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  Genealogy: Family Histories

Redford Family Index to Images, Photographs, and Articles

Page 2

see also Thomas Spencer Redford Family and "Redford Pioneers" and

Hodgson / Redford Family Images

and page 1 of Redford Family Index to Images, Photographs, and Articles and page 3 Redford Family Index to Images, Photographs, and Articles -Page 3

which includes Van Vlack family, and page 4 Redford Family Index to Images, Photographs, and Articles -Page 4

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 03/21/2015

Above left - "Alvin Redford remembers life within the law", Waukesha Freeman article by Tom Rickert, Freeman Staff, January 1972.

Above - 2nd from left - Alvin Redford from Wisconsin Blue Book, 1951 and ad for Laura H. Redford running for Register of Deeds in Waukesha, Nov. 8, 1966.

3rd - Alvin J. Redford, taken at Mann Studio in Waukesha, date ?.  4th - also reported to be Alvin J. Redford, also Mann Studio.

Above 5th and 6th photos - Alvin's brothers???, also Mann Studio, Waukesha.

Above left - Thomas S. Redford's home...built 1848, April 1996 on nw corner of Silver Spring and Town Line Rds, Town of Lisbon.

Above center - Farm of Tom Redford estate...about 1910. Silver Spring and Town Line Rds., Adam's Hill behind.

far right - Thomas Spencer Redford home in 2008.


Above left - "Ghosts haunt 'Dead Man's Corners'", by Fred H. Keller, Sussex Sun Retrospect, July 29, 2009

Above  2nd left - Email letter from Janet Kubehl Cox about her grandmother Janet Redford Baumann, daughter of Sylvester Cook Redford.

Above 3rd & 4th images - articles/obits of Newell Beier Trakel, 1906-2005, son of Maplet Redford Trakel.

Above far right - Fred Keller March 2000 photos of Redford Corners, he notes barn started caving in that year.

Above left - Fred Keller Dec. 1997 photos of Ira Redford home, sold to Silver Spring Country Club Golf Course. See apex with Ira's name.

2nd image from left - 1934-35 Milwaukee Journal article on William C. Heib / Hugo Logemann transformation of Ira Redford silo.

3rd from left - 1938 photos of Ira Redford/Heib farm later to become Silver Spring C.C.

4th image - 1991 silo at Silver Spring C.C.

Far right above - Silver Spring C. C. 2008 advertising, note the silo.

Above - Redford graves at St. James-Rosehill Cemetery

Above left - Farm and barn of Sylvester Redford, son of Lisbon's first pioneer. Later this farm became the possession of John Baumann and his wife Janice Redford. On Lindsay Rd. and Hwy 174 in the Town of Pewaukee. Farm is bisected by Hwy 74. Photo - Nov 11, 2008. Pro Bark business now operates from site.

Redford road signs and map showing location of Redford Blvd.

Redford genealogy as compiled by Janice Redford Baumann.





Above top left - Downtown Sussex c 1905 First big addition to Brook Hotel on Sussex Creek. bottom - near Sussex Creek in Valley on Silver Spring Drive (probably a Redford in this postcard.

Above 2nd top - 5 Points in downtown Waukesha. bottom - Milk truck in Waukesha. Both pictures from Janet Redford Baumann collection.

3rd - Janet Redford married John Baumann April 29, 1944 at the Sussex Methodist Church then had reception at the 1937 built Sussex Community Hall.

4th - John Baumann as the Minneapolis-Moline Dealer /tractor and truck repairing.

Above far right - John Baumann onboard a two row corn harvester. Bottom an Elm Dale truck with name S.C. Redford on side.

Above left - John / Janet Baumann Pewaukee home. John died April 1, 1975, farm sold. The iron steam engine wheel brought from Pewaukee to new home in Watertown.

2nd - John Baumann with son Raymond, an outstanding wrestler in the early years at Hamilton High School, c. 1964. Little girl unknown, possible Diane Baumann.

3rd - Diane Baumann Kleinsteiber and brother Ray Baumann who built "Dan Patch" railroad car, 2008.

Far right - Janet Baumann with son Ray abt 2000. Janet Redford Baumann had a Wallschlaeger mother, about 1980.

       Above - Diane J. Kleinsteiber granddaughter of Sylvester Redford and their relationship to the great race horse "Dan Patch". The scans above are of the book front jacket and the newspaper article Diane pasted within the book before donating it to SLAHS.

Above left - "Celebrating Lisbon's first founder, Thomas Spenser Redford" by Fred H. Keller, Retrospect, Sussex Sun, January 14, 2009.

Center - "Thomas Redford Arrived in 1836" 1959 special edition Waukesha Freeman.

Right - "Political triumph, personal tradegy: a tale of three wives" by Fred H. Keller, Retrospect, Sussex Sun, 21, January 2009.

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