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Uihlein Family Index

by Michael R. Reilly

Uihlein Family Deaths - Unknown Relationships   - These names were obtained from the Social Security Death Benefits Index.  I would like to match the remaining names up with their respective family members OR are they from an entirely different Uihlein family branch ?

Uihlein Family History - the "Milwaukee" family genealogical information.

Uihlein Family Information - information from family members and THE ÜHLEIN NAME.

Ühlein/Uihlein Family Chart - a new genealogy report of the family tree.

Town of Grossheubach Uihlein Descendants - Descendants of Leonard Uihlein

Individual Family Member History and Charts

Milwaukee Members

Alfred Eugene Uihlein and Anna Pilger

Anna Uihlein and Herman Grohmann - The only child of Benedikt Josef Uhlein and Katherina Krug to remain behind in Germany. Her maiden name was probably Uhlein when she married Herman Grohmann.

August Edward Uihlein and Wilhelmina "Minnie" Geiler - The "New York" Uihleins.

Charles (Karl) M. Uihlein and Emma Manns (Manz?)

Edward (Eduard) G. Uihlein and Augusta Manns (Manz?) - His Story and Descendents. The Chicago Uihlein (pronounced Uline unlike his Milwaukee relative's Eline sound).

    "MEMORIES OF MY YOUTH"[by Edward Gustav Uihlein](1845-1921) - the memoirs of Edward G. Uihlein.

Georg Karl "August" Uihlein and Emily Werdehoff - the first August Uihlein.

Henry Uihlein & Family - family listing and a second page with chart.

Laura Uihlein and Charles Werdehoff

William Joseph Uihlein and Eliza Rahter

The William J. Uihlein Collection of Postage Stamps - There's more to the Uihlein family than beer.

wpe2.jpg (16375 bytes)

Uihlein family photo taken in the early 1880's - They are [bottom row, from left]; Charles, superintendent of the bottling works; Edward, vice president in charge of developing the Chicago markets; Henry, president. Top row [from left]; William J., assistant superintendent of the brewery; Alfred, superintendent and brewmaster; August, secretary and chief operating officer

Uehlein Family Index

by Mike Reilly

ÜHLEIN / UEHLEIN / UIHLEIN Family History Chart -the ÜHLEIN family beginnings. Information supplied by Uehlein descendant, Mary Lou Traffis.

Ühlein / Uehlein / Uihlein Family History - Text history of the family, primarily the Uehlein branch in Cleveland, Ohio, provided by Mary Lou Traffis (some editing by Mike Reilly). The history is spread over six web pages; below you'll see a page breakdown: This editor chose these page breakdowns for reasons of simplicity.

Uehlein / Uihlein in Cincinnati, Ohio - Uehlein / Uihlein in Cincinnati, Ohio - a family branch centered around Cincinnati.

Uehlein in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - three Uehlein brothers.

Uehlein Family Missing Links - listing compiled by Mary Lou Traffis.

Ühlein, Uehlein, Uihlein and Ühlin Families

Uehlein Family Index - listing of all web pages containing Uehlein information

Ühlein/Uihlein Family Chart - graphical representation of the family tree.

Uihlein Family Index - listing of all web pages containing Uihlein information.

Trennfurt / Wertheim / Miltenberg Map - two simple maps showing relative location in southern Germany.

ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS AND ENLIGHTENMENT - October, 1997, visits to Wertheim and Miltenberg on the Main River, Germany by John K. Notz, Jr. (Recommended reading by this Editor if you're planning a trip to Germany.)

Letters from Family Members - mainly letters of introduction and a little background.

For more Genealogy Reference Materials on the Web

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