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Henry Uihlein & Family

edited by Mike Reilly Revised 01/16/00

Here is the HENRY UIHLEIN Family Tree. This was sent to me (Mary Lou Traffis) by Mrs. Pauline O. Kopmeier back in 1995. To see the family chart and a little background history, click here.

Sources for this are listed as:

    Family Records Of:

  • William J. Uihlein
  • Ralph A. Uihlein
  • Helen Uihlein Peters
  • Milwaukee County Records
  • Register of Deeds
  • Immigration/Naturalization
  • Historical Society
  • Genealogical Society
  • Henry Office Records
  • Forest Home Cemetery Records
  • Visit to Wertheim, Germany
  • News Clips
  • Family Records
  • Family Gatherings 1983 and 1990
  • Compiled by Pauline O'Brien Kopmeier
  • Delray Beach, FL 33483
  • (D) = Divorced  = Adopted  August 1993 Corrected Dec. 1996

HENRY UIHLEIN 1844 -1922 married HELENE KREUTZER 1849-1921

  1. August Edward 1871-1938
  2. Emma 1873-1939
  3. Adele 1875-1895
  4. Laura 1877-1967
  5. George Edward 1880-1950
  6. Meta 1884-1966
  7. Herman Alfred 1886-1942

1.) AUGUST EDWARD UIHLEIN married 1871-1937 married WILHELMINA GEILER 1874-1970

    Henry Uihlein II 1896- married Mildred Anthony; then married Suzanne Mumm

    Frederick Edward Uihlein 1897-1950 married Helen McIntyre (D); then married Jane Gillert (D); then married Evelyn MacIntosh

    Adele Uihlein 1899-1996 married Charles Rohe, Jr. 1894-1968

        Charles Rohe III 1925-1974

        August Rohe 1926- married Ann Sauders (mother of children) (D); then married Mary Yakowec 1926-1972; then married Caryl Dean 1930-

            August Rohe 1951- married Georgette

  •                 Nicholas Rohe 1981-
  •                 Natalie Rohe 1989-

            Patricia Rohe 1954- married Eugene Fiske

                Melissa Fiske 1985-

            Robert Rohe 1929- married Diane Pyrke (D) then married Doris Quinlan (mother of children) (D) then married Dorothy Riordan

  •                 Cheryl Rohe 1962-
  •                 Robert Rohe 1964-
  •                 Allen Rohe 1966-

2.) EMMA UIHLEIN 1873-1939 married Morse Rohnert 1864-1911

    Eleonore Rohnert married L. James Bulkley 1894-1958

        Mary Bulkley 1923-1985 married William Jotherspoon 1919-) William then married Mary Ruth Sanger)

  •             Mary Adams Jotherspoon 1949-
  •             Eleonore Jotherspoon 1955-

        James Bulkley 1927- married Kathryn Bryan

  •             Katherine Bulkley 1958-
  •             James Bulkley Jr.1964-

Helen Rohnert 1898-1990 married H. Robert Stoepel 1891-1962

    Helen Stoepel 1923- married Theodore M. Graw

        Kathryn Graw 1952- married Charles G. Berry

  •             Nicholas Berry 1986-
  •             Samuel Berry 1986-

        Theo Graw 1954- married Diana Dent (D); married Christy Hamilton (Mother)

            Alexandra Graw 1994-

    Suzanne Stoepel 1928- married James A. Whittemore

  •         Lucy Whittemore 1955- married John P. Burke
  •         Robert Whittemore 1958 -

    Kathryn Stoepel 1902-1945 married Hugh McMillian

        Hugh McMillian 1923- married Mary O. Woodcock

            Hugh McMillian 1950- married Dr. Anne Ross

                Hugh McMillian 1993-

        Jan McMillian 1930- married Parker Montgomery (D)

            John B. Montgomery 1957- married ______

  •                 Spencer Sheridan Montgomery 1988-
  •                 Paige Elizabeth Montgomery 1991-

            William Montgomery 1960- married Ulla Widrann

            Kathryn Montgomery 1962-

3.) ADELE UIHLEIN 1875-1895 died at age 20, not married, no children

4.) LAURA UIHLEIN 1877-1967 married Charles E. Albright (1867-1946) in 1899. They bought the 14-acre Hanson estate on Hewitt's Point on Oconomowoc Lake.

Lorraine Albright 1902-1988 married Arthur M. Flint (D in 1923.) Lorraine suffered from terrible depression and spent her remaining years in a sanitarium. Her mother, raised son Charles.

    Charles A. Flint 1925- married Margaret Connolly

Marion Albright 1907-May 24,1958 married Edward Samuel Tallmadge (1903-1984) in 1928. She divorced Edward but found renewed happiness with WTMJ announcer, Ivor McLaren. Unfortunately, Marion died 10 days before their intended wedding date in a mysterious fire which burned down their large 24 room lake house (either her mother's or a home she and her husband built (?). Note: In the book "Oconomowoc: Barons to Bootleggers" by Barbara and David Barquist, 1999, from which some of the Laura Uihlein Albright family information comes from, Marion is supposed to have had a third son, a David. This must be the Walter David listed below. (This Editor will have to refer to a news article about Walter David/David Tallmadge at some later date to clear this up. Whoever it was, one one them ended up serving a lengthy prison term in California for illegal weapons possession and child pornography.)

    Walter David Tallmadge 1932- married Wanda Riggs (D) (mother of #1 & #2) in 1956; married Beverly Wittman (mother of #3); married Laura Nordstrom (mother of #4)

        Laura Tallmadge 1958-

    Edward "Teddy" Samuel Tallmadge 1936-1957; killed in an airplane accident during his senior year in college.

The following two children should not be "Teddy's" children, probably offspring of Walter David above since Marion's son "Teddy" died while in college, and David E. (below) died soon after marriage.

            Brian Tallmadge 1968-

                Loren Tallmadge 1989-

David E. Tallmadge 1909-1938 married Virginia Preston in 1938; later that year he committed suicide by stepping into the path of an oncoming train at Hewitt's Point near Oconomowoc Lake.

5.) GEORGE EDWARD UIHLEIN 1880-1950 married Clara Woesthoff 1893-1984 (D); married Frances Laacke 1891-1993. They had no children. Note: Francis Laacke Uihlein then married William Pheitfer 1899-1986

6.) META UIHLEIN 1884-1966 married Waldemar Kopmeier 1822-1976

John Henry Kopmeier II 1909- married Pauline O'Brien 1913-

    Mary A. Kopmeier 1941- married Donald J. Spieker

  •         Deborah Anne Spieker 1964- married Greg Edwards 1964-
  •         Douglas John Spieker 1965-1981
  •         Maureen Loretta Spieker 1967- married Mitchell Cahada
  •         Kevin Kopmeier Spieker 1974-1975
  •         Christian Donald Spieker 1977-

    Anne Kopmeier 1943- (A)

    John Henry Kopmeier Jr. 1945- (A) married Mary Kietrowski

  •         John Henry Kopmeier IV 1975-
  •         Paul Joseph Kopmeier 1978-
  •         Elizabeth Mary Kopmeier 1982-

Dorothy Kopmeier 1910- married Gordon Kummer 1908-1958, then married Jacque D. Vallier 1912-1996

    William Krummer 1939- (A) married Alice Hornbeck 1948-

  •         Christopher Michael Krummer 1975-
  •         Katherine Ann Krummer 1978-

    Wendy Krummer 1940- (A) married Donald Trottier 1939-1974

  •         Gordan Trottier 1963-
  •         Dorothy Trottier 1965- married Robert Werzinger

                        Matthew Lee Werzinger 1981-

Marguerite Kopmeier 1913-1981 married A. John Rose, Jr. 1910-1960 (D) then married Ralph W. Khodson

    Jonathon 1937- married Susan Lewis 1940-

  •         Christoher Lewis 1964-
  •         Alexander Lewis 1968-
  •         Nicholas Lewis 1976-

    Timothy 1941- married Nina Roberts 1941-

  •         Thomas Khudson 1965-
  •         William Roberts 1967-
  •         Hilary Elizabeth 1969-

Alice Kopmeier 1915- married c. Brooks Stevens 1911-1995

    David Stevens 1939- married Karen Brenner (D) (mother of #1) then married Linda Gober (D) Mother of #2)

  •         Anthony Stevens 1962- married Susan Wilkens 1961-
  •         Ashlee Olivia Stevens 1973-

    William C. Stevens 1943- married Sally Sisson 1944-

  •         Tyler Sisson Stevens 1965- married Mary Ellen Sporg (A)
  •         Brooks Alexander Stevens 1968-
  •         Lindsay Alice Stevens 1970-

    Sandra Stevens 1947-

    Kipp K. Stevens 1951- married Lauren Burack 1954-

William Kopmeier 1917-1935

7.) HERMAN ALFRED UIHLEIN 1886-1942 married Claudia Holt 1886-1982

    Helen Uihlein 1912- married George Robson Jr. (D) then married Karl Peters 1910-1985

        William Peters 1946- married Corole Bruckner 1943-

  • Elizabeth 1977-

  •                     Karl Michael Peters 1980-
  •                     David William Peters 1983-

        Claudia Peters 1947-

    Mary Uihlein 1916- married Robert Cunningham (D) 1905-1975

        Judith Cunningham married Alex Ferguson 1946-

  •             Amy Ferguson 1974-
  •             Rayna Ferguson 1976-

   Herman A. Uihlein II 1917- married Nancie Daver 1923-

        Herman A. Uihlein III 1946-

        Peter Uihlein 1948- married Pamela Geitgey 1948-

  •             Peter Timothy Uihlein 1980-
  •             Mattson H. Uihlein 1987-

        George Uihlein 1951- married Susan

            George Uihlein 1992-

Justin Uihlein 1980- ?

        Linda Uihlein -1953-

   Claudia Uihlein 1919-1952 married George P.E. Caesm Jr. ?-1968

        George Caesm II 1947- (A) married Christine Davis

  •             Michael Caesm 1973-
  •             Gregory Caesm 1975-

        Virgina Caesm 1949- (A) married Charles Fitzgerald, then married Hebert Thompson (Father of Childen)

  •             Donna Thompson 1968-
  •             Matthew Thompson 1973-

    Virginia Uihlein 1920- married Middeton Buck (D) (Father of #1) then married Robert A. Martin Jr. ?-1982 (Father of #2)

        Middeton Buck II 1943- married Anne Newhard

  •             Middeton Buck III 1968-
  •             Anne Buck 1971-
  •             Virginia Buck 1973-
  •             Margot Buck 1978-

        Robin Martin 1947- married William Weiss

  •             Williiam Weiss 1971-
  •             Katrina Weiss 1980- (A)

    John H. Uihlein 1921-1986

    Henry H. Uihlein 1921- married Marion Strauss 1920-

        Henry Holt Uihlein 1944- married Elizabeth Griggs (A)

  •             Jennifer Uihlein 1970-
  •             Marnie Uihlein 1973-

        J. Christopher Uihlein 1946- married Terry Leight

        Philip Uihlein 1950- married Kim Godfrey

  •             Rebecca Uihlein 1979-
  •             Baby Uihlein 1981-1981
  •             Philip Uihlein 1983-

        Richard Uihlein 1952 -

  (Note: We are not affiliated with the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. or endorsed by them. Any Schlitz trademarks displayed, or  brands mentioned are the sole ownership of the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.)

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