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Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co.

The Last Wills & Testaments of Joseph & Anna Marie Schlitz

compiled & edited by Mike Reilly

     On this page you'll find a report by the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper, Tuesday Morning, January 25, 1887, on Anna Maria Schlitz's will and its' contents. On the prior page what is listed is the executors petition to the Court showing that the wills of Joseph and Anna Maria Schlitz were duly executed and they should be discharged from further duty.

    This accounting is very interesting since it gives valuable information about not only Anna Maria's family, but the Schlitz, Krug, and Uihlein families as well. Some of the relationships are unknown, some may just have been family friends. How do the names Schmidt, Marcel, and Dentz factor into all of this? Clara Schmidt, of Mayence, was bequeathed 250 shares of stock by Joseph Schlitz's will and it is my understanding that they were tendered to her; who was she? One source suggests she was an aunt of Joseph Schlitz (perhaps a sister?) and the Uihlein brothers traveled to Germany to buy the shares from her to retain control over the Company.

    Were there other shares than the 2,000? Did the Uihlein brothers or others (?) have an ownership stake in the Company when Joseph Schlitz died?

    What about the shares bequeathed to John and Victor Schlitz? To Joseph Dentz and Charles Schmidt? John was Joseph Schlitz's nephew and from appearances, was "asked" to leave town. The story is that all shares remained in Uihlein family control; how were these shares obtained from the other parties? Questions and more questions!


The Numerous Bequests Made by the Late Mrs. Schlitz

An Estate Valued at Half a Million Cut Into Small Parts

Mayor Wallber, accompanied by August Uihlein, secretary of the Joseph Schlitz Brewing company, walked into the office of the probate court yesterday afternoon and placed on file with Registrar Donnelly the will of the late Anna Maria Schlitz, the recently deceased wife of the founder of the Schlitz brewery. The document is a brief one, considering the large number and character of bequests that it contains. The will is dated Jan. 19, 1885. and appoints Chas. C. Schmidt, cashier of the Second Ward Bank executor. The testator first says that it is her desire to comply faithfully with the last request of her deceased husband, but that she also wishes to manifest her warm love and attachment to all who are related to her by blood or marriage, and to acknowledge the many favors extended to her by her kind and true friends. With that object in view she directs that her brother-in-law, Carl Schlitz, of Mayence, Germany, be paid the sum of $10,000, which is to go, after his death, to his two daughters, Kaetchen and Roeschen. Carl Schlitz died recently. The will also bequeaths the daughters $5,000 each. The other bequests follow in the order here given.

    To John Schlitz, of Cleveland, O., a son of Carl, $5,000; Victor Schlitz, of Milwaukee, $5,000; to the testator's sister Eliza, of Mayence, $5,000; to the testator's brother-in-law, George, of Mayence, $5,000; the three children of Mrs. Clara D. Schlitz, deceased, late of Mayence, Joseph Dentz and Katherine Dentz, of Milwaukee, now Mrs. Thiese, of Mayence, $5,000 each; Victor Dentz, of Mayence, $5,000; Catherine Schlitz, widow of Johann Schlitz, late of Mayence, $40,000; Mrs. Anna Manz, nee Krug, of Amorbach, Bavaria, $5,000; the children of Anna Manz, William and George, of Amorbach, Heinnerich, of Bamberg, Conrad, of Mayence, Franz, of Amorbach, and Carl, of Watertown, Wis., $5,000 each; and Anna Grohmann, nee Uihlein of Hassfurth, Bavaria, $10,000;Wilhelm Uihlein, now at Gratz, Stuermark, $10,000; Laura Werdehoff, nee Uihlein, of Milwaukee, $10,000; Carl Uihlein, of Milwaukee, $5,000; to the testator's brothers, Joseph and Phillip Hartig, of Milwaukee, $15,000 each; to the testator's sister, Margaretha Hartig, of Milwaukee, $25,000; To the latter is also given the furniture, bedding, pictures and other articles in her room now occupied by, the legatee in the testator's house; Chas. Schmidt, of the Second Ward Savings bank, $5,000; the children of Clara Schmidt, nee Marcel, $10,000 in equal shares. They are now at Wererzberg, Germany. Margaretha Stein, daughter of Elise Stein, nee Marcel, deceased, receives $5,000, and $2,000 in equal shares is left to the children of Henry Stirn, of Milwaukee, and to the children of any deceased child by rights of representation; Joseph Schmitt, nee Hennig, of Wittenberg, Germany, $3,000.

The testator then directs the executor to sell or dispose of all estate, real and personal, except that bequeathed following thereafter to her sister and the interest in the Jos. Schlitz Brewing company, at public or private sale, or in whatever manner deemed best. The proceeds of such sale are to be applied by the executor to pay the bequests above made. They aggregate $250,000. The will further directs that the remaining portions of the bequests be paid out of the testor's interest in the brewing concern. The document concludes as follows:

"As I have no children, and therefore I give and bequeath the rest and residue of my interest in the Joseph Schlitz Brewing company to Aug. Uihlein, Heinrich Uihlein, Alfred Uihlein and Edward Uihlein in the following proportions: To August, one-third; to Heinrich, one-third; to Alfred, one-sixth; to Edward, one-sixth."

    The value of Mrs. Schlitz interest in the company at her time of death is unknown, but it is said to have consisted at the time of the death of her husband of 2,000 shares of stock, valued at $100 a share, which is, of course, of far greater value at the present time. The application for the proof of the will is to be made in a few days.

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  (Note: We are not affiliated with the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. or endorsed by them. Any Schlitz trademarks displayed, or  brands mentioned are the sole ownership of the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.)


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