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Post - 1982 Years: Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. : A Chronological History

Schlitz - What Happened to it After Leaving Milwaukee?

edited and written by Michael R. Reilly, copyright 1995

Date of Last Revision 08/16/2015


This is an orig. poster from the tour

The Who baseball jersey from their 1982 American 'Farewell' Tour. Black body, white sleeves, size Large, very good condition, no holes, no stains. Body is still very black, white sleeves have a little pilling on close inspection. Front features THE WHO at top, Tommy globe with birds in background. Concrete Pillar in center with American Tour 82, who are you and the kids are alright written on it. British flag lies over part of top of pillar. 'Not to be taken away' chair in foreground. All of this appears to be on a moon surface terrain. Bottom says American Tour '82. Back shows THE WHO at top, picture of group standing around a boy playing a video game in center, bottom says America Tour '82, sponsored by Schlitz.

ZZ TOP ELIMINATOR t-shirt bought at the concert in Columbus Ohio in 83. The front with a picture of the front of the car. The back reads Across the USA Eliminator Tour 1983 Schlitz Rocks America. Also on the back is a picture of a PAIR OF LEGS, with high heels standing over top a side view of the ZZ Top car.

Stroh sells the old Schlitz brewery complex to a group of local investors who eventually turned much of it into an office park.

2000/Apr. - Stroh Brewery sells the former Schlitz Tampa brewery to Yuengling Brewery of Pennsylvania.

2000+  Part of the old Schlitz brewery complex in Milwaukee may become a Harley-Davidson museum.

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  References: Milwaukee Sentinel, November 29, 1869 (Beth Hille); "It Started in Milwaukee" from the book Yesterday's Milwaukee by Robert W. Wells; "The Beer Barons", orig. published in 1877 and obtained from the Local History Dept. of  the Milwaukee Public Library. Russell Austin's The Milwaukee Story from 1946.

Author/Editor Information

Michael (Mike) R. Reilly [1952-] - Short Bio

    The oldest of five children, born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin. Ancestral background is Irish/German [Miller/Boden/Immel/Semrow]. Loved math and science in high school. Because I wasn't able to attend college [due to a pig-headed father] right away to be a nuclear physicist, settled for a degree in Electronics Technology. Started at General Electric Medical Systems in 1972, working in engineering and manufacturing in many different positions [have really seen technology change over the years]. I retired from GE in 2008. I acquired additional college credits in engineering, management, and whatever I felt was worthwhile.

    Married to a wonderful woman [Kris], a school teacher, with two teenage step-children, one going off to college in the Fall of 2000.

    I've been a collector of coins, baseball cards, rock & roll records, milk glass, books, figural liquor bottles, antique tins, and Schlitz Breweriana.

    When I collect I get involved in the history behind the collectible, and start "looking into things".

    For over 10 years now, I've done research into my German genealogy and my wife's. I've written a couple of articles for the Waukesha Historical Society. Was the Editor of the Cream City Courier, a monthly newsletter, for the Milwaukee Antique Bottle & Advertising Club for two years. In 1976, I wrote a book for the Club's 25th anniversary; over 200 pages, did a lot of editing and writing, self-published the book for Club members

    I was also the Midwest Editor for Bottles & Extras magazine. In addition, wrote a monthly column to help other club newsletter editors.

    In 1997, wrote an internet "book" on collecting tins. this was an on-going work. I also published a tin collecting newsletter [TIN GATHERING] by email for 2 1/2 years that was read by over 1,000 subscribers all over the world. Discontinued the website at the end of this year (1999) and merged most of the tin articles into the now deunct ANTIQIBLES.COM site.

    I wrote/edited most of the Schlitz history over five years ago [1994-95], originally intending to publish a hardcover book. That didn't occur, so I decided to publish it myself on the internet, again with the idea of making it a living, easily updateable "book" for everyone.

    Since 2000 I've been involved with local history, beginning with being a Charter Member of the Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc., In December 2002, I created the website and have paid for its hosting and maintenance to-date. Besides being the Editor/Webmaster, I'm also the Assistant Museum Curator.


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