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Letter 7 James Weaver to John Hardeman

Letter 7: James Weaver, Sussex P.O., Waukesha Co., Wisconsin state, North America, June 25, 1869, to (Cousin) Herbert Hardeman (son of Richard), address unknown

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Page 4 Copy of Original Letter

Note: Richard Hughes transcribed this letter in early 2008, and he notes, "I decided to retain the original phonetic spelling .", so it may be difficult to understand at times. "Original copies" of the letter below can be found by clicking the above links.

Lisbon May 2/1873

Sussex P.O.

Waukesha Co.

Wisconsin State

North America

My Dear Cousin,

I am almost ashamed of myself for not answer your most kind and welcome letter in which I received over a year ago one thing wye I have not answer it before his I did not now what to write that would interest you as you coling his so different from what I have been use to so I do not now eny thing that I can write that will be interest to you as I have lately writing to Henry and Herbert and most likely you will see the letters but I like to try and answer all letters that I get but I think my Grandaughter can answer your letters and Thomas better myself I told her the other day that if she would go to England I would go with her she said she would like to go but I do not expect that it will ever be but you cannot tell now a days what will happen as so many are going to and throw from America to England there his several of my neighbour talk of coming to make a visit to there old Country this summer if my old Comrade Joseph Cook that come with me come back a gine he my possibly do has he has lately lost his wife and he has now family left and now he feels pruty lonsom a lone and I ask my daughter if she could like to have me go agine she thought I was to old to take that jorney sometimes I think I would like to come and see my meny friends agine but I should make a longer stay if I come agine come one year and go back the next I would like to walk with your father over some of them footpath at Newham once more and spend time with Henry at Menfeld on his farm and I would want quite a time in Kent and Sussex but still I think myself I are to old to take such a jurney agine but my will his good a nuf but John I would like for some of your brothers or you to come and make me a viset and see our new world and see what we have done in 30 years in our Citys such as Chogoco and Milwaukee and many others in West and I could show you some good farms and good farmhouses bead many of yours in England you have but cattel too of this country and now I must tell you that we have add a long and cold winter and about the longest cold weather I have seen in one winter since I have been in America but I seen as cold a days but this keep steady cold so long from about Nov.15 to the last of March and farmers could not begin there spring work round here till about April 20 that to plough and sow they have just about got there wheat in now and now we have just add a good rain and with warm weather we shall almost see thing grow and our wheat harvest will be about as earley as yours about the last of July or the first of August and you must tell Henry that our hops in this state are badly winter killed that his old yard and hops are a going to be pruty well use up this year in this country so we look for a good price this year agine if there his a good crop as the Germans bead the English I think drinking began bear you would be surprise to see what brewers we have in Milwaukee one thing more and that his I am glad that your blessing increases and I hope you will all do well I have left all politics out but we have corruption a nuf but I am glad the Aliman Claim his settled so nicely

Now John I will give some account of myself and family I was away from home most of the winter on a visit to my daughter and my sisterís children in Missouri but the weather being so cold most of the time and I was quite unwell to most of the time I was there so that I did not enjoy myself much but I am happy now to say that I are enjoy my usual health agine by the blessing of god and most of my family at this writing only one of my sons wife which his pruty much confined to her bed she as been in poor health for a long and she as lately lost her son the oldest one about 19 years of age a very promising young man and much respected by his neighbours he was learning the Miller business but he was taking sick and died in about 10 days fine and strong looking young man

Now I have an increse in my family within a year of 4 grandchildren and I expect to hear of another ever day from my youngest daughter which will be her first one two out of the 4 are boy Grandchildren so you see we keep increasing some I hope you want let your fathers name run out you better not leave it all to Henry and Frank now I hope Mrs Frank Hardeman health his good deal better then it was when you wrote and I hope these few lines will find all injoy good health I are expecting to get a letter from your father or Mother soon as it was some time a go that I wrote to them you must give my kind love to them hoping that I shall hear from them soon I should like to see them once more agine but I hope if I do not meet them in this world that we shall all meet in the next at the right of our god and may the Lord be our helper and preserver through this life now John I say I are much oblige to you for your Picter and Miss B. Weaver his well please with hers and many others that you have sent her I hope Thomas and you will keep up corspondance with her for she can answer your letters better then I can as I am a poor letter writer and a worst speler I see your letter his much took up with a Concert that you injoy yourself at now I have not seen once since I was with you in London and I never but one before but I know you young folks in City take much pleasure in them but I never did ever one to there fancy for pleasure mine in walking in the meadow to hear the bird sing and seeing the crops grow and in the evening by my fire side with my family but I have only one to keep me company and she like you as always keep single and his about 34 years of age and as always live with me but thing look latly as if there is one trying to get her away from me I have no objection if she git a good husband I would rather see her settle down wilst I live but I ardly think she will leave me but this all gess work and John I will draw this to a close as you must take this for Thomas and you and I hope you will exguse all blunders give my kind love to Frank and wife and tell them I have not forgot the old wood house the first time I see them now Thomas and you and Herbert must except my kind love to you all from your ever will wishes and affectionate Cousin

James Weaver

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