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Leimbach's Hotel and Sample Room aka Miller's Hotel

About 1904 Ferdinand Leimbach, who was a mason contractor in Milwaukee, decided to leave town and start his own business. He came to Lannon and built a combination hotel [with about 14 rooms for boarders], restaurant/tavern and hall. He and his wife, Rosa [nee Falk] lived in one small apartment upstairs [bedroom and parlor] and the Millers [his daughter Catherine and Arthur C. Miller] lived in an identical apartment next to it, utilizing the boarders' rooms for extra bedrooms as necessary. Arthur Miller drove a horse and buggy each day into Menomonee Falls where he worked at the Held and Gumm General Store.

Within a short time, Ferdinand developed Bright's Disease and was unable to work for the two years before he died on December 17, 1909. Though he was Catholic, the local priest didn't call on him since he was married to Lutheran, Rosa Falk. He did become friends with the local Lutheran minister, Pastor Albrecht. He laid in state in the parlor for several days, then the casket was placed on the train for the funeral at Jerusalem Lutheran church in Milwaukee, and his body buried at Union Cemetery, Milwaukee. His being Catholic  and having a Lutheran burial service created quite a stir in the mostly Catholic Lannon village.

Now becoming the Miller Hotel, the young children often helped serving patrons and boarders meals, serving everything family style in big bowls. Every morning at 6:30am hot buns and sugar rolls were brought back from the local bakery to add to the boarders' menu of hot oatmeal, German fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, toast and jelly, and often steak or sausage. Most of the noontime customers were railroad men, but the boarders were usually quarry who required packed lunches. At night the empty lunch pails were stacked with the dirty supper dinnerware, pots and pans to be washed, then filled in the early morning with freshly made sandwiches, cake and fruit. except for the baker's buns and rolls, nearly all of the food was homemade. rosa Leimbach was an adept gardener whose skill kept the root cellar bulging and the canning jars filled. The "hotel complex" included many sheds where chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits were raised for meat. They also kept laying hens for an abundant supply of eggs.

In late Fall after the slaughtering was done, the family made sausage using the butcher's pork casings, or pork sausage was cured in a crock, even smoked, some made into patties. Rosa made an especially good liver sausage which boarders loved for breakfast.

Cooking was done on wood-burning stoves though they did have a sort of oil-burning stove on the back porch, but Rosa refused to use it preferring her well-known and used wood-burners.

The Miller Hotel had a kind of motorized washing machine in a back shed, and in good weather sheets were found billowing on backyard lines. When not, they were hung in the hotel attic or basement, because the parlor rooms weren't large enough to dry everything. The hotel was heated in areas with hard coal Eisen glass heaters, though for the most part, the boarders rooms were unheated.

In 1923 Arthur and Catherine, afraid of Prohibition's restrictions against their thirsty, demanding boarders, sold out and moved to Milwaukee.

Newly discovered Lannon early baseball history

About 1910-15: [Arthur C.] Miller Hotel in Lannon, the former Leimbach Hotel & Sample Room, sponsored a baseball team called "Miller's Colts". source: Rose Gissal 1899-1991, Remembrances of Rose Miller Gissal, March, 1976, As told to Kathy Pickell, book preserved by her daughter Pat Gissal Schmidt page 13. Copies made by Sussex Historian Fred H. Keller in Sept 2007.

Note: the above hotel history also comes from the Rose Gissal book.

Panel urges review of condo plan Complex proposal may be too dense for developer's site

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Thursday, September 28, 1995
Author: BETSY THATCHER, Journal Sentinel staff

Development in a plan for a 14-building, 112-unit condominium complex may be too dense for its proposed site, Plan Commission members believe.

Last week, Carl Trapp showed his plans to the commission, which reserved taking action pending review by the village engineer.

The plans for Eagles Nest call for building the proposed two-story, eight-unit buildings on 12 acres along Good Hope Road just west of Main St. and the Whiskey Hollow tavern .

The two-bedroom units would be 1,200 square feet, Trapp said. The plan also shows 308 parking spaces, including underground areas. Private streets would connect the buildings and parking areas.

"This seems to be an awful lot of buildings on one spot," commission member Walter Sullivan said.

Village President Terry Gissal agreed that the number of units for the size of the lot appeared too high.

Gissal suggested the development have a berm around it to act as a buffer between it and adjacent commercial and industrial property.

The plans will return to the commission in October despite a moratorium on new development in the village, Gissal said.

The moratorium, instituted so the village can devise a master land use plan, is in effect until March 11, 1996. It will take at least that long for all the reviews that would be necessary for Trapp's plan to be completed, Gissal said.

Sullivan said he would feel more comfortable considering Trapp's plan once the commission, in its land-use study, gets a better idea of the areas of the village deemed most appropriate for multifamily development.

One of the reasons the village is developing a master plan is the advent of sanitary sewer service. Installation of the system, to begin by the end of the year, is expected to result in residential and business growth.

Dronen, who owns the Whiskey Hollow Tavern on Main St., urged the village to blacktop one side of all streets, to give drivers a break from potholes.


Lannon merchants bewail road impasse - Water project halted, leaving streets unpaved
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Monday, November 11, 1996
Author: LISA SINK ; Journal Sentinel staff

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