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Medical History

Doctor / Physician

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 04/11/2006

    When the first settlers arrived in what was to become the town of Lisbon area in 1837, the closest medical doctor was probably in the small village of Milwaukee, a good day's journey, if you were healthy. The settlers had to rely on what down home medicine they, or they closest neighbors (even Indians) knew, and grew to learn about over time.

    Sometime after 1840 and prior to the 1850 Census being taken,  John U. Hillard,  Physician, came to the area, when isn't exactly known, but he lived in the township until at least 1860. Settlers relied on him and probably others; either traveling to meet the doctor in Waukesha, Pewaukee or Menomonee Falls, or perhaps the doctor visited the developing town at various times.

    The 1860 Census shows three medical doctors living in the township, mainly in the developing village of Sussex. 1870 revealed no doctor living in the township, but doesn't indicate how long the area may have been without a medical practitioner. The 1880 Census shows a English born woman doctor. Not much is known about Hannah Russell's medical practice, the area's own version of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"; a most interesting story if uncovered!

    What follows are those medical practitioners identified so far, and some history of their existence. Though early dentists are listed here now, eventually that profession will have its' own web page.

    Please send any added information to this website editor.

Dr. Slade Robinson
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons Ionlm (?)
Twenty years a practitioner in England, West Indies and Canada begs to offer his professional services to the inhabitants of Pewaukee, Lisbon, Menomonee, Warren, and adjoining townships, in the various branches of Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, &c.
Pewaukee village, July 10, 1847
Source: Weekly Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 4, 1847

August 23, 1850 Census:  John U. Hilliard, 37, Physician, England; wife Jane, age 35, Scotland, son John, 8, New York, Jane, 5, Wisconsin, and Louisa, 2, Wisconsin

June 23, 1860 Census:  John U. Hilliard (interpreted as John N.), 48, Physician, wife Jane, 48, John H., 17, Louise age 11, nothing of dau Jane who would be 15-16. Dec 10, 1861 (Waukesha Freeman) John U. Hillard vs. Peter N. Cushman. Action for negligence, and for recovery of money lost thereby. Estate of John U. Hillard, deceased, in probate, July 8, 1863, printed in Waukesha Freeman on July 21.

    George W. Caukins (Corkins), 47, Physician, New York; wife Margaret, 47, NY; Jonah (Jariah?), 17, NY, farm laborer; Mary O., 14, NY; Catharine E., 9, NY. 

    Daniel H. Henshaw, 32, Physician, Massachusetts, boarded with James W. Woodruff, farming family, next door to Samuel Daugherty (Had Pewaukee PO).
Name: Daniel H Henshaw , Residence: Hartford, [Note: Even though this record indicates Res. as Hartford, he is listed as a Town of Lisbon Volunteer/Draftee.
Wisconsin Enlistment Date: 20 April 1861
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Union
State Served: Wisconsin Unit Numbers: 3071 3071
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 20 April 1861
Enlisted in Company B, 1st Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 20 April 1861.
Mustered out Company B, 1st Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 21 August 1861 in Milwaukee, WI. May have died August 11, 1890 leaving Annie J. Henshaw as his widow.

1870 No doctor listed in Census

1880 Hannah C. Russell, 38, Doctor, England (first woman doctor in area). Hannah C. Russell would be daughter of John and Hannah Sr. whose she's living with in 1880. John, still a farmer, is now 71, and Hannah Sr., is 66.

    They live next to James Russell, age 75, and his brother Charles, 63, both retired farmers, and born in England. 

    In 1850, Hannah, Sr. is listed as wife of John Russell, age 43, a shoemaker. Catherine, 15; Sarah, 13, Matilda, 12; Hannah, 9, Mary, 7, John, 5; and Richard, 2, all born in England.

    In July 1867 (Waukesha Plaindealer, August 27, 1867) has a Hannah Russell as a Town of Lisbon school teacher with 39 pupils.

    Dec 11, 1879, Hannah Russell rec'd $87.70 but not $51.10 for county "medical services" rendered.

    Hannah C. Russell may have married in Green county on Mar 9, 1882, vol.5 page 11 to  Felix C. Burnett (listed as Flic Bennett)

    1900 Hannah is still a physician; immigrated and arrived July 12, 1850 at New York from London on the "Adeline", age 58. Felix C. Burnett (b. 1839, Ohio, age 61, no profession).

    In 1910 her husband has died, she's living on "Russell Street" in Monroe City in the township of Monroe in Green county, she has three servants. Probably died between 1910 and 1920.

Dr. A. M. Stout, of Sussex, Wis., intending to remove to Chicago very soon, requests his debtors to call and settle their bills. He has several hundred dollars worth of drugs which he will dispose of at a great discount, also a fine horse, cutter, top buggy, road cart, buffalo robe, saddle, bridle, harness, etc. Waukesha Freeman, May 1, 1884, page 1.

Dr. C. E. Wintermute has established an office at Sussex which he visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays, where he can more readily look after the interests of his patients, and at less expense to them. Waukesha Freeman, March 3, 1887.

Dr. Wintermute moves from Pewaukee to Sussex. WF 5/10/1888. Says he has a good practice in Sussex; a Dr. M. R. Hewitt is in Pewaukee. WF 5/24/1888.

Dr. C. E. Wintermute and wife lose infant son who died Monday of last week; funeral in Janesville. Mrs. Wright, mother of Dr. Wintermute visiting him from Janesville. Waukesha Freeman, March 28, 1889.

Dr. Wintermute buys 2 acres from George Elliott for $300. WF 1/17/1891

Dr. Wintermute announces he's moving his practice to Chicago. WF 4/25/1891

New MD in Sussex. WF 5/14/1891

Sussex - The friends of Dr. Wintermute will be pleased to learn he has a prosperous business in Chicago. Source: Waukesha Freeman, May 21, 1891.

    Dr. E. M. Fuller, native of Merton, taking over Dr. Wintermute's practice in Sussex. Graduated from Rush Medical College in 1890. WF 6/11/1891

    Dr. Fuller marries Daisy Molster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Molster of Waukesha (formerly of Merton). Dr. Fuller has practiced in Waukesha a short time before moving to Sussex. Waukesha Freeman, July 2, 1891.

    After a short illness of diphtheria, Dr. E. M. Fuller died at his home in Sussex Monday morning and was buried the same day. He was twenty-five years of age, and had been married only a few months. After completing his medical course he practiced here (Waukesha) for a short time and then went to Sussex where he was doing well and had built up a large practice. His wife was Miss Molster, of Merton, who a few years ago lost several brothers and sisters by an epidemic of diphtheria. Dr. Fuller was much esteemed and respected and his death casts a gloom over the community. He is supposed to have contracted the disease from a patient. Waukesha Freeman, May 26, 1892.

    Dr. Hewitt leaves Pewaukee to full time practice in Milwaukee. Dr. C. E. Wintermute returns from Chicago to assume Dr, Hewitt's Pewaukee practice. WF 2/11/1892

    Dr. F. M. Chapman, of Nashotah, a recent graduate, will go to Sussex to take charge of the practice of the late Dr. Fuller. WF 6/16/1892

    Mrs. Chapman, of Hartland, visited her son, Dr. Chapman, in Sussex. WF 5/25/1893

    A Dr. Hawley worked on a case with Dr. C. E. Wintermute in Pewaukee. WF 2/22/1894.

    Dr. Farley in Merton recovering from accident. WF 8/23/1894

    George E. Vincent, an optician, from a Waukesha firm, to be in Pewaukee every Wednesday to check your eyes, free of charge. from 9am to 12pmJohn Rice, father of Dr. John A. Rice, died at his son's home in Merton on Sept 9 at 5am, age 94. Sussex: Chas. R. Drake, Pewaukee undertaker and embalmer carries a full line of caskets and undertaker stock. Funeral car furnished for funerals.  WF 9/12/1895

    Dr. F. M. Chapman's sister, Mrs. Hartwell,  died in Algoma, Iowa. Burial in Hartland. WF 4/9/1996. A. P. Chapman and family visit Dr. Chapman. WF 7/22/1897

    Sussex: William Greenland had his leg amputated at Trinity Hospital in Milwaukee by Dr. Earl. WF 4/23/1896

    Dr. Hewitt, of Milwaukee, called on Andrew Davidson, concerning his pneumonia. WF 3/31/1898

    Dr. Chapman moves into a new residence in Sussex. WF 10/27/1898

1900 Census Town of Lisbon

    Frances M. ?, Mar 1870, 30, Wisconsin, Physician

Merton: Drs. Skinner, Nixon and Overbaugh of Hartland; Love of Pewaukee, and Chapman of Sussex all with patients in the town this past month. WF 2/14/1901

    The Sussex Masonic Lodge gave a farewell reception to Dr. Chapman. Robert Chapman [the Dr.'s brother?] , of Chicago, was present to the doctor's surprise. [Dr. Chapman moved his practice to Chicago.] Dr. and Mrs. Jones in Sussex. WF 4/23/1903. [In the WF 7/16/1903 we learn that Dr. Jones wife's parents are from Indiana. ]

    Dr. Jones discontinues his Merton patient visits; a Dr. Clark is in the area. WF 5/4/1905

    Dr. Jones, assisted by Dr. Chapman of Milwaukee [same Dr. Chapman who had left for Chicago] perform an appendicitis operation on Maggie Redford. WF 5/11/1905

    The Waukesha Freeman issue of October 19, 1905 says that a Dr. Jones, a Dentist, of Sussex, left Merton for Milwaukee. Further says that Merton is in need of a M.D. [Perhaps there were two doctor Jones in the area, one a dentist, the other a M.D. because we next find that in the November 23, 1905 issue, that Dr. Jones, Sussex, took Bert Harris to the Milwaukee Hospital.]

    Dr. R. W. Jones left Tuesday for the South where he goes in the hopes of receiving benefit for throat trouble. Dr. Hutchington, of Chicago, will take charge of his practice during his absence. WF 5/31/1906

    Dr. Jones purchased an automobile in the July 12, 1906 issue, and the next month, August 30, 1906, he and his wife took a trip north for health. [Also mentions a brother John Jones and wife, from Delafield. ]

    Dr. Jones and his wife adopt a little two-week old baby boy. WF 1/3/1907.

    Dr. Jones taking vacation; Dr. Patridge attending his practice. Less than a month later Dr. Jones sold his Sussex residence and says he will move to Oconto July 1, 1908. WF 6/11/1908 [Later newspaper entry indicates he lived in Mattoon, Wisconsin.]

    May 21, 1909, Dr. Jones of Wausau, comes to Sussex to assist in surgery on Mr. Walters. 

Waukesha Freeman July 8, 1909 -  Disappearance of Dr. C. D. Greulich of Sussex, there about a year, sold his practice to a Milwaukeean, Dr. Lawler, and left Monday for parts unknown. Had been borrowing money quite heavily and with the sale of his Sussex property he is thought to had considerable money with him. No further mention of him until May 14, 1914

    Evidently Dr. Greulich continued to practice in Sussex for a time, in May 14, 1914, he closed a gash in Fred Stier's head. No mention of what happened. Waukesha Freeman

    April 21, 1910 - Dr. Woodhead, from Merton, makes his visits to Sussex now in an auto. He sold his gray team of horses to Bertsel Davidson. The Dr. and wife had their baby baptized at St. Alban's earlier that year, as reported March 17, 1910.

Waukesha Freeman Jan 16, 1913 Dr Lawler and Dr. Barnes from Pewaukee operated to remove a needle stuck in the back of 4 year old daughter of Herman Vermelis

Waukesha Freeman May 14, 1914 Dr. Lawler his converted his front room in his house into an office and waiting room

Waukesha Freeman Oct 22, 1914, Dr. Greulich sells his home to Mr. Edwards.

Waukesha Freeman July 1, 1915 George Lawler has sold his property to Wm. Brown.

1920 Census taken by Geo Wileden is separated into two enumeration districts 173 sections 1 - 18 and 174 sections 19 - 36.

    George N or W. Lawler, Village Doctor, age 45; wife Selby, age 30

    Cornelius Arnlich, osteopathic doctor, age 37; wife Lulu

    Dr. Greulich still in Sussex in Jan 1921

    Still practicing medicine in 1930 Census of Sussex, Dr. Cornelius D. Greulich. Cornelius born Aug 1882 to George and Mary Greulich in Germantown, early immigrants, born 1859 and 1860, father is a farmer.

    July 10, 1930 Prohibition officials revoked government liquor permit of Dr. Lawler. Waukesha Freeman

    June 9, 1932 Dr. George Lawler has purchased a home in Waukesha and will move there with his family before school opens in the fall. Waukesha Freeman. Born 1875 in Michigan

    May 26, 1932 - Drs. Bernhart and Van Valin. Dr. Bernhart in Dec 3, 1931.  Waukesha Freeman [Could be Ervin Bernhart, age 30, a doctor in 1930 Milwaukee with wife Edith, age 25. ]

    December 22, 1932 - Mrs. Van Valin and mother, have come to Sussex to make their home this winter with the former's son, Dr. Erwin Van Valin. Waukesha Freeman

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