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Business History Index

Sussex - Lisbon Area Business History Directory (Current & Recent)

The Directory links below are to local area businesses, both current, or no longer in active operation. Many more businesses aren't listed, but will be in the future. Whether your business is/was a traditional brick-and-mortar one, or you operate(d) from your home, SLAHS wants to document your business history.

In each Directory section, the history of a particular business (if the business has submitted their historical information) can be found by further clicking on a hyperlink to a separate web page. The intent of these business web pages is to document the Sussex-Lisbon area local business history, and to promote business and historical society cooperation and awareness.

How does a business submit its history? Submit by email to [email protected] Historical information (including pictures/photos) can be attached to email submissions. The submitting business may submit contact information (web page URL, email address, telephone number, address, etc) which will be added to the business web page based on the discretion of the website Editor/Assistant Curator.

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Business History Directory C-F

Last Updated - 03/02/2015


Clanton Quality Cabinets, W220 N7071 Town Line Rd. Sussex, 262-246-8888

JR's Creative Cabinets, Inc., W227 N6310 Sussex Rd., 262-246-8777

Maple Creek Cabinets, L.L.C., W239 N7456 Maple Ave., Sussex, 262-352-3849

Wagner Woodwork, Inc., - W245 N5551 N. Corporate Circle, Sussex, 262-820-9743

Car Wash

Open Pantry Food Marts, N64 W24925 Main Street, Sussex, 262-246-7333


John Muehl Remodeling, Sussex, 262-246-9686

Timberline Construction of Wisconsin, Inc., W260 N8631 Hwy 164, 262-246-3312


In Home Carpets, W245 N7662 Stonefield Dr., Sussex, 262-820-8904


Brown's Bountiful Catering, W225 N8020 Rolling Hills Dr., 262-251-6131

Perks of Sussex on the Main - N64 W24326 Main Street, 262-820-0665  FAX 262-820-0642

Cement & Masonry

Hillman Masonry, 262-820-0198

Marx Masonry Inc.- Gene or Gail Marx , W238 N6635 Orchard Dr. , Sussex, WI 53089-3130 , 262-246-3384 262-820-1184 FAX [email protected]

Chamber of Commerce

Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce, N64 W24050 Main Street, Sussex, 262-246-4940

Child Care

Kids come First Preschool & Child Care - W232 N6160 Waukesha Ave., Sussex, 262-820-0505

Lutheran Social Services, Child care services, 262-246-3121

Noah's Ark Christian Learning Center, N63 W23523 Main St., Sussex, 262-246-9650

Wee Welcome Inn LLC - Janet Gierach , N63 W24375 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-8855  262-246-0507 FAX

Chimney Cleaning & Repair

Building Restoration, Inc., W220 N7063 Townline Rd., Sussex, 262-246-8872


Care Health Center= Chiropractic/Exercise/Acupuncture. Dr. Kurt Simons , Note new location: N64 W24801 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-3000 262-246-4255 FAX [email protected] Simons opened two different clinics on Main Street before eventually moving into his current location on S. Corporate Circle in September 2010.

Sussex Chiropractic, S.C.- Dr. Daniel Loftus , N64 W22640 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-8811 , 262-246-8894 FAX [email protected]


Calvary Baptist Church West, W189 N8309 Main St., Lannon, 262-250-1320

Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, N59 W 22476 Silver Spring Dr., 262-246-6537

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church & School, W244 N6383 Weaver Dr., Sussex, 262-246-3266 Fax 262-246-7165 [email protected]

Lighthouse Baptist Church, N74 W25332 Howard Lane, 262-246-8737

Lisbon Presbyterian Church, W250 N7095 Hillside Rd., 262-246-3377

Merton Baptist

Peace Lutheran Church and Academy, W240 N6145 Maple Ave., Sussex, 262-246-3200

Redeemer United Church of Christ, N64 W24801 Main St., 262-246-6710

Rock Ridge Christian Fellowship, 7142 N. Lannon Rd., Lannon, 262-250-1482

St. Alban's Episcopal Church, W239 N6440 Maple Ave., Sussex, 262-246-4430

        Christmas At St. Alban's Church 1876

         St. Alban's 40th Anniversary

        St. Alban's doesn't have bats in its belfry

St. James Catholic Church & School

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 20801 W. Forest View Dr., Lannon, 251-2910

Sussex Chili Cook-Off - "The Origins of the Sussex Chili Cook-Off"

Sussex United Methodist Church, N63 W23523 Main St., Sussex, 262-246-3748


Carriage Cleaners, N65 W24838 Main St., Sussex, 262-246-9404

Cleaning Services

Amway, W232 N6201 Waukesha Ave., Sussex, 262-246-3456

Building Restoration, Inc., W220 N7063 Townline Rd., Sussex, 262-246-8872

Diversified Professional Services, Inc., 262-246-7111


Sussex Lisbon Area Historical Society- Fred Keller , N63 W23791 Main Street , P.O. Box 32 , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-9164

Sussex Soccer Club- David Christofferson , The Sussex Soccer Club is a private, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to youth soccer.  SSC is a member of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and abides by the rules set forth by the WYSA. ; P.O. Box 288 , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-5916 [email protected]

Coffee House

Perk's of Sussex on the Main, N64 24326 Main St., Sussex, 262-820-0665

Commercial Real Estate Country Inns & Suites

Computer Sales / Supplies

Auto Logic, N53 W24880 S Corporate Circle, Sussex, 262-820-9671

Caboodle Cartridge- , N81 W15082 Appleton Avenue , Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 , 262-255-4501 262-255-4514 FAX [email protected]

Colormetrix Technologies, LLC., N64 W24050 Main St., 262-820-1131

MacCetera LLC- Marc Wolfgram , 735 River Reserve Drive , Hartland, WI 53029 , 262-367-8800 [email protected]

NetSmart, Inc.- Steven Reich , P.O. Box 258 , W310 N6710 Chenequa Drive , Hartland, WI 53029-0258 , 262-306-1755 FAX [email protected]

OnYourMark, LLC - Keith Klein , 22603 W. Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-8201 262-820-8202 FAX [email protected]

WPC Computers & IT Solutions -

Computer Networks

Desktop System Integrators, N77 W24850 Kathleen Ct., 262246-8639


CR 1 Concrete Resurfacing  Concrete Resurfacing Company - Since 1964

Decorative Concrete Company - N70 W25156 Indiangrass Lane, Sussex, 262-510-4280

J P Anthony, Inc. -  N63 W24511 Silver Spring Dr., PO Box 261, Sussex; 262-246-8639 1-800-564-0838 FAX 262-246-3359

Jim's Concrete Service -   262-246-0529

Kircher Construction - Sussex, 262-246-3435

Marx Masonry, Inc. - 40 years 262-246-3384 FAX 262-820-1184

Ottawa Ready Mix, W260 N8149 Hwy 164, 262-820-0879

Precision Concrete Cutting, 262-820-9170

Quikrete Wisconsin, Inc., W225 N6236 Village Dr., 262-246-4501

Sussex U-Cart Ready Mix, N64 W22998 State Highway 74, 262-246-6611

Consulting, Business

Outward Focus-  Lori Hayes , W236 N6008 Pine Terrace ,Sussex, WI 53089 , 414-840-2457 [email protected]

Transitions Lifestyle Complete, LLC  -  [email protected] 

Value Analysis & Systems Technology, Inc., 262-246-7369

Visionpoint, N87 W24189 Lisbon Rd., 262-820-8962

Contractors / Construction

Bierman Construction Corporation, N76 W24839 Ridgefield Dr., 262-820-1780

Bp Design Builders, N93 W25287 Bittersweet Dr., 262-628-4468

Custom Construction Company, new home construction, remodeling, decks and siding., 262-628-4835

Demlang Builders, Inc., N53 W24794 S Corporate Dr., Sussex, 262-246-0330

Embassy Construction, N82 W23478 Five Iron Way, 262-820-9697

Libecki Grading, N52 W24386 Lisbon Rd., 262-246-8085Midwest Homes, Inc., 262-246-6693

Midwest Detention Services, LLC., W265 N6575 Top 'o Hill Dr., 262-820-9822

Millikin Homes of Milwaukee, Inc., N63 W23524 Silver Spring Dr., 262-246-3576

New Vision Homes, LLC., W250 N23524 Hillside Lane, 262-820-9500

Nic Meyer Construction, Inc., - N70 W25156 Indiangrass Lane, 262-246-3515

Schroeder Bros. Construction, Inc., N63 W23849 Main St., Sussex, 262-246-1700

Convenience Stores

Open Pantry Food Mart, N64 W24925 Main St., Sussex, 262-246-7333

Petro Pantry, N62 W23456 Silver Spring Sr., Sussex, 262-246-4741

Quarry Mart, LLC., N52 W23206 Lisbon Rd., 262-246-1999

Quick Corners, W232 N6116 Waukesha Ave., Sussex, 262-820-0551 or 262-820-0363


Worldwide Digital, N61 W23043 Silver Spring Dr. / W230 N6080 Hi-Tech Drive, 262-246-0509 or 262-820-3726

Credit Unions

Associates Commercial Corporation, N77 W23160 Red Fox Circle, 262-246-0712

Landmark Credit Union, N64 W22694 Main St., Sussex, 262-820-6820

Dental Care / Dentist

Advanced Orthodontics Dr. Wayne Ostdick N64 W24050 Main Street, Suite #200 , P.O. Box 82 , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-0825

Archilletti, Deborah A., Dr., Dentist, N64 W24050 Main Street, 262-246-8810

Boettcher, Karen M., Dentist, N63 W23669 Silver Spring Dr., 262-246-6806

John C Magnusson, D.D.S & Gina Ostrand, D.D.S; Family Dentistry; PO BOX 145 , N63 W23524 Silver Spring Dr., Sussex , WI 53089  TEL: (262)246-6486

Sussex Dental Center - Cheryl Maas , P.O. Box 229 , N63 W23669 Silver Spring Drive , Sussex,  WI 53089 , 262-246-6806 262-246-6892 FAX

Department Store

Kohl's Department Store, N66 W25099 Silver Spring Dr., Sussex, 262-246-3143



Tko Doors, N56 W24701 N Corporate Circle, Suite A, 262-820-1217


Scruples Window Fashions - 262-246-1747


Hamilton School District- Educational excellence and high standards mark the Hamilton School District. Caring, highly qualified staff members ensure maximum achievement for each student. Candis Mongan , W220N6151 Town Line Rd. , Sussex, WI 53089-3999 , 262-246-6471, 1104 262-246-1885 FAX [email protected]

Lesley College Milwaukee, W232 N8857 Wooded Ridge Trail, 262-246-3518

Electrical / Electrical Supply

Cable Components, Inc., N56 W24790 N Corporate Circle, 262-820-1060

Good Electric, Inc.= Dave Drumel, P.E. , 3505 W. Kiehnau , Milwaukee, WI 53209 , 414-228-9500 414-228-9526 FAX [email protected]

Integrity Wire Edm., N53 W24794 S Corporate Circle, Sussex, 262-820-3400

Spectrum Electric, Inc., W222 N5734 Miller Way, Sussex, 262-820-8335

Sussex Electric, For all your electrical needs. N61 W23948 Sumac Lane, Sussex, 262-246-3677


Pita T's, W240 N6886 Maple Ave., Sussex, 262-246-6630


Bevco Engineering, W222 N5739 Miller Way, 262-820-2400

Dbm Innovation, Inc., N63 W23583 Main St., Sussex, 262-246-8075

Great Lakes Sales & Engineering, Inc., N56 W24879 Corporate N Circle, 262-820-1940

Jakubowski, Tom, N76 W22300 Cherry Hill Rd., 262-251-9020

Material Interface, Inc. - N73W22301 Willowview Drive, 262-246-9610    Fax 262-246-9670 [email protected]

United Engineering Corp., W220 N6671 Town Line Rd., 262-246-4718


Absolute Automation Systems, Inc., N56 W24842 N Corporate Circle, Sussex, 262-820-9900


Commercial Excavating Service, W240 N6681 Maple Ave., 262-246-6585

Ground Sculptors, N52 W24270 Lisbon Rd., Sussex, 262-820-0983

Kircher construction, 262-246-3435

Sussex Excavating & Grading, Inc., 21617 W. Bonnie Lane, 262-251-0255

Fast Food (see Restaurants)

Feed Mill - see Agriculture


Custom Fence, 6052 North Hwy 74, 262-246-8001

Patriot Fence & Construction, L.L.C.,  262-246-4918

Financial Institutions

Anchor Bank- Peggy Leary , N64 W24857 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-2999 , 262-820-2847 FAX [email protected]

Associated Bank Sussex- Mike Flemming , 19601 W. Bluemound Rd. , Brookfield, WI 53045 , 262-797-7343 , 262-797-7177 FAX [email protected]

Associated Bank, Lake Five office, State Highway 164 & County Road Q

Associated Bank, N64 W23710 Main Street, Sussex office, 262-820-6736

Canaan Mortgage - James Mancos , W245 N6094 Maris Drive , Sussex, WI 53089 , 414-378-2117 262-828-9176 FAX

Farmers & Merchants Bank -     The Farmers & Merchants bank is the second  largest bank in Waukesha county with resources previous to this merger of over one and one-half million dollars.

Guaranty Bank, Sussex Pick'n Save, N65 W24838 Main St., Sussex, 262-820-3220

Landmark Credit Union- Nancy Baas , N64W22694 Main St. , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-6820 Ext. 3771 262-820-6825 FAX [email protected]

M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank- Bob Zarzynski , P.O. Box 305 , N64 W25050 Prospect Circle , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-9246 262-246-7380  262-246-4067 FAX [email protected]

North Shore Bank- Candy Walecki , W249 N6600 Hwy 164 , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-4520 262-246-5940 FAX [email protected]

Sussex State Bank - The first bank was started in Sussex in 1911.

US Bank - Sussex, N64 W24300 Main St., Sussex, 262-246-5760

Waukesha State Bank   -  Ronald Crass,100 Bank Street , P.O. Box 648 , Waukesha, WI 53187 , 262-549-8500 262-574-4102 FAX  [email protected]

West Bend Savings Bank, Lake Five Office, N95 W25901 County Line Road (Hwy Q), 262-628-2382

Financial Planning

Cindy Vance Ins. & Fin. Services - Cindy Vance , N64 W24678 Main Street , P.O. Box 162 , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-8115  262-246-8116 FAX

Creative Financial Services, Inc., N64 W24801 Main St., Sussex, 262-820-0870

Edward Jones Investments Group Benefits Unlimited - Sandy  S. Manfrin , N64 W24050 Main Street, Suite 300 , Sussex, WI 53089  262-246-8956  888-254-7901 FAX

Jo Mason - State Farm Insurance - Jo Mason , N64W23316 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 262-246-8068  262-246-8069 FAX

Weigand Financial Services, LLC., Todd C. Weigand, N70 W26315 Edgewood Dr., 262-246-6190 Cell 262-327-6107


Allora International, W230 N6080 Hi-Tech Dr., 262-246-6800

Country Stove & Fireplace, W232 N6008 Waukesha Ave. (Highway 74), 262-246-1900

Fire Protection


Curves - Debbie Gallant , N64 W22622 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-7080  262-246-7081 FAX

Jazzercise - Rebecca Fabry , W268 N2741 Platt , Pewaukee, WI 53072  262-691-9095

J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy - Mr. Jin Lee , 1230 George Towne Dr., Suite D , Pewaukee, WI 53072 , 262-695-6700 , 262-695-6464 FAX

USA Tae Kwon Do - Hwy 164 & Hwy K, Sussex, 262-820-3456

Lifespeed Physical Therapy & Fitness  - Ray Herschleb , N64 W24678 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-820-2686 262-820-2687 FAX [email protected]

Transitions Lifestyle Complete, LLC. -

Floor Covering

Sussex Flooring - Randy Plato , N63 W22595 Main Street , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-8848 , 262-246-7222 FAX


Sussex Country Floral Shoppe, L.L.C. - N63 W23811 Main St., Sussex, 262-246-3980

Sussex Floral & Gifts - N64 W22656 Main Street, Sussex, 262-246-5990   1800-886-3105

Food see Grocery

Food Pantry

Sussex Area Outreach Services  -Penny Kundert , N63 W23626 Silver Spring , Sussex, WI 53089 , 262-246-9860 262-246-9490 FAX [email protected]

Food Sales

Master Sales, Inc., N63 W24301 Main Street, Sussex, 262-820-1000

Funeral Services

August Schraudenbach

Funeral Parlors / Homes

Schmidt & Bartelt Funeral Service -  Greg Dittrich , P.O. Box 213 , W250 N6505 Hwy 164 , Sussex, WI 53089  , 262-246-4774  262-246-9954 FAX   [email protected]

Furniture Cleaning

Accent Cleaning Service, W226 N8041 Longview Dr., 262-251-2579

Furniture Repair / Restoration

Furniture Medic, Shawn W. Booth, 262-246-4552


Sussex ’s past inspires vision of its future Village leaders strive for a mix that will bring vitality downtown

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) - Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Author: DAVE SHEELEY, Staff: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sussex — Photos of downtown Sussex in the early 20th century show a bustling area of homes and businesses.

Village leaders are hoping to bring the life in those busy scenes back to Main St., even as shopping destinations continue to spring up along commerce-heavy Highway 164 and in other suburban retail meccas.

"We’re just trying to re-create that feel of a small village downtown," Village Administrator Evan Teich said. "We want it to be energized."

Sussex officials hope two new developments — a 33-unit condominium project and a business complex that could include a restaurant , retail or offices — will spark other construction activity downtown.

Currently, a grocery store, Village Hall, the library and some small businesses, such as vehicle repair shops, sit among residences along Main St.

Over the years, businesses have closed or made the transition into residences.

Sussex isn’t looking to become the next downtown Cedarburg or Delafield, filled with high-end antique and specialty shops, Teich said. Village officials want to attract locally owned restaurants and coffeehouses to bring people downtown.

"We’d love to tap the entrepreneurial spirit of our residents," Teich said.

Similar scenarios play out throughout the United States, as downtowns work to return residents who moved out to subdivisions and businesses that relocated to strip malls and big-box retail complexes along highways.

Sussex has already attempted to spruce up downtown by planting flowers, installing decorative streetlights and banners and building more sidewalks and so-called bump-outs — an extension of a sidewalk that narrows the roadway, allowing motorists to better spot pedestrians.

In March the Village Board approved purchasing two adjacent properties: the "pink house," a residence on Main St., and the Sussex Steakhouse, a small, former restaurant resembling a home.

The owners of both of those properties offered the properties to Sussex , village officials say. Trustees have OK’d buying the residence for $246,000 and the steakhouse for $210,000.

Under the village’s plan, both structures will be demolished, and the properties will be combined into one parcel, just less than 1 acre in size. Construction is expected begin in the fall or spring.

"We’re hoping with this development, it will spark interest" in developers who want to build in Sussex , Teich said.

Directly behind the pink house and steakhouse, new condominiums are under construction, attracting new residents who will shop downtown, Teich said.

The high-density housing units are planned for The Villas of Maplewood Terrace, an estimated 6-acre development by the father and son team of George and George Schroeder. The condos, some of which are completed, will start at about $350,000. The Schroeders are also building space for office or retail.

"It’s certainly going to be a positive factor here," George Schroeder Sr. said. "These people moving in are the type that are going to be spending money here."

He and his wife, Karen, moved into one of the condominiums after leaving behind their home on the shore of North Lake, which cost a "fortune to heat."

In 2004, Sussex adopted downtown development guidelines that call for buildings constructed closer to the streets and a mix of residential and commercial properties.

The village also launched an economic development committee this year.

"We think it’s really important that the downtown stays vital," Village President Michael Knapp said. "We have a lot down there, with the library, historical society, Village Hall and 15 to 16 businesses. We want to make sure it doesn’t deteriorate."

He envisions downtown development spots for the start-up businesses or "ma and pa" shops unable to afford the high rents in the commercial areas along Highway 164 west of downtown.

Knapp said there is other development under way in Sussex outside downtown. Just east of there is the planned Mammoth Springs Square along Main St. near Waukesha Ave.

Bielinski Development Inc. of Waukesha plans to convert the old Mammoth Springs Canning Co., a former cannery on a 10-acre site, into residential and commercial uses.

Copyright 2006, Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved. (Note: This notice does not apply to those news items already copyrighted and received through wire services or other media.)


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