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Local History Index - Index to Wisconsin Brewery and Related Articles

Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co.

Chronological History eBook

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by Editor, Michael R. Reilly Copyright Publication October, 1999


Copyright Creation 1994 Revised 09/06/2016  


     Back in 1994, fellow Schlitz historian, Leonard R. Jurgensen, and I talked one day about publishing a book on the history of the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.. I dove into the project, spending countless hours at the Milwaukee Public Library, the Milwaukee County Court House, Milwaukee City Hall, and the Milwaukee County Historical Society. Taking the hundreds of Schlitz and Uihlein articles, I began assembling them in chronological order.

     After Lenny became involved in building his Schlitz brewery wagon and other projects, I decided to self-publish the project myself on one of my own websites, that first website was; later on the published work appeared in two other of my personal websites to finally reside here on the Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.'s website.

    After many years, I decided to change the format and content of the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. Chronological History into more of an eBook; so what you will find on these papers are the changes in progress, to hopefully arrive at a more pleasant reading experience. February 19, 2013.



History    > 1848-1873    History21873-1881     History3 >   1881-1907    History4 >   1907-1933    History5 >   1933-1969 History6 >   1969-1982   History7 >   Post-1982  JSBC History Index


Georg "August" Krug's Last Will & Testament - leaves questions about how the estate was divided up after Anna Maria Krug remarried. Click here to see a comparison of real estate holdings of Krug and 20 years later, that of Schlitz.

The Wills of Joseph and Anna Maria Schlitz - new evidence about the Company, their lives, families, plus lots of unanswered questions.

Schlitz Family Genealogy and History - More family information

Various Schlitz Trademarks - Schlitz Trademark/Patent Information

Schlitz Advertising Ads from newspapers and magazines

P.M. Ohmeis & Co.  - early Schlitz New York Bottler & Distributor

Refrigerator Cars (Reefers); written by Michael R. Reilly; copyright 1995. - A history of refrigerated boxcars (reefers) with emphasis on the toy train reefers, particularly Schlitz. Photos of old Schlitz reefers added 10/22/99.

Royal Ruby Beer Bottles - A little something about their history.

Schlitz Breweriana Collector Listing -  a listing of Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, etc. collectors on the internet.

Schlitz Collector Questions - a posting of questions sent in by collectors. Maybe you can help them out. See News Flash

Schlitz Waukesha Hotel - opens in the City of Waukesha in the Summer of 1898.

Schlitz Memories - letters from former employees, family and friends.

Schlitz Brewing Company related

DESTINATION: MILWAUKEE - Savoring Schlitz; April 5, 1998; BY DAVE HOEKSTRA STAFF REPORTER - Article about the Brown Bottle restaurant in Milwaukee, plus an interview with Schlitz collector, Leonard Jurgensen.

"1915 - Robert and Erwin Uihlein purchase the schooner Wendameen for about $10,000. For eight years the Uihleins sailed the Great Lakes with family and friends until selling it to a new owner from Chicago on September 16, 1923. Source:  "Wendameen: The Life of An American Schooner From 1912 to the Present", by Captain Neal Parker

Storck & Hartig, Hartig & Manz, Brewery and Hartig family information

From Miltenberg to Milwaukee - Beer magnates from the Lower Main area, in the United States of the 19th Century

Ühlein / Uehlein / Uihlein / Ühlin Family Index - Also looking for Uline, Eline, Schlitz, Krug, and Hartig name information.


    The information you'll find on the following web pages was first put together over five years ago and has never been in print before. That's not entirely true - many of the entries were first printed in newspapers, books, and pamphlets up to over 150 years ago. If you have a question about a Schlitz Breweriana collectible, please see this.

    A note about printing these web pages - you are free to print them out and make copies, but you may want to use the "Landscape" option rather than the normal "Portrait" print setting as some of the text and pictures won't entirely fit on the page.

    In addition to finding information about the Schlitz Company, there are a lot of interesting items about other Milwaukee breweries, the City of Milwaukee, and the Ühlein/Uihlein/Uehlein family. Information about the Schlitz and Krug families is also being developed.  Please note that these articles will be revised from time to time, with additions and corrections - I will change the "Revision Date" as this is done.

    Hundreds of hours were spent browsing the main Milwaukee Public Library's Sentinel card files, and then examining the dozens and dozens of microfilm spools. Each of the hundreds of copied sheets were then carefully read, edited, and typed into this chronology of Schlitz company events. Visits to the Milwaukee County Historical Society yielded books, pamphlets, news clippings and City Directories to pour over and copy information from. Of course no research would be complete without visits to the Milwaukee County Court House to get copies of old wills, death notices, and birth certificates.

    If any of you have additional historical information you'd like to share with other collectors and historians, please write to me  A lot of historical information is missing from approx. 1891 thru 1949. This is because the newspapers from that time period were not cataloged. The WPA [Works Projects Administration], during the Depression Era thru mid-1930's, only got up to 1891 in their cataloging efforts. It would be immensely time consuming to examine every microfilmed Milwaukee newspaper from this time period.

    To former Schlitz employees - Please write and tell us what it was like working for the Schlitz Company; how dept/business operations ran; interesting events, etc. Looking for the personal view-point. Relatives - Did you have a husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandparents, uncle or aunt who worked for Schlitz? Would you be willing to share information about their working lives with Schlitz? See Schlitz Memories below.

    I  started a listing of Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, etc. collectors on the internet. Contact me listing your name, email address, and what Schlitz items you have an interest in.

Click here to see information needed Schlitz Breweriana Collector Listing

History    > 1848-1873    History21873-1881     History3 >   1881-1907    History4 >   1907-1933    History5 >   1933-1969 History6 >   1969-1982   History7 >   Post-1982  JSBC History Index 

(Note: We are not affiliated with the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. or endorsed by them. Any Schlitz trademarks displayed, or  brands mentioned are the sole ownership of the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.)

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