, 17, servant, Germany

Ann Counsell, 20, servant, England

Charlotte Marsh, 20, servant, New York

Samuel Daugherty, Jr., 45, painter, Massachusetts

Ann Paine, 25, Dress maker, England

Evertt N. Pushee, 21, School teacher, Massachusetts

William Middleton, 36, Master Blacksmith, England

Ellen Howard, 18, servant, England

Harriet Howard, 13, servant, Wisconsin

Truman Wood ?, 53, Master Cooper, New York

Andrew Wood, 17, cooper, New York

John A. Carver, 24, blacksmith, New York

Betsey A. Carver, 27, dress maker, New York

Thomas Gowan, 29, cooper, England

Sarah Thestteward ?. 25, school teacher, Canada

Lawrence Russell, 36, stone cutter, New York

Joseph Varly, 36, stone cutter, England

John Tailor, 43, stone mason, England

Mary Ann Lewis, 19, servant, New York

Arsamus Mectcalf, 45, carpenter, Vermont

Cordelia Robins, 18, servant, New York

William Spink, 58, tavern keeper, England

Edward Smith, 63, butcher, England

Samuel M. Cone, 44, U. P. Clergyman, Pennsylvania

Daniel H. Henshaw, 32, Physician, Massachusetts

Charles Stanl, 30, mason, Switzerland

James Sanders, 36, stone mason, Scotland


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