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Genealogy: Family Histories

Meider Family

  Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 06/06/2007

1870 Census Town of Lisbon

Martin Myder, b. abt 1817, Württemberg / Wurttemberg

    Margaret, b. abt 1827, Württemberg / Wurttemberg

    Leonhard Myder, b. abt 1864, Wisconsin

    Henry Myder, b. abt 1865, Wisconsin

    John Myder, b. abt 1867, Wisconsin

1873 plat map shows "M. Muder" owns 110 acres. Martin may have died between the 1870 Census and 1873. M. Muder could be Martin's widow, Margaret Myder or Meider, or that Martin was still alive in 1873, and died bet 1873-1880.

1880, June 14.  Census Town of Lisbon, District 258

Martin Myder, Margret Myder, <1818>, WURTEMBERG, Self

    Margret Myder, Martin Myder, <1824>, HESSE-DARMSTADT, Wife

    Lenard Myder, Martin Myder & Margret Myder, <1864>, Wisconsin, Son

    Henry Myder, <1865>, Wisconsin, Something other than a direct relationship,        Henry was working as a farm laborer on the David Halley or Healley next door. In 1892, Henry may have been working in Waukesha as a "carsmith"? In 1910, he may have been in Lafayette, Chippewa, Wisconsin with wife Mary A., age 35; son, William Henry, 8; Dau. Henrietta M., 4; dau. Edna L., 2, and son, Rene, 1. Also with them are father-in-law, Mitchel Moriss, age 77, and his wife Julia, age 75; both born in Canada. Henry is a farmer.

    John Myder, Martin Myder & Margret Myder, <1866>, Wisconsin, Son

    Margret Myder, Martin Myder, & Margret Myder, <1868>, Wisconsin, Daughter

    Willie Myder, Martin Myder, & Margret Myder, <1871>, Wisconsin, Son

    Godlip Myder, Martin Myder, & Margret Myder, <1873>, Wisconsin, Son [Note: this could be Gotleib Meider in 1900 Otsego, Columbia, Wisconsin, abt 1873, Wisconsin, White, Servant]. In 1910, he lives next door to his brother Henry; his wife's name is listed as Lena, age 29; with twin daughters,  Edith and Etta, age 7 mos. (Census taken April 23, 1910). Phillip Breitting is listed as brother-in-law living with them.  In 1930 living in Lafayette, Chippewa, Wisconsin, district 33, as a farmer, married to Helena, 48 , dau. Etta M., 20, sons, Charles H., 18, and Martin J., 16.  Dau. Edith ?

            Etta Margaret Meider, b. 1910 - Chippewa Falls, WI, USA, d. 7 May 2002 - Island Lake, WI, USA; Source: Trees & Communities - OneWorldTreeSM. Married Donald McEatheron on June 20, 1937, he was b. Dec 8, 1914 in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, d. Feb. 11, 1999.

Waukesha, Wisconsin Directories, 1890-92

    Name: Margaret Meider City: Waukesha County State: WI Year: 1890, 1891 Location 2: p o Lake Five.

May, 21, 1891, Waukesha Freeman, Merton: Willie Meider was also called to his rest last Friday.

1891 plat book shows Margaret Meider owner of 110 acres.

1910 Census Town of Lisbon, District 125

John M. Meider, b. Oct. 1866

    Emma E. Meider, wife, b. Feb. 1870, Wisconsin [Note: Emma E.'s last name or her husband  John's is interpreted by as "Mance"; first name as "Margrett"]

    James Sennott, working as laborer on farm, b. Dec 1883.

    Margaret Meider, b. Dec. 1827 [Note: interprets Margaret's last name as "Mesdes"]

Sarah Meider, b. May 1869, interpreted as "Meicter"  by, Head of Household in 1900, she may have married to Leonard who died between Jan 1897 and June 23, 1900 Census. Most likely Leonard who died in Waukesha, March 20, 1900, Vol. 2, page 294.

    Walter Meider, b. Sept 1894

    Clarence Lenard Meider,  b. Sept 7, 1897, d. April 1964, Wisconsin [Lenard from World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, res. 339 Broadway, Waukesha, Occ. Timekeeper.]

1910 Census Town of Lisbon

Margaret Meider, mother of John, age 82, e. 1862, from Germany

John, age 43, b. Wisconsin, farmer
    Emma, wife, age 40, Wisconsin
    John M. , 8, 21 Sep 1901, d. June 1987
    Elsie, 1

Sarah B. Meider, age 39, living in Waukesha, seamstress at home, with sons,
    Walter, 15
    Clarence, 12
sister-in-law to John?

Oct 19, 1914 Marx Brothers, cement contractors have just completed a new cement bridge over the Bark River near John Meider's. Waukesha Freeman  Oct 22, 1914.

1920, February 6, Census Town of Lisbon, District 173

John Meider, 57

    Emma, 44

    John , 18

    Elsie, 10

    Ewald, age 7, 

    [Note:  Margaret isn't listed, d. bet 1910 and 1920.]

1930, April 4, Census Town of Lisbon, District 14

John is listed in census as "Martin J. Meider", 64

    Emma J., 60

    John J., 28

    Elsie B., 20, listed as a servant for a private family

    Ewald J., 17, Ewald G., b. May 18, 1912, d. April 17, 1993, Waukesha

1930 plat book shows John Meider owns 110 acres.

Map image showing 2005 former Meider property, approx 50 acres of the original. The farmhouse and barn are in upper left corner. The house (with barn to the north) enclosed in yellow are part of a 36 acre parcel currently owned by Michael and Kristine Reilly.

John Meider, Jr. marries Irmgard Haass on 03 Sep 1932.

Saturday, 4:00 pm, September 11, 1937 - Elsie Kleinschmidt weds Ewald Meider at Brookfield Methodist Evangelical church by Rev. Anton Stury. Daughter of Mrs. William Hill of Brookfield. Waukesha Freeman, Sept 15, 1937


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