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Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co.

Collector Questions

    I will post questions here that collectors have asked about, most of which I can't answer. The question will remain for approx. 1 month and then be removed. Feel free to contact anyone listed below about their inquiry.

I am trying to learn as much as possible about the employment of  Lawrence H. Bradee at Schlitz. 
I am particularly interested in documenting the history 
of brew masters.  In particular, which years Lawrence H. Bradee served as 
brew master.  I am his son, and am looking for documentation regarding his 
employment history, with an emphasis on the dates he served as brew master for Schlitz.

Any help will be appreciated.

William G. Bradee
[email protected]

I am an avid Schlitz collector and have a very large collection of any Schlitz related items - 
signs, glasses, printed matter, etc. 
I am trying to locate a source for sign repair parts - mainly the plastic inserts with the 
Schlitz logo that fit in front of lights. They become brittle and break or are missing altogether. 
I have a number of lighted signs that are in 
great shape except for the insert - clocks, statues, etc. I would appreciate 
any help you can come up with. The RAKster
Richard A. Kerr [email protected] 
500 Catherine St
Washington IL 61571 

Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:57:18 -0800 (PST)
From: "Michael Reilly" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Question for Schlitzpro re: a Brewer in 1870's
To: [email protected]
If Andreas did come to Milwaukee and work in 1854, he would have first worked for August Krug. 
If he stayed on after Krug's death, the brewery was then run (not owned) by Joseph Schlitz. In, 
I found an Andreas Woell listed in the "Wuerttemberg, Germany Emigration Index" for the year 1854. 
Says he was born on 4/7/1835 in Niedernau (District: Rtb ?)
In, the above birth date is his christening date in Katholisch, Niedernau, 
Schwarzwaldkries, Wuerttemberg. His father is Michael Woell, and mother is Anna Jakobina Klein.
I also found a Bernhard Woell, born same town, but listed in the Index in 1852 for emigration.
A F. W. Woell maaried a Philip Maxcimer (?) on Nov 14,1854 in Clark Co., Indiana. I hope this helps.

--- [email protected] wrote:
> Hi:Your history of the Schlitz Brewing company is fascinating and very detailed. Thank you 
for all your work and research.
> My question relates to a distant relative who was a brew master and who came over from 
Germany to supposedly help start up a brewery in Milwaukee (thought to be Schlitz).
> His name was Andreas/Andrew Woell.  He can be found in the 1889 and 1990 Milwaukee Directory 
listed as: Andreas Woell - brewer - 591 4th. - Milwaukee. 
(I don't have access to any other directories).  He may have come over in about 1854.  
I don't have any other information on him.
> Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how I might go about finding more information on him?
> Thank you for any help you can give me with this.
> Vicky Krupka

Subject: Chicago Schlitz taverns Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 22:04:19 EST
I am trying to find out the locations of the Schlitz taverns built in 
Chicago in the early part of the 20th century. i have the addresses of about 15 
or so and figure the rest were razed by progress or altered for personal taste. of course when i 
refer to Schlitz taverns i mean the ones built by and operated by Schlitz that have the 
trademark globe and the name Schlitz in stone on the facades. any info you can send me would 
be greatly appreciated. 
thanks! -James Lee [email protected]  

Date:    01/12/2000 7:49:30 PM Central Standard Time
From:    [email protected]   (Lori Firsdon)

Recently my father, who lives in Ohio, found a brownish/rose colored Schlitz beer bottle. It seems to be a 32 ounce bottle with the 

words Schlitz across the front. Across the bottom rear of the bottle it says "THIS BOTTLE IS NEVER SOLD" and also has the letters

 W F & S and MIL in a circle pattern on the bottom of the bottle. My father is interested in the history of this particular bottle. 

We would appreciate any information that anyone has on this bottle.

(Editor's Note - the bottle was manufactured by William Franzen & Son in Milwaukee early 1900's, depending on the type of lip it has; 

the side seam height, etc. Maybe what they call a "Picnic" bottle. Visitors, feel free to add to my comments by writing.)

01/03/00 From:    [email protected]

My name is Eunice I live in Richmond, Va. I am writing you to let you know I have a
six pack of Schlitz that I have kept for over 19 years. I lost my husband in 1982 and that is all he drink. The six pack has pulled top to open. 

Will you be interested in this six pack. This is a collectors item and it nevered been opened.
If so you can either e-mail me or write me at this address Eunice Toombs, 2816 Woodcliff Avenue, Richmond, Va. 23222

From:    [email protected]   

I have a Schlitz 11oz. beer can and am trying to find out how valuable it is. Can you help me? It is an old tab top brewed in Longview,TX.. 

It has an Oklahoma stamp on the bottom. Thanks very much. Happy New Year! 

From:    [email protected]   (Mary Henderson)



From:    [email protected]   (Elizabeth K. Thomas)

Mike, we have some Schlitz items and we would like to know if they are of interest to a Schlitz collector. The items are beer Pitchers, Illuminated Shadow Boxes and a Candle Light Bar set.

From the information we have, these items are possibly dated back to the late 50's or early 60's.

On the outside of one of the boxes it says, " ONE SECTION "B" OF FORM #582 CANDLE LIGHT BAR SET".

On the outside of the other box it says, " 5 FORM # 12 ILLUMINATED SHADOW BOXES W/O MURALS".

We also have on hand, 26 Murals 20 1/2" X 16 1/2" that have never been used.

The pitchers and bar set as well as the shadow boxes have never been used.

If you have any information regarding these items we would appreciate it if you would share it with us. We can be contacted at: [email protected] or by mail at: Ken Roof
26334 Blackhawk Avenue
Ingleside, IL 60041


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