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Sussex - Lisbon Area Business History Directory (Current & Recent)

The Directory links below are to local area businesses, both current, or no longer in active operation. Many more businesses aren't listed, but will be in the future. Whether your business is/was a traditional brick-and-mortar one, or you operate(d) from your home, SLAHS wants to document your business history.

In each Directory section, the history of a particular business (if the business has submitted their historical information) can be found by further clicking on a hyperlink to a separate web page. The intent of these business web pages is to document the Sussex-Lisbon area local business history, and to promote business and historical society cooperation and awareness.

How does a business submit its history? Submit by email to [email protected] Historical information (including pictures/photos) can be attached to email submissions. The submitting business may submit contact information (web page URL, email address, telephone number, address, etc) which will be added to the business web page based on the discretion of the website Editor/Assistant Curator.

Directory A-B Directory C-F Directory G-L Directory M-R Directory S-Z

Business History Directory S - Z

Last Updated - 05/02/2015

Safety Equipment

Ideal Safety Sales, W245 N5551 s. Corporate Circle, 262-246-4665

Saloon see Taverns


Hamilton School District- Educational excellence and high standards mark the Hamilton School District. Caring, highly qualified staff members ensure maximum achievement for each student. Candis Mongan , W220N6151 Town Line Rd. , Sussex, WI 53089-3999 , 262-246-6471, 1104 262-246-1885 FAX [email protected]

Scrap Metal

Donahue Iron & Metal Co., Inc., N82 W22417 Scott Street, 262-255-1733

Screen Printing

Advanced Pro Shop, N64 W24576 Main St., 262-246-8585

Security / Police / Emergency

Emergency 911

Badgerland, 262-820-1293 "website pending renewal"

Lisbon Police Department, N72 W24958 Good Hope Rd., 262-246-8558

Poison Control, 1-800-222-1222

Sussex Fire, 262-246-5197

Sussex Police, 262-446-5070

Septic/Restrooms / Septic Tanks & Systems

Lietzau, Inc., W230 N9421 Colgate Rd., 262-628-4550

Sewer Construction

Tomasini, D. F., Inc., N70 W25176 Indiangrass Lane, 262-820-8300

Shipping Supplies

Associated Bag Company- Scott Pietila , 400 W. Boden Street , Milwaukee, WI 53207 , 800-926-6100 414-769-1054 FAX [email protected]

DK Sales, Inc. - Scott Jankowski , P.O. Box 287 , N64 W23916 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089-0287 , 262-820-3535 262-820-3333 FAX [email protected]


Sussex Shoe Repair - Philip Haerle owner

Shopping Centers


Siding (See Home Improvements)


Beanpole Signs, Ltd., N61 W23145 Silver Spring Dr., Ask for "Beanpole", 262-246-6512

Celebration Yard Signs, W259 N9459 Riverview Dr., Colgate,  262-628-9453

Ski Hill

Ausblick Ski Area - Dennis Evinrude , W260 N6395 Mary Hill Road , P.O. Box 207 , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-3090 , 262-820-0408 FAX [email protected]

Snow Removal

Complete Lawn Services, Inc., N57 W24681 Nighthawk Court, Sussex, 262-853-1354


Sussex Soccer Club- David Christofferson , The Sussex Soccer Club is a private, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to youth soccer.  SSC is a member of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and abides by the rules set forth by the WYSA. ; P.O. Box 288 , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-5916 [email protected]

Social Services / Food Pantry

Sussex Area Outreach Services  -Penny Kundert , N63 W23626 Silver Spring , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-9860 262-246-9490 FAX [email protected]

Sound Systems

Meissner TVideo-Audio, N61 W23398 Tulip Lane, 262-246-3303



Lynndale Farms Raceway / Race Track

Sportsplex aka Springbok

Stone (See Quarry / Hobby)


Indian Grass Storage, W252 N7055 Indiangrass Lane, 262-820-2626

Sussex Mini Storage Center, N76 W30500 Cty TK VV, 262-246-8877


Bernklau Surveying, Inc., N64 W24801 Main St., 262-246-0718

Swimming Pools / Cleaning & Supplies

Aqua Fun Pools, Inc., W232 N6052 Waukesha Ave., (Hwy 74), 262-246-6841

Rainbow Pools, Inc., 262-246-6667

Tanning Salon

Amy B. & Co. Salon & Spa

Hair Twisters, N64 W22630 Main St., 262-246-8485

Lake Country Tan, N64 W22680 Main St., 262-820-1812

Paradise Tan, N65 W24838 Main St., 262-246-9944

Taverns (see also Brewery and Liquor) or Index to Taverns & Saloons


Abler's Whiskey Corners, W220 N6410 Town Line Rd, Menomonee Falls, WI‎ - (262) 251-0790 [see Lannon Springs Hotel]

Andre's (in Sussex Plaza) Hwy 74, 262-820-3641 (became Burrito Bueno West)

Arriba, restaurant/tavern, Butler

Arthur K's, N63 W23929 Main Street, Sussex, 262-246-4601, (former Wolfendales, opened October 2002)

Bone Yard Pub & Grill [see Seigo's]

Burrito Bueno West, N62 W22648 Main Street, Sussex - (became Su Casa II)

Retrospect: Old Boots Brewery fell to railroads, Milwaukee beers

Bottom’s Up Tavern, 12500 block of Hampton Avenue, Butler

Brewery, Saloon and Tavern History David Bonham, first saloon owner in Lisbon Township.

The Butler Inn, 12400 W. Hampton Ave., Butler

Cardinal Club Tavern, 4741 N. 124th St., Butler

Club Avalon

Club 74 (see Mammoth Spring Hotel)

Commercial Hotel [see Dugout]

Davis Hotel [see Mibbs & Viv's]

Dilly's (see Mammoth Spring Hotel)

Donkle's Tap (see Temperance Temple)

Don Lucy's Club (see Mammoth Spring Hotel)

Dugout, or Dug Out, Lannon

Duplainville Tavern

4th Base (see Mammoth Spring Hotel) aka Tailgators

Golden Nugget Tavern, 12506 W. Hampton Ave., Butler

Jolly Bar (see Temperance Temple)

Killarney's Corner (see Mammoth Spring Hotel) N64w23246 Main St, Sussex - (262) 246-3457

Lannon House Tavern, N72 W20202 Good Hope Road, Lannon

Louis Gissal's Tavern, Lannon

Lunowa's Whiskey Corners [see Lannon Springs Hotel]

Mammoth Spring Hotel

Marchese's Danceland, W249 N6424 Hwy J (Hwy 164)

McCarty's Spring Tavern (see Lannon Springs Hotel)

McCluskey's (see Mammoth Spring Hotel)


Mibb's & Viv's, Lannon

Miller Hotel, Lannon (Ische's)

Olde Templeton  N63W23197 Main St, Sussex, WI 53089

Our Villa

Prohibition: Rum running escape from the federals in 1926

Red Lion

Roadside Inn, Lake Five

Seigos Japanese Steak House, N64W23180 Main St, Sussex, WI 53089

Shooter's Pub & Grill, W220 N6437 Town Line Rd., 262-820-0558

Skeet Weeds Tavern (see Temperance Temple)

Su Casa II - Jorge Suarez Dominguez , N64 W22648 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-1855   262-820-1856 FAX

Sussex Bowl - N64 W24576 Main St.,  262-246-6808

Sussex Inn, N64W23300 Main St, Sussex, WI 53089

Sussex Place

Sussex Place Sport's Bar, N64 W22480 Main St., 262-820-3500 [see Sussex Place]

Sussex Steak House N63W23929 Main St, Sussex, WI 53089 (see Wolfendales)

Taylor's Hotel

Tailgators (see Mammoth Spring Hotel)

Temperance Temple

Uncle Johnny's Bar and Grill, Lake Five (see Roadside Inn)

VFW Horne-Mudlitz Post 6377.

Wet Spot

Whiskey Corners  (see Abler's Whiskey Corners)

Willow Springs Tavern (also see Abler's Whiskey Corners)

Wolfendales N63W23929 Main St, Sussex, WI 53089

Zimmerman's (see Mammoth Spring Hotel)

Tax Preparation

Computerized Tax Service, inc., N64 W24050 Main St., 262-246-6777

Schan Businesses-Insurance & Tax - N64 W24801 Main St., 262-246-8500

Telephone Systems / Telecommunications

Northcentral Telcom, N61 W23286 Silver Spring Dr., 262-820-1585

Town & Country Electric, N63 W23075 Main St., 262-246-4003

Tile (See Home Improvement)

Tires (See Auto Repair & Service (Oil change))


Cigar Hut, N65 W24838 Main St., 262-246-9500

Tool & Die / Tools

Craftmaster LLP, N80 W23976 Plainview Rd., 262-246-8383

Dynamic Stamping, Inc., W225 N6328 Village Dr., 262-246-4433

R C Tool, Inc., W248 N5617 Executive Dr., 262-820-3722

S T Tool, Inc., W240 N6669 Maple Ave., 262-820-3080

Schreiber Specialties, Founded in 1993, W250 N6741 State Road 164, 262-246-9933

Tools, Inc., W248 N5500 Executive Sr., 262-246-3400

Tri-Star Tool & Machine, Inc., W245 N5474 S Corporate Cir,  Sussex, 262 - 820 - 1859

Waukesha Tool & Stamping, LLC. - Vicki Pinnow , P.O. Box 328 , N53 W24635 S. Corporate Circle , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-9000 262-820-8750 FAX [email protected]


Schan Businesses-Insurance & Tax - N64 W24801 Main St., 262-246-8500

Vision Point Productions, Inc.- Sue Mueller , N87 W24189 N. Lisbon Road , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-8962 , 262-820-8963 FAX , [email protected]


U-Haul Co. Independent, N61 W23145 Silver Spring Dr., 262-246-3107


Cruise and Beyond Travel, W239 N7762 Majestic Place., 262-820-2460

Sussex Travel, Inc., N64 W23316 Main St., 262-246-8232

Tree Service (See Landscaping)


Complete Logistics, Inc., N62 W24801 Main St., Suite 111, 262-820-3580

Price Trucking, Inc., N64 W24801 Main St., 262-820-0725

Tremmel, Threresa trucking, W276 N6746 Moraine Dr., 262-538-4922

Truck Painting & Lettering (See Signs)


Vehicle Liquidation

Insurance Auto Auction - Milwaukee: Tom Bober , N70 W25277 Indiangrass Lane , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-8822 262-246-4411 FAX


Beverage Consultants, W234 N5901 Lilac Dr., 262-820-3380

Suburban Vending Co., Inc., N64 W23316 Main St., 262-246-6363


Dr. Wendy Van Der Wegen, N64 W24280 Main St., 262-246-5820

Video Rental & Sales

Blockbuster Video, N65 W24838 Main St., 262-820-9707

Village Halls

Lannon, Village of
Lisbon, Town of
Sussex, Village of

Wallpapering (See Home Improvement)


Andrey's Fine Jewelry, Inc. -  Andrey Gibelev, President, N64 W24678 Main Street, Sussex, WI. 53089., 262-820-3540 Fax 262-820-3563 [email protected]

Web Design

MacCetera LLC- Marc Wolfgram , 735 River Reserve Drive , Hartland, WI 53029 , 262-367-8800 , [email protected]

Millikin Design Group, LLC - Ray Millikin, N69 W27177 Hickory Chasm Dr. , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-8977

On Your Mark, LLC - Keith Klein , 22603 W. Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-8201 , 262-820-8202 FAX [email protected]

Orion Group LLC - N69W25055 Indian Grass Lane, Suite F, Sussex, WI 53089  (262) 820-9520

Weddings (See Bridal and Florists)

Welcoming Services

Sussex Greetings - Carol Braeger , P.O. Box 333 , W238 N6440 Elmwood , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-3032


Press-Weld Corporation, W227 N6370 Sussex Rd., Sussex, 262-820-9566

Quality Welding, Inc., N63 W23369 Main St., 262-246-3047

Wells & Pumps / Drilling

Aqua Well & Pump Systems, 262-246-4450

Evert Pump Service, N56 W25420 Richmond Road, 262-538-2737

Windows / Treatments / Coverings / Hardware

Ace Hardware - Sussex, N64 W24330 Main St., 262-246-3707

Krause Window Tinting -  N92 W25030 Blue Heron Dr., Sussex - Wisconsin 53089 - Tele: 414.801.1155

Scruples Window Fashions, 262-246-1747

Wire & Cable

PIC Wire & Cable, N53 W24747S Corporate Circle, 262-246-0500


J D Woodworks, Inc. W240 N8887 North Rd., 262-246-4498


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