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William Patrick Reilly

Source: "The Tibbits (Tibbitts), Reilly, Bettinger, & McCarthy Family Tree Book 1784 to 1994" by Mary Heindel Reilly

The genealogy report below was created by Michael R. Reilly using Family Tree Maker Genealogy Software - See bottom of page for contact instructions regarding updating/corrections. Last Updated: 11/20/2009


1. WILLIAM PATRICK4 REILLY (NICHOLAS3, PATRICK (REILY)2 RILEY, JAMES1 O'RILEY)1 was born August 31, 1898 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin1, and died August 29, 1980 in Tampa, Florida1. He married NATALIE "NETTIE" MARIE (TIBBITTS) TIBBITS1 September 05, 1921 in Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah, Chatam, Georgia1, daughter of GEORGE TIBBITS and MARGARETHA (GERTRUDE. She was born December 09, 1900 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin1, and died August 08, 1975 in St. Joseph's Hospital, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin1.


Burial: September 05, 1980, Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin1

Education: St. Patrick's Grade School, Milw. (near south side); Marquette Academy (Marquette High School today).

Funeral Services: St. Pius X Parish, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hobbies 1: Abt. 1945, Softball and bowled in a left-handers league (Meno. Falls).

Hobbies 2: Cut hair - mainly relatives.

Occupation 1: 1921, Supervisors on docks, and railroad detective In Savannah, GA.

Occupation 2: Bef. 1921, Picking tomatoes - Alexandria, Virginia (living on Duke or King St.)

Occupation 3: Bet. 1926 - 1929, New Orleans, LA.; demonstrated products in dept stores; lived in mobile home court. Also worked in other southeast states.

Occupation 4: Abt. 1929, Worked at "Black Eagle" gas station; family lived in West Allis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Occupation 5: Abt. 1931, "W.P. Reilly, President, Perfecta Mfg. Co., 326 W. State St., Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin; (Phone) Broadway 2310.

Occupation 6: Aft. 1945, Julius Rasmussen & Co. (Robt E. Reilly said his father still self-employed aft WWII).

Occupation 7: Abt. 1946, "Consultant, Mechanical Power Transmission Specialist", Rasmussen company.

Occupation 8: Aft. 1946, Invented "V-Belt Fastener", sold rights to another company.

Occupation 9: Aft. 1960, Aft retirement from Rasmussen, he worked part-time as a Milw. law firm messenger.

Pets: Bet. 1930 - 1936, Had a German Shepard named "Zip" in West Allis, and a St. Bernard named "Ponce".

Residence 1: Aft. September 15, 1921, 20 West Taylor St., Savannah, GA.

Residence 2: Abt. December 1925, 373 21st. St., 2nd Ward, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Residence 3: Abt. 1927, Farm (Location ? Source: Thomas James Reilly)

Residence 4: Abt. 1931, Small Pewaukee lake cottage aft fire destroyed Milw. residence.

Residence 5: Bet. 1931 - 1933, 59th St. near Greenfield Ave., West Allis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Residence 6: Abt. 1934, 8626 W. Oakland St., West Allis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Residence 7: Bet. April 1935 - 1949, Moved to Menomonee Falls, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Residence 8: Bef. August 1936, 200 Fond du Lac Ave., Menomonee Falls, Waukesha, Wisconsin. (Old Weber house)

Residence 9: Abt. 1940, Water St., Menomonee Falls, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Residence 10: Abt. 1945, Appleton Ave., Meno. Falls.

Residence 11: Bet. 1949 - 1955, Fussville (near Meno. Falls.), Waukesha, Wisconsin

Residence 12: 1955, Upper duplex near 68th and Lloyd Sts., Milwaukee

Residence 13: Aft. 1955, Lower duplex at 1309 N. 42nd St., Milwaukee

Residence 14: Bet. 1965 - 1975, Lower duplex at 1740 N. 56th St., Milwaukee (just 1/2 blk north of Washington Blvd.)


Burial: August 1975, Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin1

Funeral Services: St. Sebastian's Church, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hobbies 1: Parish volunteer work - sewing and baking

Hobbies 2: Abt. 1965, Attended German language and watercolor painting classes at La Farge Senior Center, Milw.


Marriage: September 05, 1921, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah, Chatam, Georgia1



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