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Genealogy: Family Histories

Lucius Botsford, aka Bottsford, Family

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 03/11/2005

   Lucius Botsford was one of the first settlers in the Town of Lisbon. He very well have been one of the first to stake his claim on the northeast quarter section of Section 36 and later the southeast quarter section, a total of 320 acres.

    According to Melinda Weaver in "Memories of Early Days" he came to Milwaukee in the Spring of 1836, then worked all that summer there. He went back to New York state (Note: according to, he was born in Leicester, Worcester, Massachusetts) in the fall after his wife, child and mother expecting to get back with them before the close of navigation, but he only got as far as Fort Gratiot in Michigan. In January, 1837, his wife died. He arrived back in Milwaukee in April, leaving his mother and child until the weather should be warmer and more comfortable for the old lady to travel with child (this may have been Reuben, who died in December, 1837 ?).  

    Mr. Lucius Bottsford and Miss Lucinda Denny [Miss Denny was the daughter of Joseph Addison Denny and Phebe Henshaw, born April 3, 1806. She was also a step-daughter Lucinda Henshaw Denny Daugherty] was the first couple that was married in Lisbon [the wedding that T. S. Redford refers to?]. The ceremony was performed by Elder Griffin [Griffing] at the residence of Mr. Jonathan Dougherty, Sr., on the 3rd of June, 1839, after preaching the first sermon that was preached in the town of Lisbon.

    Lucius and Lucinda had a son, Lucius Nelson Botsford, born June 17, 1846.

    He left Lisbon in about 1855 for Illinois where he was living in December, 1875, and died there on September 18, 1876. His wife Lucinda died January 1898

    According to the 1870 Federal Census, Lucius was born about 1804 (he was 65 years old in 1870) in New York state, and currently lived in Lisbon, Kendall, IL.

    His parents may be Levi Botsford and Phebe McEwen (Note: according to this record, he was born of these parents in 1804 New York)

    Lucius may have enlisted in the Union Army at the age of 58:

Name:   Lucius N Bottsford
Residence:   Lisbon, Illinois
Enlistment Date:   16 December 1863
Distinguished Service:   DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served:   Union
State Served:   Illinois
Unit Numbers:   244 244
Service Record:   Enlisted as a Private on 16 December 1863
Enlisted in Company E, 17th Cavalry Regiment Illinois on 22 January 1864.
Received a disability discharge Company E, 17th Cavalry Regiment Illinois on 12 September 1864

St. James - Rose Hill Cemetery

Botsford, C. L., 11/20/1815 - 10/30/1851

Botsford, Nettie L., nee Ostrander, wife of C. L., b. Hinsdale, NY, 7/11/1851 - d., 5/14/1884 in Sussex.

Botsford, Christopher C., d. 6/18??

Botsford, Ruben S., son of Lucius & A., d. 12/26/1837


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