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Genealogy: Family Histories

Arter Family

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 09/29/2005

1920 Census town of Lisbon , Waukesha, Wisconsin [Name, Born, Place]

Thomas Arter, abt 1873, England, d. April 20, 1921 at his Sussex, Wisconsin home.

    Leoma Arter , abt 1878, Wisconsin, wife of Thomas. Below are there children. 

        Isabel Arter , abt 1903, Wisconsin

        Helen Arter , abt 1905, Wisconsin. Note: A Helen L. Arter was born 17 Jan 1904, Waukesha county.  A Thomas F. Arter was born earlier on 29 Jan 1902, but may not have survived to adulthood.

        Florence Arter , abt 1907, England. Note: Sometime before 1945 she married Michael Butler, and in July, 1945 she was living in Richmond, California with her husband and son, Dean. Waukesha Freeman, July 25, 1945.

        Stanley Arter , abt 1909, England. Note: Stanley J. Arter, b. Feb. 3, 1908, d. Aug. 1979, Waukesha, Waukesha, Wisconsin, source: SSDI.. Further, a Stanley Arter was registered March 1908 in Rye, Kent/Sussex, England, England & Wales Civil Registration, 1837-1983, vol. 2b. also listed as Stanley Arthur.

        Lester Arter , abt 1917, Wisconsin. Note: Wrong Lester A. Arter, b. Jan 17, 1904, d. May 26, 1976, Flint, Genesee, Michigan, source: Michigan Deaths, 1971-96.

        Note: In 1930, Leoma or Effie A. Arter, widow of Thomas was living in Shorewood, Milwaukee county, with four of her five children; Helen A., b. abt 1904, Florence H., b. abt 1906, Stanley J. b. abt. 1908, and Lester T., b. abt 1918. All born in Wisconsin, rather than England for Florence and Stanley as the 1920 Census indicated. Also living with them in 1930 were two *"nephews"; James Arter, b. abt 1903 in Pennsylvania, and Myland Arter, b. abt 1921 in Pennsylvania.

Edward Arter, aka Theodore or Ted Arter , b. abt 1860, England, d. abt December 1, 1944 at Summit Hospital (Waukesha county ?). Note: the only other Arter born about 1860 In England and living in Sussex, town of Lisbon, was Theodore or Ted Arter. It's speculation, but perhaps Edward was Theodore's given name, Theodore or Ted his middle name. The 1930 Census lists Theodore Arter born about 1860 in England and no Edward.

    An excerpt from Ted Arter, 'The English Sparrow' by Fred H. Keller, Sussex Sun, Tues., April 18, 1978. "Ted Arter was a character, in appearance and unusual personality. In a day of shorter people than the present average he was considerably less than five feet tall and was correspondingly less in weight; thus the nickname that he acquired, "The English Sparrow". 

    An ethnic Englishman and proud of it, he was! His extremely small stature was offset by a high ability to make himself the center of attention in a gathering. He was something of an extrovert and not to be denied, loud mouth, who was tolerated by the local people as the friendly town butt of practical jokes.

    Many older residents of Sussex remember little Ted Arter who walked at twice the gait of a normal person, but appeared to be standing still because of his short legs. His pants were always bought with legs many inches longer than necessary so that he had huge cuffs of rolled-up material to compensate for his short legs.

    Ted had a habit of repeating over and over the Great Snow of 1884. Anyone who knew him heard the story like a broken record.  A story is told of the "English Sparrow" who had a habit of frequenting Bill Smith's Tavern (west of the furniture store in the four corners area) on Sussex's Main St. At full stature only his nose was above the bar when he ordered a drink. Once he was talking in his usual staccato voice and a huge bear of a man, Doc Lawler, the village doctor, picked him up by the seat of the pants and placed him on the bar saying, "I'll put you up here so we can see you when you are talking. " Arter, in mock belligerence hopped off the bar and circled Doc Lawler in a miniature fighter's crouch, challenging him to a fisticuffs fight for the slight...and Lawler, a former sparring partner with World Heavyweight Champion Jim Johnson, laughed him off.

    Ted worked as a day laborer and as a painter for his brother Tom, who, while he was also small, was bigger then the English Sparrow. Tom had the nickname of "Tom Tit". Both being small, they had to move their ladders often! Tom died young and Ted worked as a day laborer with William Smith, the tavern owner, who was put out of business in the early '20s."

*Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 10:08:32 -0500
To: [email protected]
Brian, I traced the two "nephews", James A. and Myland or Miland Arter to father James E. Arter, b. Nov 4, 1868 in Young Hickory, OH., d. ?; 
mother Hannah Rupert, b. abt 1871 in PA, d. abt 1927.

James E.'s father was Abel Arter, b. Feb 5, 1831 in Musk Ct., OH., d. Apr 4, 1877, Musk Ct., OH.; wife, Sarah Ann Carnes, b. abt 1833, d. Sept 
12, 1903 in Zanesville, OH. In 1860 Census, Sarah Ann's mother, Sarah, age 64, lives with them.

Abel's father was William H. Arter, b. Sept 17, 1798 in PA., d. Feb 8, 1865 in Zanesville, OH.; wife Elizabeth Ann Hunt, b. abt 1801 in 
Vermont, d. abt 1862 in Zanesville, OH.

Abel's father was John Arter, b. abt 1775, where?, d. abt 1823, where?; wife's first name was Mary, b. abt 1775, d. July 29, 1831. 
	Note: In 1830 Census, Mary is between ages 50-60, and has one female, aged 15-30 with her.

I haven't been able to establish a link of the "nephews" directly to Edward/Theodore/Ted and Thomas Arter from the lineage you sent me. 
Perhaps John Arter 1775/1823 came from England or his father ?

Mike Reilly
Further research: Myland E. Arter, b. Dec. 18, 1910, d. Sept 16, 1984, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, source: Florida Death Index. 
	Possible marriage to Alice K. ?, b. Aug 31, 1913, d. May 30, 1988.

Descendants of Thomas Arthur

Generation No. 1


1. THOMAS1 ARTHUR was born 24 Nov 1793 in Willesborough, Kent, England, and died 19 Nov 1839 in Ruckinge, Kent, England. He married ANN STEED 12 Oct 1820 in Mersham, Kent, England. She was born 13 Oct 1799, and died Abt. 1839.

More About ANN STEED:

Burial: 19 Nov 1839


Marriage: 12 Oct 1820, Mersham, Kent, England


2. i. JAMES2 ARTER, b. 18 Oct 1835, Ruckinge, Kent, England; d. Mar 1907, Romney Marsh, Kent, England.

Generation No. 2


2. JAMES2 ARTER (THOMAS1 ARTHUR) was born 18 Oct 1835 in Ruckinge, Kent, England (Source: Brian Hunt.), and died Mar 1907 in Romney Marsh, Kent, England (Source: England and Wales, Civil Registration Index: 1837-1983 Record, Deaths, vol. 2a.). He married ISOBEL DINAH HARDIMAN (Source: Brian Hunt, Email 8/1/05, Isobel is 2nd Great Grandmother to Mr. Brian Hunt.) Abt. 1860, daughter of RICHARD HARDIMAN and DINAH AUSTIN. She was born Abt. 1839 in Brenzett, (Old) Romney Marsh, Kent, England, and died Abt. Oct 1910 in Old Romney, Kent, England.


Baptism: 30 Jun 1839, St. Eanswith, Brenzett, Kent (Source: Brian Hunt.)

Burial: Oct 1910, St. Clement, Old Romney, Kent, England (Source: Brian Hunt.)

Residence: 1851, Newchurch, Kent, England (Source: Brian Hunt.)


Marriage: Abt. 1860


i. EDWARD3 ARTER, b. Abt. 1860, New Romney, Kent, England; d. Abt. 01 Dec 1944, Summit Hospital, Waukesha, Wisconsin (Source: Waukesha Freeman, Nov 29, 1944 and Dec 6, 1944.).


Edward/Theodore/Ted Arter may have been listed as Ed H. Arter,

departing Liverpool, Eng., then Queenstown, Ireland, arriving New York on

August 15, 1881, est. birth year is 1859; the ship was the City of Chester.

This would match him telling Sussex village folks here about the Great

Snow Storm of 1884.

Ted Arter and Miss Isabel Arter visited relatives at Hartland (Arter/Hardiman/Stone?). July 29, 1915 The W. W. Brown family of Hartland ? See June 29, 1916.

Dec. 29, 1932 - still referred to as Edward Arter.

Ted Arter was taken to the Waukesha hospital last Monday where he received treatment, and was brought back home. The next day, Mrs. Effie Arter came and took him to her home in Milwaukee, where he is being cared for. May 18, 1933

7879 Edward Arter, Pt SE 1/4 S of Geo. Schlee Sec. 22 Town 8 Range 19 .50 acres, Delinquent Tax List. June 29, 1933

Edward Arter's hospital treatment was paid for by Waukesha County. Dec. 27, 1933

Ted Arter is confined to his bed (at his home in Sussex). He is suffering from bruises which he sustained in a fall at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Effie Arter, in Milwaukee on Thanksgiving day. Dec. 5, 1934

Ed Arter, age 79, sings a solo at the silver anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hardiman at Merton. November 29, 1939


Baptism: 20 Aug 1860, St. Nicholas, New Romney, Kent England; Baptism number: 176 (Source: Brian Hunt.)

Burial: 1944, St. Alban's cemetery, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Occupation: 1881, Agricultural labourer

Residence: 1900, Lisbon (Sussex), Waukesha, Wisconsin

ii. MARY ANN ARTER, b. Abt. 1861, Ivychurch, Kent, England.

iii. ELIZABETH ARTER, b. Abt. 1863, Rye, Sussex, England.

iv. RICHARD HARDIMAN ARTER, b. Abt. 1865, Rye, Sussex, England; d. 1960, Etchinghill, Kent, England.

v. JAMES ARTER, b. Abt. 1868, Maidstone, Kent, England; d. 11 Jan 1890, Lydd Railway Station, Lydd, Kent, England; m. EMMA HARRIET HICKMAN.


Burial: Jan 1890, St. Clement, Old Romney, Kent, England

vi. ISABEL DINAH ARTER, b. Abt. 1869, Maidstone, Kent, England; d. 02 Feb 1957, Hythe, Kent, England.

3. vii. THOMAS ARTER, b. Abt. 1872, Maidstone, Kent, England; d. 20 Apr 1921, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

viii. FRANK ARTER, b. Abt. 1875, Maidstone, Kent, England.

ix. GEORGE ARTER, b. Abt. 1877, Maidstone, Kent, England; d. 02 Jan 1953.

x. STEPHEN ARTER, b. Abt. 1879, Old Romney, Kent, England; d. Abt. 1939, Willesden, England.

Generation No. 3


3. THOMAS3 ARTER (JAMES2, THOMAS1 ARTHUR) was born Abt. 1872 in Maidstone, Kent, England, and died 20 Apr 1921 in Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin. He married LEOMA/EFFIE STONE, daughter of WILLIAM STONE and HANNAH BOWES. She was born Abt. 1878 in Town of Lisbon, Waukesha, Wisconsin (Source: 1920 Federal Census.), and died 1941 in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


According to Thomas' obit, Thomas has been a resident of Sussex for 29 years, indicating his arrival about 1890-1892.

Mr. T. Arter has baby girl. Thursday, Feb 6, 1902, Waukesha Freeman.

Thursday, July 3, 1902; Mrs. T. Arter entertained in honor of her mother, Mrs. William Stone whose birthday it was. Same Monday evening, June 29, Thursday, July 2, 1903

Helen, the little daughter of T. Arter is very ill with cholera infantum. Waukesha Freeman, Thursday, June 30, 1904.

Mr. Arter will sell all his personal property including household goods at public auction, Saturday, Oct. 15 - He and his family leave for England the last of this month, where they expect to spend one year. Waukesha Freeman, Thursday, October 13, 1904.

Friends heard that T. Arter and family arrived Liverpool on November 5. Waukesha Freeman, Thursday, Nov. 17, 1904.

Thomas Arter was a deer hunter. Nov. 13, 1913

A son welcomed at Tom Arter's home on Dec 4. Dec. 13, 1917

Florence Arter was elected Treasurer of the Sussex school Bird society. Jan. 31, 1918

Isabel Arter is working at W. W. Brown's at Hartland. June 20, 1918

Isabel Arter of Sussex married Myron Blair of Hartland on June 8, 1927.Waukesha Freeman, June 9, 1927 by Oct, 6, 1927 the couple was living in Milwaukee.

Dec. 15, 1927 Effie and son Lester visited her daughters in Milwaukee.

Effie Arter of Milwaukee, a niece of the Mrs. Viola Price, nee Bowes, who died Saturday at her home in Whitewater. Buried at Rose Hill cemetery. Former resident of Lisbon. Mr. Price died several years ago. Leaves a brother, Elmer Bowes, who lived with her. Two nieces, Mrs. John Harland of Pewaukee, and Mrs. Ed Lidicker of Whitewater, who also made their home for sometime after the death of their mother. Waukesha Freeman, Thursday, July 21, 1932.

Mrs. Effie Arter of Milwaukee, formerly of Sussex, has gone to Richmond, Calif., to spend the remaining winter months with her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. M. Butler. Mrs. Arter, who has friends here in Hartland, is the mother of Mrs. Byron (Myron) H. Blair. Jan. 26, 1938

March 16, 1938 the Myron H. Blairs and Stanley Arter of Wauwatosa visiting friends in Hartland. Jacob Weed family.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Blair of Wauwatosa made a brief call on their uncle, Edward Arter, on Sunday afternoon. May 18, 1938


Burial: 1921, St. Alban's cemetery, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin


Burial: 1941, St. Alban's cemetery, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin


i. THOMAS4 ARTER, b. 29 Jan 1902, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin; d. Bef. 1910.


Burial: Unknown, ?

ii. ISABEL ARTER, b. 1902, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin; d. 1965; m. MYRON H. BLAIR, 08 Jun 1927 (Source: Waukesha Freeman, June 9, 1927.); b. 1900; d. 1970.


Burial: 1965, St. Alban's cemetery, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Residence 1: Bef. 1938, Richmond, Calif.

Residence 2: Bef. Oct 1927, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Source: Waukesha Freeman, Oct. 6, 1927.)

More About MYRON H. BLAIR:

Burial: 1970, St. Alban's cemetery, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin


Marriage: 08 Jun 1927 (Source: Waukesha Freeman, June 9, 1927.)

iii. HELEN L/A. ARTER, b. 17 Jan 1904, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

4. iv. FLORENCE HANNAH ARTER, b. Dec 1905, Romney Marsh, Kent, England; d. 1955.

v. STANLEY J. ARTER, b. 03 Feb 1908, Rye, Kent/Sussex, England; d. Aug 1979, Waukesha, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

vi. LESTER T. ARTER, b. Abt. 1917, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Generation No. 4


4. FLORENCE HANNAH4 ARTER (THOMAS3, JAMES2, THOMAS1 ARTHUR) was born Dec 1905 in Romney Marsh, Kent, England, and died 1955. She married MICHAEL BUTLER.


Burial: 1955, St. Alban's cemetery, Sussex, Waukesha, Wisconsin




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