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Village of Sussex and Town of Lisbon Families 

    Note: Much of the historical information for the Weaver (and associated) families listed below comes from "The Weavers  of Lisbon-Sussex", compiled by Janice Russell Peterson, 1997, numerous articles written by Fred H. Keller, official Sussex-Lisbon Historian, and the 1881 History Of Waukesha County: Biographical Sketches - Town of Lisbon. Mike Reilly, website editor, has contributed to same, using tools available on the internet for genealogists/historians.

Note: This website Editor makes no claim as to the accuracy of the genealogy information provided in these pages. He does make every attempt to correct mistakes when they are brought to his attention.

  Selected Biographical Sketches of Town of Lisbon Residents - 1894

The above link contains many bios unedited for content

Lannon Families

    Genealogy Index to Lannon Residents - Past & Present