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Genealogy Index to Lannon Residents - Past & Present

Isaac S. Howard Family

compiled by Mike Reilly 06/04/04

    The following is the presently available information about the Howard family and relatives who moved from Vermont and settled in what was to be later the Village of Lannon. By 1875, Isaac's mother had died and there's seems to be little or no trace of the family in the area. So what became of the Howard family ?

1835 - Isaac Howard, age 18, and his 15 year old wife arrive from Vermont.

1838 - Isaac Howard selling stone from his quarry (supposedly the earliest quarry in now Waukesha County) located on 80 acres just north of Good Hope Rd.. An 1859 atlas shows a Howard quarry and kiln on the southwest quarter of Section (one square mile) 17 in the Town of Menomonee (bounded on the south by Good Hope Rd., a quarter mile east of Lannon Rd. and to the north by Hwy 74 (Main St.). In 1959 a Howard quarry still existed on the site.

1855 - Isaac Howard builds a kiln next to his quarry to make burned lime.

1873 - A plat of this year shows that Isaac Howard's initial 80 acres has been reduced to 39 acres. The orig. acreage would have been the lower southwest portion of Section 17. Of this, the far east 20 acres, from north to south, were sold to Herman Harmon who operated it as a quarry up to at least 1899. A southwestern portion of 20 acres, running east to Herman Harmon, was sold to a G. Bench.

Of the 39 acres left of Howard's, the one remaining acre appears to be situated on what was to become the original school site on the southeast corner of present day Main St. and Lannon Rd. The 1873 plat map does show a structure existing there; more than likely the Howard family home with the kiln being built earlier to the northeast near the river fork. The map doesn't show it as being a school though, the nearest schools to the Howard land (which was almost centrally located between the two, were Willow Spring Jt. District No. 6 to the southwest, and Sunnyside School Jt. School District No. 9 to the northeast.

1891 - The plat map shows no ownership by a Howard. The far east 20 acres, from north to south, is still owned by Herman Harmon who operated it as a quarry up to at least 1899. A southwestern portion of 20 acres, running east to Herman Harmon's, was sold by G. Bench to The Hadfield Company; now showing 22 acres (instead of the 20 in 1873); they were operating a quarry on the eastern end of this property. Of the 39 acres left of Howard's in 1873, there are now 30 acres owned by N.A. Davis.

This now leaves 8 acres missing from the original 80 acres Isaac Howard first had. The 1891 Plat does shows School District No. 3 on the corner, plus there were probably other lots created for businesses or residences that were now being to be built, along with the the nearly forty acres that The Hadfield Company had recently platted to the immediate west.

1913 - Except for the Harmon 20 acres to the east, the rest of the property is owned by E.P. Davis or the Davis Bros. Quarry Company. The 1913 Plat map does show smaller lots along the far western end of the original 80 acres (on the east side of what is now Lannon Rd, between the present Village Park, south to Good Hope Rd.

Federal Census of 1850 Menomonee Township

Hiram Howard, 65, farmer, annual income $600, born in Vermont in 1788, died August 15, 1859, age 71, buried Sunnyside Cemetery.

Sarah Howard nee Larnardo, 64, born in Vermont on August 17, 1786, died February 29, 1875, buried Sunnyside Cemetery.

                    Isaac S. Howard, 42, farmer, annual income $1,200, born in Vermont

                    Lucy Howard, 27, born in New York state.

                                        Hiram A. Howard, 6, attended school within the year, born in Wisconsin.

                                        Loisa Howard, 5, attended school within the year, born in Wisconsin.

                                        Shelbourne Howard, male, 4, attended school within the year, born in Wisconsin.

                                        Irene Howard, 3, born in Wisconsin on December 18, 1848, died August 31, 1918, buried in Sunnyside Cemetery.

                                                            George Bence, husband, number of possible children.

                                        Lavina Howard, 1/12, born in Wisconsin.

                    Lyman S. Howard, 40, born in Vermont.

                    Clarinda Howard, 33, born in New York state.

                                        Henry C. Howard, 10, attended school within the year, born in New York state.

                                        Mary J. Howard, 5, attended school within the year, born in New York state.

                                        Chas. F. Howard, 3, born in Wisconsin.

                                        Hiram Howard, 1, born in Wisconsin.

    Some others who came from Vermont and lived near the Howards were Edward Johnson, possibly married to Polly Howard, age 46, a sister of Isaac ?; and Benjamin Harmon, at age 58 he could have been a relative of Hiram Howard by marriage;  a family of Hernan Harnan, age 28 was living with Hiram and Sarah at the time, he was married to Abigail, also born in Vermont, a possible very young sister  of Isaac ?

    The only two Howards buried at Sunnyside were Hiram and Sarah; though there is a Pearl M. Howard born in 1902 and died in 1934.


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