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Hardeman Family Letter Collection

From Michael R. Reilly, Website Editor.

On November 10, 2008 SLAHS received the following email from Richard Hughes in England. From this initial correspondence, the Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc. has obtained permission from the Hughes family to publish eight remarkable early letters describing the Weaver family in Augusta, Oneida, New York, and later in the Town of Lisbon (Sussex), Waukesha, Wisconsin. They date from April 1831 a year after the Weaver family arrived in America thru 1883.

James Weaver Family

Monday, November 10, 2008 7:52 AM
Message contains attachments
LETTER 1.doc (33KB)

Dear Mike,

I was interested to find your society’s website during a search for the Weaver family who we knew had emigrated to America in the 1830s from letters we have written by James Weaver to his cousin Richard Hardeman.

There are 8 letters , most written by James Weaver starting in 1831 when the family were still in the New York area continuing with the move to Lisbon and up to 1873  with one letter from his son William in 1869 when James Weaver returned to England for a holiday and one written by his daughter Amelia in 1883 following the sudden deaths of Richard Hardeman and his wife.

I had to take two months of work earlier this year and took the opportunity to transcribe these letters and have them as Word files. I attach one dated 27th April 1831, the earliest.

I decided to retain the original phonetic spelling .

I hope this is of interest to you and if you would like copies of the other letters please let me know.

Just so there is no doubt my family retain the copyright in the letters.

Best wishes

Richard Hughes

From Editor: Please note that the letter "original pages" vary from showing 1 page versus 2-3 letter pages. This is due to the method of xerox copying performed by Mr. Hardeman. A two "web page" letter page may actually show 2 letter pages. Also, because of copying method, the "original copy pages" may not follow in content from web page to web page. Please use Mr. Hardeman's transcription of each letter as a guide to determine the "original copy page" order.

Letter 1: James Weaver, from Augusta (Oneida County, New York) April 27, 1831, to (Uncle) William Beal, Tenterden, Kent, (England)

Letter 2: James and Elizabeth Weaver, Augusta, March 30, 1833, to (Cousin) Richard Hardeman, (in unknown town), Shropshire, Great Britain

Letter 3: James Weaver, from Augusta (Oneida County, New York), July 20, 1834, to (cousin) Richard Hardeman in Tenterden, Kent, Great Britain

Letter 4: James Weaver, from Lisbon, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, December 13-15, 1839, to (cousin) Richard Hardeman at the "Whofferton (Wofferton) Salway Arms (an inn), Near Ludlow, Herefordshire, Great Britain.

Letter 5: James Weaver, from Lisbon, June 21, 1842, to (cousin) Richard Hardeman at "Whofferton.

Letter 6: William Weaver (son of James), Sussex Waukesha Co., Wisconsin, North America, June 25, 1869, to (Cousin) Herbert Hardeman (son of Richard), address unknown

Letter 7: James Weaver, Sussex P.O., Waukesha Co., Wisconsin state, North America, June 25, 1869, to (Cousin) Herbert Hardeman (son of Richard), address unknown

Letter 8: Amelia Weaver (granddaughter of James), at home, Lisbon, Wis, May 14, 1883, to (Cousin) John (most probable) Hardeman (son of Richard), address unknown

Hardeman Family Tree (England)

Retrospect: Historical society explores English roots of Hardeman-Weaver family connection

Posted: January 28, 2009, Living Sussex Sun

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