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Updated 03/02/2015

Sussex - Lisbon Area Business History Directory (Current & Recent)

The Directory links below are to local area businesses, both current, or no longer in active operation. Many more businesses aren't listed, but will be in the future. Whether your business is/was a traditional brick-and-mortar one, or you operate(d) from your home, SLAHS wants to document your business history.

In each Directory section, the history of a particular business (if the business has submitted their historical information) can be found by further clicking on a hyperlink to a separate web page. The intent of these business web pages is to document the Sussex-Lisbon area local business history, and to promote business and historical society cooperation and awareness.

How does a business submit its history? Submit by email to [email protected] Historical information (including pictures/photos) can be attached to email submissions. The submitting business may submit contact information (web page URL, email address, telephone number, address, etc) which will be added to the business web page based on the discretion of the website Editor/Assistant Curator.

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The following business histories will be combined within the directory pages above. Additional information about these already published business histories is encouraged and welcomed.

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Coffee Shop - Something's brewin': Coffee shop perks up old home

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Hop Growing History in Lisbon, Waukesha County, and Wisconsin


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Charles Zimmermann held the reins at Sussex Lumber for 42 years

Medical History: Doctor / Physician

Newspaper History

Occupations of Early Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex Residents: 1850 - 1860

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The Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society is remounting a feature on trade card lithographs from an 1884 to 1906 Ada Weaver scrapbook. The impressive 46-page scrapbook contains 169 items.

The state-of-the-art lithographic trade cards were given out by merchants and manufacturers to promote their products. The glitzy colors became a collectable after the Civil War until around World War I.

Ada Weaver was the daughter of Civil War Union Soldier and Lisbon pioneer, Alfred Weaver, (1839-1924), and his pioneer wife, Sarah Ann Howard.

Today, in Sussex there is a Weaver Street and a Melinda Weaver Park (great aunt of Ada).

In Ada's book are five examples of trade cards that were issued by manufacturing companies that sold products at the Cooling-Templeton General Store in old four corners Sussex - Maple and Main.

Richard Cooling, one of the original Sussex residents, started a black smith shop where Paul Cain's Service Station is today. Cooling later additionally developed a General Store on the adjacent double lot to the east. On these two lots, on the southeast corner of Maple and Main, an 1873 property map shows no less than six buildings.

Richard had a daughter, Esther, and in September of 1886, she married James Templeton and he took over the Cooling General Store and became post master of Sussex in 1867 under his new father-in-law until he fully took over the reins of the postmastership of Sussex in 1878.

It was probably while he was proprietor of the old Cooling General Store and Sussex Post Master that he carried lithographed trade cards and that Ada Weaver had inherited these five Templeton trade cards that had added inscriptions of "James Templeton, Sussex, Waukesha Co Wisconsin." Three of the five are numbered from a series, #12, #14 and #16. One trade card advertises Dr. Jayne's Expectorant cough syrup while another is for a medicine for croup or whooping cough.

One specific cough syrup, "Dr. J.C. Ayer's Cherry Pectorial," has a catch phrase that it cures, "sore throat, colds, coughs, hoarseness, loss of voice and influenza."

Templeton maintained the Cooling General Store until 1887, when he saw took the opportunity to build an elevator/feed mill in close proximity to the Wisconsin Central Railroad.

The elevator/feed mill was next to the tracks and nearby a General Store where Siego's Japanese Restaurant is today. However, because he has Sussex on the back side of these five trading cards, Ada Weaver, probably got them in the period of 1884-86 back in the four corners ex-Cooling General Store and thus they are roughly 124 years old. He would have had "Templeton" on his General Store trade cards if it was his new store in 1887 in the eastern part of modern Sussex.

Templeton died in September of 1924 just when Sussex was annexing old Templeton in a consolidation and incorporation of Sussex into one village.

Today, James Templeton a powerful political being in old Lisbon/Sussex/Templeton has Templeton Middle School named after him.

He is buried at Prairie Home Cemetery in the City of Waukesha.


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