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Hardeman Family Letter Collection  Index

Letter 8 Amelia Weaver to John Hardeman

Letter 8: Amelia Weaver (granddaughter of James), at home, Lisbon, Wis, May 14, 1883, to (Cousin) John (most probable) Hardeman (son of Richard), address unknown

Page 1 Copy of Original Letter

Page 2 Copy of Original Letter

Note: Richard Hughes transcribed this letter in early 2008, and he notes, "I decided to retain the original phonetic spelling .", so it may be difficult to understand at times. "Original copies" of the letter below can be found by clicking the above links.

At home Lisbon Wis. May 14th 1883

My dear Cousin,

I was somewhat surprised to receive such a kind letter from you but however very glad. Yours and Cousin Thomas’ both came at one time. Many thanks for the photo – I feel sure they are good ones. I gave Grandfather his choice. A great many people have admired them, I don’t think it will make you vain to tell you.

I have read those last three sad letters in regard to your dear parents deaths. They brought tears to the eyes of those who were listening to them and I myself have shed tears many times. I could scarcely control my feelings enough to read them. They are now at an uncle’s of mine. They wanted to read them. Oh how sad must be your coming home and find both gone. I told Grandfather I should write you a line first. He says tell them I have always kept and prized their Mother’s letters and will as long as I live and he thinks it a comfort they were taken so near together. You will see by this that we have Grandfather with us still, but I am so sorry to say he is very bad again . His breath bothers him so much he thinks it is his heart. Father was up today to see him and says he is no better. We were feeling so good over it thinking he would at least pass through the summer comfortably. He told Father today who he wanted for his bearers and who to read his Will and said he had thought he might live through the Summer but now he thought not. He has so often said your parents and himself would not be very far apart. When he read your letter poor old Grandfather he had to cry and said Yes Herbert was the first one of the family I met. He has so often told me all about you all. I feel I know you well. He told me he wanted to have a talk with me before I wrote to cousin Tom.

We have had a very wet month this far. The farmers are hoping for fair warm weather. Father has all his grain sown and up I believe but there are some who have not got all in yet.

I must now tell you how near I came coming or rather going to see you this summer and that was why I waited thinking I should tell you when we started. If I go it will be as a married woman. My future husband intends to visit Europe and wanted to start the middle of June as soon as we shall be married. When I told my parents I found Mother felt so bad about it and as they had been thinking of taking a trip to Missouri this spring and she felt if I were gone they would not go. We had no particular time set so I have proposed not to go now but will I hope at some future time. I expect now if nothing happens to get married in the fall and as that is not such a pleasant time, our Wedding trip to Europe will be postponed. I had always hoped to see your parents but let us trust we shall meet in Heaven. I hope dear cousin our correspondence will never cease even though I am a wife. I felt I cared not to go to Europe if I could not go and see my Cousins who has found such a deep place in my heart. I felt they would make me welcome even though I came not alone. I should never get there if I had to go alone. I had planned in my mind such a fine visit with you, oh yes. I could do all right if you could bear with my American Country ways. Still I must always act my own natural self. Oh If I were a woman anything like your dear Mother. I do wish I could have a photo of her if you have any small ones. I will enclose one of my dear bro. that died a year ago Dec. 21st . He was a noble boy in every respect – we miss him sadly yet. It is now nearly nine o’clock and I feel very tired. Have been washing and cleaning the cellar today. Hope this finds you all well. We are usually well. Mother is not feeling very smart.

Please tell cousin Tom I shall write him in a few days. If I were as good a correspondent as you I really believe I should be proud. I am proud of my Cousins though I assure you. You little know how I prize these letters they do me good every time I read them.. I felt Oh if only I could have been there when you were in such deep trouble. I hope some of you will visit us. You would find it quite different but you would be made right welcome I assure you.

All join me in sending kindest love to you all and be assured we often think of you all and sympathize deeply with you in this your heavy trial. They only seem gone just before to lead us on when a loved one dies. It seems to me Heaven is so near and that we think more about getting there. If we never meet in this world may it please God we shall in Heaven.

I must bid you Good Night hoping to hear from you soon again.

I remain your sincere and affectionate Cousin

Amelia Weaver

Box 55 Pewaukee

Waukeoha Co.


When I get some photos you shall have one. Have not had any lately.

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