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Prop Wash Tavern

at Aero Park

A December 2004 photo by Bill Schlafer of "the remains of the restaurant/clubhouse/bar.

Bill Schlafer reported in December 2004, "Sometime in early December the operations were closed & the field was plowed up. I have not been able to find out why the airport was closed or if the plowing was done in preparation for planting crops or to discourage any attempted landings. It was never listed for sale, and its closure didn't even make the local news."


Battery: A 27-year-old Colgate man was cited for battery after a Nov. 12 altercation at the Prop Wash Tavern , W204-N5022 Lannon Road. According to police reports, the man slugged the tavern owner twice after the owner sought to break up a dispute in the tavern parking lot. The man fled the Prop Wash, but was captured shortly afterward at a tavern in Lannon .

Police Report
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Thursday, November 23, 1995