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Erwin E. "Erv" Miller

"Greenie" Miller

"Father of Lannon Land O' Lakes Baseball"

By Michael R. Reilly, nephew

Last Revision 07/02/14

    Born in West Bend on August 27, 1907 to parents William Jacob Miller, Jr. and Magdalena Vogt.  

    Before his father married, he worked as a typo, setting print, in the office of the Washington County Pilot. And in 1906 he worked at a malt house, possibly associated with West Bend Lithia Company where his father worked. Until he married married Magdalena M. Vogt, also known as Lena, on June 5, 1906, he lived on his mother's step-father's, Jacob Engmann (This probably isn't true, it probably was the original family farm from his grandfather Louis which was left to his Uncle Otto) farm outside West Bend.

     The Pilot noted that William, "was a young man of good character, industrious, and of a whole-souled disposition, and will surely prove to be a good husband." William and Lena then lived with his parents for a time at 335 N. 8th Street in West Bend.

    About a year after Erwin was born, October 27, 1908, Eugene Stephen Miller was born. Tragedy struck the couple when Eugene died two years later on November 11, 1910. (Reason for death?) He was buried on November 14 at Holy Angel's Cemetery, Row 28, (next to his grandparents, William Sr. and Appollonia) in West Bend. The cemetery is located on the corner of Main Street and Decorah Road.

    Very little is known about Erwin's early life in West Bend. (Did he attend Holy Angels school in West Bend, and one in Milwaukee, Sussex, or Lannon?) A check for records of the Sussex Graded School at the Waukesha County Historical Society on 8/8/00 found no attendance records for the years 1911-1918.

    Shortly after Eugene's death, about the same time Lena's mother moved to Milwaukee, the family packed up and also went to that city. (Reasons for the move are unknown. One could speculate the need for Lena to get away, or because of potential work opportunities for William. Several of Lena's relatives already lived there as did William's brother Stephen.) A review of the Milwaukee City Directories for the time period 1910 - 1915 shows that Lena's mother's name first appears in the 1911 volume as "Annie, Wid., Frank, h 426 18th St.". Looking at other Vogt entries in 1911 reveals she lived with Peter, a plumber, and Margaret, an operator. No where does it show a William or Lena Miller living at this address. In the 1914 volume, there listed a "William, tinsmith, h 835 Muskego Ave". In 1915, a "William, saloon, 629 20th, h same" is listed and later in 1916, "William, bartender, h 387 7th" is indicated. While William J. Miller worked as both tinsmith or tinner and also as a bartender, none of the listing above or in the directories can actually be attributed to him.

    On a postcard postmarked September 2, 1915, William wrote to his mother from Templeton (now Sussex), "Hello Ma. This the place I am going to take. Will be in WB (West Bend) in a week." The address was simply, "Mrs. Wm. Miller, West Bend, Wis.". The picture on the postcard's front was that of the Mammoth Springs Hotel (presently Dilly's) under the proprietorship of one Thomas McCloskey. The Hotel was both a saloon downstairs and hotel above. It isn't known what William meant by his message to his mother; whether he intended to buy the establishment or to simply work there ( Fred Keller, a Sussex area historian, wrote about the history of the hotel/saloon and nothing mentioned William's ownership.) There further exists a picture ( in the possession of Shirley Ann Arnold, nee Miller) of William standing behind a bar that could be this hotel. It's not sure when or if William began working here because his father, William Sr., suddenly died a few days later on September 5, 1915 while fishing.

    The West Bend News indicated in his father's obituary, dated September 8, 1915, that William resided in Milwaukee. It is thought that the family lived above the saloon while he worked there (in Templeton). Nothing yet has been found that tells of the couple's life until Lena's death in 1917.

    Lena's obituary reads that she had been sick for a couple of years before her death but that she was improving. A week before she died, she caught a cold which developed into pneumonia, the cause of her death. She died on January 27, 1917 in her mother's home at 426 Eighteenth Street, Milwaukee. She is buried in Holy Angel's Cemetery in Row 37, next to her parents, Frank and Anna. 

    At some time Erwin's father met Margaret M. Semrow, born on May 14, 1883, the daughter of John Semrow and Albertina Hammer. Whether he knew her before Lena's death or became acquainted immediately after isn't known.  

    He married her on August 16, 1917 at St. James Church in Lannon. Father Paul E. Schiedel officiated at the wedding and William's brother Louie was a witness. Their Waukesha County marriage certificate #12-417 indicated that William's occupation was saloon-keeper and that their residence was Templeton.

    When Prohibition finally shut down the saloon and new owners turned it into an ice cream shop, William and his family possibly moved on to other temporary quarters. A listing in the Rural Directory of Waukesha County for 1919 - 1923 shows William Miller living with a child at a hotel as a tenant at Templeton, Lisbon Township (was the child listed - Erwin or William?)

    On September 3, 1919, William Miller purchased lot 72 in the town of Hadfield (now Lannon) from Hattie Hartkopf, a widow living in Milwaukee, for $600. The legal description is in Waukesha County real estate record Vol. 163 page 133 that states it's, in the South one half (S 1/2) of the Southeast quarter (SE 1/4) of Section number 18 in Township 8 North Range 20 East. The lot is 96 feet long by 72 feet wide. Speculation is that there was a house on the lot already.

    The William Miller home had three bedrooms upstairs and downstairs in the kitchen stood a two-burner kerosene stove. On top of that stove Maggie, as she was fondly known, would cook wonderful meals. The bread and pies she always made were baked in a tin box that sat on top of the burners ( they didn't have an oven). They may not have had a lot to eat but they always had a full table. {Later on Shirley Ann Arnold, nee Miller, remembers how Grandma (Shirley's step-grandmother) was such a great cook. "She made the best pork chops and the most delicious chili. Our family had many Holidays there. One Holiday I was naughty and Dad (Erv) told me to be quiet, and of course I wasn't, and I got a good spanking. Grandma took me into the little bedroom downstairs (in the basement?) and put powder on my face."} Author's note - a little trouble understanding this one! 

    William had four more children with Margaret; William John Miller born on October 10, 1919; John on December 13, 1921; Margaret M. on April 19. 1925, and lastly Marie Rose Miller was born on October 16, 1927. On the birth certificate of their first child in 1919, William's occupation was "tinner".

    William worked as a volunteer fireman for the town. The firehouse was right across the street from the family home, and he became 1st assistant fire chief during the years of 1920, 21, and 23. In 1922 he served as 2nd assistant fire chief.

    Now, according to family information, Erwin or Erv, as many called him, didn't arrive in Hadfield until 1922. If this is true, where was he after his mother died in 1917? Living with Grandma Appollonia in West Bend? With another relative? Or did he stay with his father? He was only nine years old when his mother died; was he left alone while his father worked and started a new life with Margaret? An interview with Waukesha Sports Writer Tom Guyant in 1953 states that Erv came to Lannon 35 years ago where he finished his schooling (probably in the old two-story wooden Lannon Grade School). If this is true, Erv would have arrived with his father and lived in Lannon in the house his father purchased. The year would have been 1918 or 1919. Erv would have been about 12 years old when the 1919 school year started, placing him in 6th to 8th grade depending on his progress in any other school(s) he attended. Question - In February 1922 the 9 year old Sussex Graded School burned down; Erwin "Erv" "Greenie" Miller may have attended this school when he father Salty worked in Templeton circa 1915. Erv was born in 1908 in West Bend. The school records for the period 1911-18 were not found at the Waukesha County Historical Society; could they have been lost in the fire. If so, why are there 1919-1922 records available? Does anyone have any classroom records for the missing time period?

    Erv may have finished through the Sophomore year at Lannon Grade School since they had it there for a number of years. Did he then go to Menomonee Falls High School to finish graduating? If he finished High School, then starting his clerking job at J. J. Flanagan's store in 1925 would be about right.

    One story about Erv working at J. J. Flanagan's came out recently; the store sold dynamite and other explosives. One day a fellow blew off his hand while examining a blasting cap.

    Erv told his son, Don, years later that he worked on the Sullivan brothers (Jack and Dave) farm (possibly boarded there) west of Lannon that eventually became part (or all) of the Walterwood real estate development. (Don also thinks that Erv may have worked on a pig farm near Holy Hill.)

    During the 20's, his father worked as a tinsmith doing gutter work and installing tin ceilings (one or more are to exist in the family home). Ray Semrow, a nephew of Margaret (Semrow), says that he worked for his Uncle in the tinsmith trade during the period of 1925-26, but he didn't know where William had learned the skills. Ed Miller, a nephew in West Bend, remembered that his Uncle Bill built a drain (sink) for Bill's brother, John, ("Feet") when he ran a tavern called "Mussle's" (?) on north Main Street in West Bend (now the site of 1st National Bank).

    His father also built row boats 12 to 14 feet in length made of wood and tin out in the back workshop/garage. The boats were soldered and riveted with soft rivets that were set in place with a ball peen hammer. It's said that he made the boats during the winter, often stacking 15-20 boats on wooden 2x4's, and then selling them in the spring ( would like to find someone who still has one of his boats).

    On January, 1930, when Erv was 21 years old, the former Town of Hadfield was officially incorporated as the Village of Lannon and  Erv's father's name was on the incorporation document.  His name is listed in the Menomonee Falls News dated February 14, 1930 as "Wm. Mueller" one of the new elected officers of the Village of Lannon.

    It wasn't until he began working at the grocery store that Erv took an interest in baseball. Lannon, at the time, wasn't as hepped up over the diamond sport as it residents are at the present time (1953). "We had a second team, Called it the Cardinals, " recalls Miller. "We played independent ball around here. The outfit was made up of fellows who weren't quite good enough to make the Lakes club."

    Erv experienced his first year as a league manager in 1928; a job he kept until 1939. His best year? Miller recalls his team of '37 which won the Eastern division championship, (there were only two divisions then) but lost the grand-championship to Pewaukee by a single run.  

      A 1929 baseball team photo shows Erv as their manager; what's interesting about it is that Lannon wasn't officially Lannon until 1930 - so either the date of the photo is a year off, or the residents were already promoting themselves as Lannonites - you see the team's jerseys say "Lannon" on them. As previously mentioned they had the Lannon Post Office, and the "Lannon Volunteer Fire Company" was organized in 1916.

 Erv was always the baseball team promoter; to play on the Lannon team you had to at least work in the Lannon area. So Erv would find the talent or when it came to him, he would be on the lookout to get them a job and temporary residence somewhere.


Play Ball! April 1930 - The local Lannon baseball team under managers Ervin Miller and E.W. Cullen, will be a member of the Menomonee Valley Baseball League. The team was again granted permission by John Ohrt of the Davis Bros. Stone Company to use company land north of the village for a ball park (The site is now Joeck's Field) Source of news article was the Lannon History - Golden Jubilee 1930-1980 but original source is unknown.


In 1931, the Miller managed aggregation took the Tri-Valley league crown and in '33, won the Waukesha County championship. Baseball wasn't the only sport where Erv shined. Basketball occupied the minds of Lannon sports fans during the winter months and Erv managed a Lakes quintet during 1932 and 1933.


    On September 28, 1933 in St. James Chapel,  Erv married Henrietta "Hattie" Mina Gastrow (who wasn't Catholic), born March 8, 1908 in the city of Waukesha at 206 Niagara St.. Though Hattie wasn't Catholic, it's believed they were married in the old St. James chapel. Erv probably met Hattie during one of the many baseball games he either played on or managed, and a couple of Hattie's brothers from Waukesha played ball. Hattie's father was Fred Gastrow and mother's name was Henrietta Dusha.

    Their first child, a son named Donald came on March 11, 1934. Shirley Ann arrived October 10, 1935 and youngest daughter Joan  "Joannie" Ruth showed up on May 1, 1939. According to their birth records, all three were born at home. 

    Daughter Shirley says that Dad worked for Jack .J. Flanagan Jr. (grocery store) when she was very young. She didn't know when he started but it was probably before 1933 (actually 1925) when he married Hattie. The store sold groceries, was the town Post Office (Jack .J. Flanagan Jr. was Postmaster from 1912-1949) and sold a little bit of everything. Shirley recalls Mrs. Flanagan coming out of the store when she would pass by (being pushed in a buggy by one of her Aunts, Margaret or Marie, or walking by) and give her candy.

     July 2, 2014 - Met with Joan at Depot Museum, one thing she mentioned was that her father sold insurance, Northwestern Mutual. I said that Martin C. Weber, Sr. also sold insurance while also farming, and she said that he sold her a Northwestern Mutual policy. Interesting! Perhaps Erv got to know Martin thru baseball and Martin got him into the insurance business as a side-line to the grocery? Note: After my mother, Erv's half-sister Marie Rose Miller, graduated from high school, she worked for the American Appraisal company in downtown Milwaukee, later she switched jobs and went to Northwestern Mutual. She joined the Company choir late in 1945 (?) and sang with them until around 1952 [probably up until I was born in 1952]. Perhaps Erv encouraged Marie to work for Northwestern Mutual?

Picture  circa late 1935 - Salty, son Erv Miller, grandson Don, granddaughter Shirley, Grandma Appolonia in her West Bend home(?).

     Erv bought the grocery store business only (not the building) from J. J. Flanagan Jr., but it may have been the early 1940's (if this is true, did Flanagan continue to operate the Post Office out of the store until 1949? - Yes he did, but the Post Office was separated from the store by a wall where Erv could slid open a small door and talk to the Postmaster). The store was on the northwest corner of Main St. (Hwy 74) and Lannon Rd. After Miller's Food Store & Butcher Shop was closed in 1960 it became the F&M Bank, then later, the present home of Bette Anne's Antiques. A note about the Lannon Post Office: although it was in the Town of Hadfield (though in the Jubilee history it states that it was part of the Town of Menomonee), it was known as the Lannon Post Office since August 2, 1890.

    The Miller's Food Store was a "Red Bell" brand store and Erv got his dry goods from the Roundy's distribution center in Milwaukee. Also from Dobratz (?) and the Hoffman Co. The store sold a general line of merchandise. Son Don remembers working in the store when he was first about 11 years old (around 1945). He didn't receive any regular wages (it was just expected that family members helped with family businesses back then), but he did receive a little allowance money.

    From 1940 -'45, the war years - Lannon dropped baseball due, of course to the shortage of man-power. Following the war, Erv was instrumental in the rebirth of baseball in Lannon. Even son Donald played baseball, and ended up in an All-Star tournament in 1951 being played down at Borchert Field in Milwaukee. When Don wasn't playing baseball he would sometimes help out, as his father did, at the Lannon games selling soda pop.

    Also in 1941, Erv moves his family to a house at 7249 Lake St. (a few blocks from the store) that he rents until 1949. They originally were renting a house (from Fred Gissal) on the southwest corner of Lannon and Good Hope Roads (across from the present day Post Office). From the Waukesha County records, 500-191; on June 6, 1949 Erwin E. Miller and Hattie M. bought the house/property on Lake Street from Fred J. Wilson and Ella M. for $1.00. Lot 52, Plat of Hadfield, SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 18, Town 8 North Range 20E. This house and lot cost approx. $3,500.

    Additional real estate records, 505-459, show him taking out a loan/got a lien/or purchased lot #53,  for $1.00 on February 25, 1947. This lot was adjacent to the one above. Erv bought it undeveloped because Lot 52 with the house on it had swampy land, with many willows and mosquitoes. He removed many of the willows, and cleared other shrubbery, but wanted the next door lot to increase his useable yard size.

    Shirley remembers Mom and Dad spending many hours working at the store; even when not open, they spent nights and weekends stocking and cleaning. After Shirley stopped helping Grandpa Miller with cleaning the school (he died in 1954), she started working in the grocery store.

    In 1949, major remodeling went on and the grocery store was converted to a self-serve operation with shelving and carts. Prior to this, the food items were behind counters and the grocer scooped out and weighed what the customer wanted.

    Erv served as president of the Athletic Committee of the Lannon Advancement Association from 1949 - 1952 when he gave way to Joe Turner. He was also president of Lannon Advancement Association, elected in 1949.

    Erv's attitude towards the Milwaukee Braves was that it hurt the Lakes baseball, even though e\he was an avid Braves fan. The saying was, "So long as "Miller's Store" remains on the corner, they're going to have plenty of sports activity here - of that you can be sure!"

    His involvement with baseball probably dates back to his early teens if not sooner. From being a player to team manager to business leader promoter, Erv Miller was there. Every game he was there, lugging a big basket through the stand, peddling peanuts. Along with Ossie Monacilla, Walter Becker Both selling beer), Tony Schneider (ticket seller), and Matt Schneider, Al Strube, and Al Walter (all parking cars these gentlemen, all officers or directors of the Lannon Advancement Association supported Lannon baseball from its' earliest days, and got the ball park completed.


    Because of Erv's energetic involvement with Lannon baseball, he (the one on the right) was inducted into the Land O' Lakes Hall of Fame in 1953; the 3rd person to receive that honor, though the first manager to be nominated. Erv was also vice-president of the Land O' Lakes Old Timers association.


    Son Donald enters the Army in 1954 to serve his allotted time of two years. Wasn't in the Korean War.

    Shirley Ann Miller marries Edward Arnold November 3, 1956

    In the early Spring of 1957, Erv purchased a gasoline service station that had to be moved because of road expansion (there's two ideas where this came from - one from near Hwy 41and was a house, the other near Capitol Dr., the gas station). Erv's step-brother John Miller did the electrical work  Erv had purchased the approx. three acres that the gas station was set on sometime before 1957 from a Mr. Wagner.

    When the new "Suburban Market" opened it had a back room, a bathroom, and a walk-in cooler upstairs where the extra liquor was stored. His Uncle Louie from West Bend worked at the store when it first opened, keeping things tidy, and fixed, and the "help" working.

(Question - Was the new store being built and remodeled over a period of three years before opening, and the old store was still being used until 1960?. Or was the new store also used in addition to the original one? - Yes, to both questions. Erv's son, Don, operated the store from approx 1957 to 1960, while Erv ran the Suburban Market from its' new location.) (Also, was the Post Office still in the store or had it already moved up to Lannon and Good Hope Roads when an old automobile garage was purchased and remodeled into the present day Post Office? - I believe it was around 1957 that Keith Gissal moved the Post Office to its' present location.)

    At first they sold liquor and beer,  shrubbery (?) bushels of fruit and potatoes, that Erv had to drive to Michigan for. When the store was finished, canned foods, pickles, chips, and and the more general merchandise was sold. On Sundays the store had a deli that sold Militzer's hard rolls, potato salad, baked beans, and cole slaw (What no ham?). Shirley says that they sold on Sundays back in 1957 when stores weren't supposed to be open The deli was probably in the corner food store. During the Summer the store supplied the town with vegetable and flower plants in flats, and sold Christmas trees during the Holidays.

    As an independent grocery, Erv traveled to Chicago to Consolidated Foods (operated Cardinal store chain) to stock his store with dry goods. He purchased produce in Milwaukee and the surrounding community.

    Erv had the nickname "Greenie" and to this day it's unclear to its' origin. Some say it was because of all the produce, shrubbery, plants, and Christmas trees he sold. Though this is the most plausible explanation, perhaps other theories could be some early smoking attempts, or maybe he spend a lot of time sliding on the outfield grass going after baseballs.

    In October or November 1960 a big addition went up, and the Suburban Market opens with groceries and a self-serve meat department. Two more additions were added to the "warehouse" (?), more walk-in coolers, a walk-in freezer, and another door for deliveries. For the Meat Dept and room to park the store truck, the compressors were taken out of the meat dept and installed on the roof. This is the time period that the store actually functioned as a true grocery store.

    Son Donald left Lannon in 1963 and moved to Antigo where he purchased a Dairy Queen franchise, but during the winter months when the DQ was closed, he would come back to Lannon and help run the store.

    In late 1962 the store changed to a  "Super Valu" (only the 2nd Super Valu in southeastern Wisconsin, the first being in Cedarburg) and Erv picked up his store stock from the distribution center in Green Bay. Shirley's son Jeff would accompany his grandfather many times to Green Bay to pick up grocery stock, later to be joined by grand-daughter Jeanne when she was about three. Shirley believes that her kids never heard the word "No!" from Grandpa (Sounds like he like to spoil them!).

    Also in 1962, he became the President of the LOL Old Timer's Association. In 1963, tragedy struck Lannon baseball when long-timer score/grounds-keeper Barney Joecks died in a car accident. In his honor, the baseball field was renamed Joeck's Park. 

    Erv was an avid Packer fan as well as a baseball enthusiast and promoter; he went to the 1967 Packer vs. Cowboys Ice Bowl (He told Shirley that it wasn't cold!). Erv managed to obtain season tickets from a former Packer player, Paul Kell (played one season with team). The tickets remain in the family to this day.

    Joan Ruth Miller marries Kenneth Zahnow (b. 3/14/1944) on September 21, 1968. Ken played baseball for Lannon. Ken's father, Walter, played for Brookfield.

    Erv was honored at the Land 'O Lakes Eastern Division Awards Banquet in November, 1971

    Erv was always in the Lannon Advancement Association (sources say that he founded the Association) says Shirley, and picnics were held every Summer where a car would be raffled off. One year (1949 or 1950?) the Association had a contest to see who could sell the most tickets. Every member would sponsor a girl, and the winner would be Queen plus the two runners-up would form the "Court". Shirley won the honor of being named Queen, while Norma Olson Schneider and Florence Dapke Burg were rest of the "court".

Lannon civic leader,

Erwin E. Miller dies

    Lannon grocer, sports sponsor and civic leader, Erwin E. Miller, 65,  died Thursday December 21, 1972 at Community Memorial Hospital where he had been hospitalized for the past three weeks with Leukemia, heart trouble, and a bleeding ulcer.

    Owner of  Lannon's Super Valu store, Miller was a member of the Wisconsin Retail Grocers Association and had been treasurer of the Lannon Lions club.

    Services for Miller will be conducted at the Schramka-Haack-Herrick Funeral Home, Water St., Menomonee Falls at 9:30 a.m.; Wednesday, Dec., 27, and at 10 a.m. at St. James Catholic Church in Lannon. Burial will follow the church service in the church cemetery. The body was in state at the funeral home Tuesday, Dec. 26, after 4 p.m.

    Miller moved to Lannon in 1922. He had been a native of West Bend. He founded and was president of the Lannon Advancement Association. Miller lived at 7249 Lake St. in Lannon. 

    An installee of the Land O' Lakes baseball Hall of Fame, Miller had managed and sponsored Lannon's baseball entry in the Eastern Division of the Land O' Lakes. A Director of the the club for 20 years, Miller received the Eastern Division's Meritorious Service Award in 1971. 

    Eastern Division Commissioner, Joe Long, a long-time close friend of Miller's, said of him, "He was sincere, dedicated, conscientious, respected and beloved. One of the real great men of LOL baseball, Erv did much to keep things on an even keel."    

    Survivors include his wife, Harriet of Lannon; a son, Donald, of Hartland; and two daughters, Mrs. Edward (Shirley) Arnold and Mrs. Kenneth (Joan) Zahnow, both of Milwaukee. (Author's note: at the time of Erv's death, Shirley and Edward were living in an apartment in his parents farmhouse in Germantown.)

        In another obituary - "During his tenure as president of the Lannon Advancement Association, Mr. Miller was instrumental ....."We're really going to miss him, He couldn't do enough for ...!"

    And current manager Rudy Dubnicka observed, "I've lost a close personal friend and counselor,, I'll miss those man get-togethers we had during each baseball season." Lenny ...., long associated with the LOL and News Staff as a writer, stated that, "Erv will always be remembered as "Mr. Baseball" in Lannon. The LOL is indebted to him d\for his unselfish efforts."

    After Erv's death, store manager Dot Lind ran it for awhile, then son Don and the Olson brothers purchased the business from his mother, Hattie. After about 1 1/2 years, they sold the business to (in 1974-75) to Harry Langerman and leased the building to him (was operated as a Shop-Rite food store). Several years after Hattie's death, Don and his sisters sold the business and building to "Shorty" Klink and Bob Groth who operated it for a while as a Piggly Wiggly food store.

    On Friday, August 3, 1973, the first annual Erv. Miller Baseball Tournament was held. It was Lannon upsetting Menomonee Falls Lakers, 7-6. Unfortunately the tournament only continued for another 1-2 years. Why it ended is open to speculation. The Miller children had left Lannon, perhaps Erv's widow, Hattie, wasn't open to its' continuance, or maybe his memory was forgotten too soon by Lannon. Originally the thought was to erect a memorial to Erv in the baseball park, but for some reason it was changed to a tournament that never outlasted the time he devoted to the game in Lannon.

    It's sort of ironic that Lannon competed with Milwaukee in baseball in so many ways and often was a jump ahead of them, especially building the ball field. That today, when Miller Park is being built in Milwaukee, that Lannon could have had its' own Miller Baseball Park, if Barney Joeck's hadn't died prematurely, and that when Erv Miller, the "Father of Lannon Land O' Lakes baseball died in 1972, the baseball field could have been named after him! What would Milwaukee being doing now if Lannon had a Miller Baseball field years ago? Would it be called the Pettit Stadium instead?

    Around 1997, Shirley wrote that "Dad was the most honest, sincere, and generous person I ever met. He's been gone for 25 years, and people still come up to us (Joan and I) and say what a wonderful person he was."

Additional Information:

Hattie died October 23, 1979, both she and Erv are buried in St. James Cemetery..

Donald Miller sells DQ in 1970 and purchases a Super Valu store in Hartland, sells it in 1979 to a Mr. Hilger, and moves back north and works five years in the Eagle River Triegs grocery store, and another ten years at the Save More store in Minocqua.

Information Sources :

Washington County Register of Deeds; Washington County Pilot; West Bend News; Lannon History - Golden Jubilee 1930-1980; Waukesha County Register of Deeds; the recollections of Shirley Ann Arnold (nee Miller), Keith Gissal, Edwin G. Miller Jr. (West Bend), Ray Semrow and Robert E. Reilly; Extensive interview with Donald E. Miller, August 4 & 6th, 2000.

From the Waukesha Freeman  - Land O' Lakes Begins Naming Hall of  Famers...Miller Sparks Lannon's Baseball Success by Tom Guyant, Freeman Sports Writer (Editor's Note: Erv Miller, Lannon businessman, was recently named to the Land O' Lakes Hall of Fame. Because Erv has been active in directing and sponsoring teams in the league for a number of years he was so honored. Actually Miller is not the first honoree, Walter Kiley of Plat, a catcher and an outfielder, was selected five years ago. Martin Weber, who has undertaken the Hall of Fame selections, reports that nine players will be nominated at a meeting late in January. Miller was the first manager picked, however, and here is a brief account of his LOL career.)